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Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2012 – The Speaker List

Support a Catholic Speaker Month



The nomination window is now closed. Check out the final speaker list here!

A few years ago, Matt Warner launched a cool project he called “Support a Catholic Speaker Month”. It began with a poll where you could vote for your favorite Catholic speakers. After a few days of voting, the top 100 speakers were determined and then Catholic bloggers were invited to choose one speaker to write about.

It was exciting for three reasons. First, it promoted great Catholic speakers, who are so important to the life of the Church. Second, it introduced many new and unfamiliar names who deserved a bigger platform. Third, it gave bloggers a chance to connect with speakers while building traffic to their own websites.

Before starting, Matt really stressed that the project was not a competition or popularity contest:

“The primary goal…was not to find out who is better than somebody else. It was to raise awareness about the many Catholic Speakers out there and to support them. They are all sharing the same, one Truth. And as talented and effective as the top favorites are at doing what they do, we need many more like them if we’re going to reach everyone.”

The voting only existed to get the list down to a manageable size—not to determine each speaker’s relative value. And I think everyone got that. With the shared understanding that the whole was designed to promote great Catholic speaking in general, it was a huge success.

Yet that was three years ago. It’s 2012, and time for another round— especially since there are many great new speakers out there. So I asked Matt permission to host another Catholic Speaker Month and he gave me a big thumbs-up.

(Did I mention how awesome Matt is? And that you should invite him, Josh Simmons, and I to bring our Digital Church Conference to your diocese or conference? End of shameless promotion.)

Dwight Schrute

So here’s how Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2012 will work. There will be four stages:

1. Complete the Speaker List (today through Thursday, August 16)

I used Matt’s original list as a starting point, while adding some more on my own, but I’m sure I’m missing people. And that’s where I need your help. If there’s a major Catholic speaker you just love—someone who has inspired you or whose message just blew you away—comment below and I’ll add them to our list.

Unfortunately, we can’t highlight every Catholic speaker around, though I wish we could. Our goal is to whittle the final list down to 100 which means there are some limits. You won’t be allowed to nominate the following people:

  • Pope Benedict XVI – He’s brilliant. He’s clear. And he’s the mouthpiece of Christ. Therefore, he’s out. Sorry, Papa.
  • Bishops – As Matt said three years ago, “bishops in general are out because they are in a totally other league when it comes to speaking.” Most bishops are great speakers, and let’s just assume they deserve support twelve months of the year.
  • Yourself – This doesn’t mean you can’t be on the list. It just means you can’t nominate yourself. Consider this a fraternal check against pride and ego.


2. Vote for Speakers (Thursday, August 16)

After we finalize our speaking list, we’ll open up the voting this Thursday. You’ll be allowed to vote *one time* for your top ten fifteen favorite speakers. The polls will stay open for one week.

3. Choose your Speaker (Thursday, August 23)

After the voting, I’ll tally the results and list the top 100 Catholic speakers. The list will go live here at 9:00am ET on Thursday, August 23, and once it does you’ll be able to choose one speaker to blog about. Requests will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis so be sure to check back on Thursday morning.

4. Celebrate “Support a Catholic Speaker Month” (September 2012)

After you claim your speaker you’ll then have several days to write about him or her. The style is up to you: you might choose a biographical post, perhaps a collection of video or audio clips, or maybe even a full-blown interview.

The whole month of September will be marked as Catholic Speaker Month 2012 so you don’t have to post right on September 1—though the earlier, the better. When your post does go live, I’ll link to it from the main Catholic Speaker Month page and invite everyone to check it out.

The Speaker List

With all that said, here’s our list of Catholic speakers. Comment below and tell me who we’re missing:



The nomination window is now closed. Check out the final speaker list here!


    • Al Kresta
    • Alan Keyes
    • Anne Marie Cribbin
    • Barbara Elliott
    • Barbara McGuigan
    • Barbara Nicolosi
    • Becky Eldredge
    • Bert Ghezzi
    • Bill Donaghy
    • Bill Moyer
    • Bob Perron
    • Bob Rice
    • Bob Lefnesky
    • Bob McCarty
    • Brad Farmer
    • Brad Henning
    • Brandon Vogt
    • Brenda Sharman
    • Brent Stubbs
    • Brian Patrick
    • Bryan Cones
    • Chris Padgett
    • Chris Roach
    • Chris Stefanick
    • Christina King
    • Christopher Kaczor
    • Christopher West
    • Colleen Hammond
    • Collin Raye
    • Crystalina Evert
    • Curtis Martin
    • Dale Ahlquist
    • Dale Recinella
    • Damon Owens
    • Danielle Bean
    • Dan Harms
    • Danny Abramowicz
    • Dave DiNuzzo
    • Dave Dumaine
    • Dave Durand
    • David Haas
    • Dawn Eden
    • Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
    • Deacon Ralph Poyo
    • Deacon Sabatino Carnazzo
    • Devin Rose
    • DJ Bill Lage
    • Dom Philip Anderson
    • Donna-Maria Cooper O’Boyle
    • Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand
    • Dr. Angela Franks
    • Dr. Bill Donohue
    • Dr. Brant Pitre
    • Dr. Celia Sirois
    • Dr. Colleen Mast
    • Dr. David Franks
    • Dr. Denis McNamara
    • Dr. Edward Sri
    • Dr. Greer Gordon
    • Dr. Helen Alvaré
    • Dr. Janet Smith
    • Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
    • Dr. John Bergsma
    • Dr. John Cuddebeck
    • Dr. Kevin Vost
    • Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio
    • Dr. Margarett Schlientz
    • Dr. Mark Miravalle
    • Dr. Mary Healy
    • Dr. Meg Meeeker
    • Dr. Megan McKenna
    • Dr. Michael Barber
    • Dr. Michael Carotta
    • Dr. Paul Camarata
    • Dr. Peter Kreeft
    • Dr. Pia de Solenni
    • Dr. Ralph Martin
    • Dr. Ray Guarendi
    • Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons
    • Dr. Robert George
    • Dr. Scott Hahn
    • Dr. Taylor Marshall
    • Dr. Thomas Reese
    • Dr. Tim Gray
    • Drew Mariani
    • E. J. Dionne
    • Elizabeth Scalia
    • Ennie Hickman
    • Eduardo Verastegui
    • Fr. Andrew Apostoli
    • Fr. Benedict Crole
    • Fr. Benedict Groeschel
    • Fr. Clement Machado
    • Fr. Dave Dwyer
    • Fr. Dave Pivonka
    • Fr. Donald Calloway
    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker
    • Fr. Ed Fride
    • Fr. Emmerich Vogt
    • Fr. Frank Pavone
    • Fr. Gregory Boyle
    • Fr. James Martin
    • Fr. James Wehner
    • Fr. Jay Finelli
    • Fr. Joe Kempf
    • Fr. John Bartunek
    • Fr. John Cusick
    • Fr. John Heagle
    • Fr. John Riccardo
    • Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
    • Fr. Jonathan Morris
    • Fr. Joseph Fessio
    • Fr. Kazimierz Chwalek
    • Fr. Larry Richards
    • Fr. Leo Patalinghug
    • Fr. Michael Crosby
    • Fr. Michael Gaitley
    • Fr. Michael Scanlan
    • Fr. Michael Schmitz
    • Fr. Mitch Pacwa
    • Fr. Nathan Cromly
    • Fr. Paul Check
    • Fr. Paul Scalia
    • Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner
    • Fr. Peter John Cameron
    • Fr. Richard Fragomeni
    • Fr. Richard Rohr
    • Fr. Robert Barron
    • Fr. Robert Sirico
    • Fr. Robert Spitzer
    • Fr. Roderick Vonhogen
    • Fr. Stan Fortuna
    • Fr. Tad Pacholczyk
    • Fr. Terry Donahue
    • Fr. Tony Ricard
    • Fr. Wade Menezes
    • Fr. William Casey
    • Garry Wills
    • Gary Zimak
    • George Weigel
    • Gene Monterastelli
    • Gina Loehr
    • Gloria Purvis
    • Greg and Jennifer Willits
    • Greg Wasinski
    • Gus Lloyd
    • Hallie Lord
    • Heather Khym
    • Heather KIng
    • Hector Antonio Molina Jr.
    • Henry Libersat
    • Immaculee Ilibagiza
    • Jack Jezreel
    • Jackie Francois
    • Jake Khym
    • Jason Angelette
    • Jason Evert
    • Jason Jones
    • Jeannie Hannemann
    • Jeff Cavins
    • Jeff Young
    • Jennifer Fulwiler
    • Jesse Manibusan
    • Jesse Romero
    • Jim Beckman
    • Jim Blackburn
    • Jim Burnham
    • Jim Sedlak
    • Jim Stenson
    • Jimmy Akin
    • Joe McClane
    • Joe Paprocki
    • John Allen, Jr.
    • John Martignoni
    • John Michael Talbot
    • John Salza
    • Johnette Benkovic
    • Joia Farmer
    • Jon Leonetti
    • Joseph Bottum
    • Joseph Pearce
    • Judy McDonald
    • Justin Fatica
    • Karl Keating
    • Karlo Broussard
    • Kate Wicker
    • Kathleen McCarthy
    • Kathryn Jean Lopez
    • Keith Strohm
    • Kevin Clarke
    • Kevin Lowry
    • Kimberly Hahn
    • Kyle Heimann
    • Leah Darrow
    • Lino Rulli
    • Lisa Hendey
    • Marcel LeJeune
    • Marcus Grodi
    • Margaret Steinfels
    • Marge Fenelon
    • Mark Hart
    • Mark Houck
    • Mark P. Shea
    • Marquerite Peeters
    • Mary Ann Glendon
    • Mary Bielski
    • Mary Sharon More
    • Matt Smith
    • Matt Swaim
    • Matthew Bunson
    • Matthew Fradd
    • Matthew Kelly
    • Matthew Pinto
    • Matthew Warner
    • Michael Coren
    • Michael Cumbie
    • Michael Patin
    • Michael Voris
    • Mike Aquilina
    • Mike Patin
    • Mike Theisen
    • Monica Ashour
    • Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God
    • Msgr. Arhutr Calkins
    • Msgr. Charles Pope
    • Msgr. James Moroney
    • Msgr. Richard Soseman
    • Pam Stenzel
    • Pat Gohn
    • Paul George
    • Patrick Coffin
    • Patrick Madrid
    • Patrick Novecosky
    • Patrick Smith
    • Patty Schneier
    • Peter Herbeck
    • Peter Steinfels
    • Phillip Chavez
    • Randy Hain
    • Raymond Arroyo
    • Raymond de Souza
    • Regina Doman
    • Regis Flaherty
    • Rich Donnely
    • Richard Lane
    • Rose Sweet
    • Russ Ford
    • Sarah Reinhard
    • Sean Forrest
    • Sean Reynolds
    • Sherry Weddell
    • Simcha Fisher
    • Sonja Corbitt
    • Sr. Anne Flanagan
    • Sr. Fran Ferder
    • Sr. Helen Prejean
    • Sr. Helena Burns
    • Sr. Kathryn James Hermes
    • Sr. Marie-Paul Curley
    • Stephanie Wood
    • Steve Angrisano
    • Steve Ray
    • Steven Kellmeyer
    • Tammy Evevard
    • Tarek Saab
    • Teresa Tomeo
    • Thomas Cahill
    • Thomas Howard
    • Thomas Peters
    • Thomas Smith
    • Tim Staples
    • Todd Lemieux
    • Tom Peterson
    • Tony Esolen
    • Tony Melendez
    • Woodeene Koenig-Bricker



Which favorite Catholic speakers am I missing?


  • DQ

    I know I’m a year late, but Dr. David Franks is amazing… I’ll browse around trying to find a similar promotion for 2013, but I could not let that go unsaid.

  • Ncasino

    The list is fine but I wondered why you do not have Fr. Bing Arellano.. He is a worldwide speaker. In the category of top 20 speakers and drawing a crowd of at least 300 to 1000 by himself.

  • Ncasino

    The list is okayed but I wondered you do not have Fr. Bing Arellano.. He is a worldwide speakers. In the category of top 20 speakers…

  • Cassooner

    Mario St. Francis!

  • eml242

    Did anybody attend the first annual Catholic Mid-Atlantic Congress conference in Baltimore, MD for 3 days in March, 2011? I am from SC. I drove there just to attend. That was the best catholic conference I have attended, with so many very good selected speakers in the USA on various different topics. They are doing it again in 3/2012. As for the well known catholic authors and speakers, I recommend, Jeff Cavin for his Journey to the Bible video, Fr Robert Baron for Catholism series video, Fr Corapi for Catholism in EWTN. Scott Hanh and Jeff Cavin, I love listening to both of them in the Fathers Plan TV series in EWTN. They have the unique rapport considering both are very talented and are good speakers individually.

  • Gregory

    Four you don’t have on here that have brought so many to the Eucharist, Mary, and the Bride of Christ, Rosary, and Confession, Paul Regan (Worldwide Apostolate Divine Mercy Chaplet for the sick and dying, blessed by Pope John Paul II), Don Hartley (brought in well over 1000 people into Church), Dr. Gregory Thompson organizing and speaking at conferences to bring souls to Christ and Eucharist,and Defending the Faith), Tim Fransis (Thousands to the Eucharist), and a fifth just out of Prison, who brought hundreds to the faith, Russ Ford.) Some of these men are also authors that have helped so many people seeking to help those in the path be set free by Knowing the truth. Whatever happens, may God’s will be done, may all of us stay humble, and let the Holy Spirit do the talking*** Like Mary, may each one listed allow their soul to magnify the Lord. God be with you, and may all intentions of this be pure in God’s eyes to bless each of those on this list and maybe not listed. In HIS Service through Mary.

  • Guest

    Msgr. Stewart Swetland

  • Martha Fernandez-Sardina

    I “shared the podium” last week with “The Vatican Evangelist”, Archbishop Rino Fisichella in Sydney, Australia, and earlier this year and last with some great speakers, among them several who are friends, including Jeff Cavins, Patrick Madrid, Scott Hahn, Ted Sri, Tim Gray, Sean Innerst, Sarah Christmyer, Mary Healy, Janet Smith, Fr. Michael Scanlan, Archbishop José Gomez, Raymond DeSouza, Leah Darrow… to name a few. So, if you wish to include a bilingual, Hispanic female speaker and evangelizer, feel free. 🙂 I pray this does not sound self-serving!

  • Maria

    Is this only a list of American Catholic speakers? I’m from London, England, so can think of lots of great European speakers. An obvious one if Fr Raniero Cantalemessa… also Sr Briege McKenna. There are lots of lay people too, but I guess that as I can’t spot European names it must be a State side only list. Fascinating though. Every blessing. Maria

  • Plumcrazy14

    you can add Al Barbarino from Long Island

  • Ben

    Father John Corapi and Father Robert Barron

  • Ftraglia

    I didn’t see MaryBeth Bonacci – she’s a great speaker for teenagers.

  • Mammabonita

    Carl Olson from Ignatius Press

  • VLL

    Really bummed I could not have voted for David Clayton.

  • Karenmpinson

    Allen Hunt

  • Klpichon

    Missing Roy Petitfils from Louisiana

  • S. Lopes

    Dr. Robert Sungenis over at the Bellarmine Report/Catholic Apologetics International.

  • Srlloyd7

    Susie Lloyd (me). I’ve taken a hiatus due to little things like family life but I’ll soon be back when my new book comes out next year!

  • Maree

    They are Australian-based but are superb speakers who play an active part in the New Evangelisation: Fr Ken Barker MGL, Fr Chris Ryan MGL, Fr Dave Tremble MGL (actually best make that any of the MGL priests!), Anna Krohn (John Paul II Institute, Melbourne), Marcia Riordan (Life Marriage & Family Office, Archdiocese of Melbourne), and David Schutz (simply extraordinary speaker).

  • Kevinmclarke

    No Father Fessio? He should be on there as well. (I am not the Kevin Clarke on this list, by the way. He writes for America.)

  • Tony G. Pizza

    A lot of great folks here (Father Barron’s “Catholicism” show was one of the best things on TV last year.) But Simcha Fischer gets my vote – unflinching in Catholic faith with a large dose of humor and pathos. Why she does not have a TCC radio show yet is a mystery to me.

  • Sue Korlan

    Jim Butch Murphy and Helen Alvare were the first 2 people who came to my mind, so I’ll pass on voting, given that your nomination list is closed.

  • Guest

    Mother Assumpta? Sr. Joseph Andrew? C’mon!

  • Kevin

    What about the wonderful pro-life women speakers out there..No Helen Alvare? Vicki Thorn? Mary Hallan FioRito? Dorinda Bordlee? Serrin Foster?

  • luvinitz3

    David Calavitta is a phenomenal speaker. Check out his website here:

  • JulieSchachtNaporano

    Love this list . Thank you . I was wondering if you will have links available for each person at some point? Please consider adding Monsignor Frank P. Lane.

  • Sister Margaret Farley, RSM, PhD.

  • Siobhan

    Al Kresta!

  • bccatholic

    Clayton Imoo, Vancouver Director of youth and young adult ministry

  • Laureen

    Fr. John Dear, S.J.

  • Joonhehe

    Fr. Thomas J. Reese
    Fr. John Heagle
    Sr. Fran Ferder
    Dr. Greer Gordon
    Fr. John Cusick
    Fr. Gregory Boyle
    David Haas
    Dr. Megan McKenna
    Fr. Richard Rohr
    Dr. Michael Carotta

  • Oyyamvancouver

    I’ve seen Anne Marie Cribbin speak at a few youth rallies….she is a great storyteller and has a good sense of humour.

  • Heather Khym
    Jake Khym

    They are a married couple here in Vancouver, BC and do wonderful talks especially on the topics of healing, freedom, growth and chance. Doing a big conference in Boise, ID in October.

    Website is

  • Mr_Jaggers

    Fr. Thomas Reese
    Margaret Steinfels
    Peter Steinfels
    E. J. Dionne
    Garry Wills
    Sr. Helen Prejean
    Thomas Cahill
    Bryan Cones
    Kevin Clarke

  • Emanuel Garcia

    DJ Bill Lage!

  • Kurt Brown

    I’ve seen Popple twice and they are great Catholic speakers. Kyle Heimann and Dan Harms.

  • Sbaldwin

    Its too bad the list isn’t “abc’d” so it would be easier to see if someone made the list or not. I would add Mike Patin(New Orleans), Sean Reynolds (Cincinatti), Mike Theisen(NFCYM), Bob McCarty(NFCYM), Fr James Martin….

    • What do you mean by “abc’d”? Alphabetized?

    • Phoenix

      It is, by first name.

  • Joan Baggs

    Richard Fitzgibbons M.D. (The Institute for Marital Healing)
    Danielle Bean
    Gus Lloyd

  • Humilitas

    Dr. Scott Hahn

  • Libby

    Please add Greg Wasinski. Greg is based out of Cleveland, OH. His website is

  • Phoenix

    Oh, and Regina Doman!

  • Bill

    I would also like to suggest Jesse Manibusan as other have already. Also Oddwalk Ministries, Shannon and Orin. They should be on the list!

    I am also quite fond of a new kid in the Catholic speaking realm….DJ Bill Lage. Mainly because it is me and all. :-/ However I humbly question if I should be included on this amazing list.

  • Jmartin

    Too early in the morning as I hit enter before addint Joia Farmer to my additions!

  • Jmartin

    APeX Ministries is amazing with youth conferences!

  • Cooper35

    Dave Dumaine is a youth speaker in New England. I am consistently amazed at how moved the teens are by the experiences he shares with them. He and his wife also run the Mellos Retreat center in Jacksonville Vermont.

  • Phoenix

    Michael Voris over at; Drew Mariani from Relevant Radio–awesome! And maybe you don’t know Fr. Emmerich Vogt OP of Oregon.

  • Beckpruch23

    Dr. Meg Meeker (10 Habits of Happy Mothers)
    Chris Roach (Operation Keepsake)

  • Linda

    Brad Henning! He’s an excellent youth speaker. 🙂

  • Mjtomsic

    Judy McDonald is an amazing, funny, yet poignant catholic I would definitely recommend for this list!!
    My good friend Sean Forrest’s name is mis-spelled.

  • Christine

    What about Michael Voris?

  • Janell Martin

    Is there any way you could add geographic info for these speakers? it looks like an awesome list and I’m looking for local Catholic speakers.

    • Good idea! Perhaps we can after voting has narrowed the list down to 100, but I won’t have time to do it for 225+ people right now.

  • Irishdancer89

    Joia Farmer!!!

  • Mjtomsic

    As a Youth Minister I would say Judy McDonald is an amazing woman, funny, yet poignant catholic speaker and I would definitely recommend for this list!!
    And my good friend Sean Forrest’s name is mis-spelled.

  • Rperron

    Bob Perron (stooge4christ)

  • Mccrohan

    Definitely Gene Monterestelli and Brad Farmer!

  • Mccrohan

    Gene Monterestelli, great energy and great message!

  • Jordanbalding

    Jim Beckman

  • Joia

    APeX Ministries aka Brad Farmer and Gene Monterastelli… at it for 15 years as going strong! Yes, I’m married to one…but they are the reason I became Catholic!

  • Tcnewkirk

    Sorry for the repeats–I didn’t see them on the list. 😉 I suggest that Rosalind Moss and Mother Miriam be combined into one entry.

  • mike

    Fr Wade Menezes, Brian Patrick

  • Tcnewkirk

    Joseph Pearce
    Fr.Benedict Groeschel
    Fr.Andrew Apostoli
    Newt Gingrich
    Rick Santorum
    Dom Philip Anderson, O.S.B., Abbot of Clear Creek

    • And which of Newt’s three wives would you have on stage with him?

  • Agneskayphillip

    Most Reverend Robert J. Baker is missing.

  • Is Jill Stanek Catholic? I thought she is Protestant.

  • Christi

    I think you should consider Patrck Smith and Tony Melendez. These two amazing musicians and speakers do concerts, testimonies, and workshops around the world.

  • Fr. Ray East and Jesse Manibusan,

    • Brandon, Fr. Ray East is really good. You should probably list him with his proper title though “Msgr. Ray East”

  • Great job, Brandon – what about Dale Alquist and Fr. James Wehner?

  • Ceit

    You have most of my favorites, though I would add Fr. Terry Donahue for a bit of Canadian representation – he’s a priest with the Companions of the Cross in Ottawa and an excellent speaker who appears on the (Canadian) Vision TV program Food for Life. You can get a taste of his homilies here:

  • Brad Farmer

    Joia Farmer – spoke at ArchD of Washington Youth Rally & Mass for the March for Life, speaks at the Steubenville youth conferences, and many, many more places!

  • bbmak

    I see a gaping hole in your list, Brandon. You’re missing the dynamic diva of divorce, Rose Sweet. She’s a must see & hear. A prolific author on relationships, marriage, the personalities, divorce and annulment, Rose brings heart, wit and wisdom like no other to any conference, retreat or seminar. Her books have been translated into over 8 languages. She was recently a featured speaker and workshop leader at the NACFLM Annual Meeting in Dallas. She’s appeared on EWTN and is a frequent guest on Catholic radio across the country and in Canada. Her recent DVD series, The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide, is bringing awareness, heart and healing to divorced Catholics in parishes from coast to coast. You should check her out at

    • She’s on there now. Thanks!

      • bbmak

        You da man!…

  • With all humility: If it is God’s will, I hope to one day find my way on this list. I am certainly “not there” yet. But I have done a lot of speaking on empowering youth to change the world (to the United Nations, National Conference on Volunteering and Service, etc.) and I’m just starting to dip my toes into speaking on matters related to the Catholic faith (National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry, Seattle Catholic Youth Rally, and 170 Seattle youth on a weekly basis). I’m on fire for Catholicism and humbly offer God’s sparks from that fire to light the flame in the hearts of others.,,

  • Sherry Weddell

    I’ll share names of some incredibly gifted, national level speakers who we know but who aren’t known to most in the blogosphere because most of their gigs, like mine, don’t take place on the standard conference circuit but in parishes, dioceses, and clergy, seminarian, and leadership venues.

    Barbara Elliott (convert, Anglican rite, expert in Christian initiatives that are transforming cities, head of our Houston Called & Gifted team, also teaches Making Disciples, former White House staffer and PBS journalist, author, social entrepreneur who founded a Houston initiative that has enabled hundreds of ex-cons, ex-addicts and other folks with troubled work histories to become successful in the workplace. Barbara is passionate, elegant, and extremely articulate.)

    Keith Strohm (our secret weapon, Keith is an incredibly powerful speaker and evangelist, as well as Director of Evangelization and Adult Formation in a Chicagoland parish that I talked about in Forming Intentional Disciples. He is also in formation as a permanent deacon for the Archdiocese of Chicago and one of our national level Called & Gifted teachers and trainers and a member of our Making Disciples team.)

    Mary Sharon Moore, (of Eugene, is a very gifted, trained, and experienced spiritual director and author as well as one of our Called & Gifted teachers. Mary Sharon does most of our phone gifts discernment interviews and people routinely rave about their experience afterwards. Mary Sharon has particular insights in the area of spiritual direction, facilitating the discernment of charisms and personal vocation, and the single life and has become a wonderful speaker.)

    Also I’d like to add Ralph Martin to your list. Ralph is a newly appointed consultor to the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization and one of the most widely experienced Catholic evangelizers living. Ralph recently earned his STD and heads up the only Pontifical degree program in the world in the New Evangelization at Sacred Heart seminary in Detroit and is also the founder of Renewal Ministries which does evangelization in 25 countries. Ralph, who has the longest running Catholic TV show in the world – “The Choices We Face” on EWTN – has forgotten more about evangelization than most of us have ever known, knows everyone, and has spoken everywhere.

    Peter Herbeck (works with Ralph Martin in Renewal ministries is another powerful, prophetic speaker on evangelization, Scripture, discipleship, and the power of the Holy Spirit. Peter runs and works with Renewal Ministries’ country coordinators and has preached all over the world. He also writes books, has a regular radio show, and is currently focusing on a new initiative to raise up and mentor young Catholic leaders.)

    Fr. Ed Fride (pastor of Christ the King parish in Ann Arbor, the most extraordinary parish I’ve ever encountered or heard of, is also a powerful speaker on discipleship. My spy in a seminary that-shall-remain-nameless, told me that his brothers were simply spell-bound when Fr. Ed was brought in to share his perspective on the priesthood and pastoring. Fr. Ed’s homilies are available online through the Christ the KIng website.)

    There are also a couple of Dominicans who are fabulous but I’m not going to talk about them because I need them to spend their precious speaking time working for us!

    Sherry Weddell

    • Thanks for the great suggestions, Sherry!

      PS. I *finally* got my copy of “Forming Intentional Disciples” yesterday from OSV and I’m just digging into it now.

    • PSS. I actually had Ralph Martin on the list already, but without his new “doctor” title. That’s fixed.

  • Adding Gloria Purvis and Damon Owens would round off the list of Black Catholics ever present in the dearth of non-White Catholics in mainstream Catholic Media and the speakers circuit.

    • Great point, David. We need more black leaders in the American Catholic Church. The bishop who confirmed me, Bishop John Ricard of Tallahassee, and Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory are two giants, and Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers is a magnificent preacher in his own right. But as the number of black American Catholics rise, especially in the South, we need even more.

    • S. Lopes

      How about Deacon Alex Jones as a great Black Catholic speaker?

  • Brandon

    First suggestion, change Ernie to Ennie, unless there is an Ernie Hickman that’s a Catholic Speaker as well. Then there’s some priests I feel you’re missing: Fr. Tony Ricard, Fr. Michael Crosby, Fr. Richard Fragomeni, Fr. Joe Kempf, Fr. James Martin, and Fr. Glenn Murray. I feel like I’ve already added too many, but I’ve been to over 50 conferences. Steve Angrisano should probably be included. Also Michael Patin. Also

    • !!! How could I have forgotten, Fr. Jim Martin?! So embarrassed…

  • anniekay

    Three dynamic priests – Fr. Peter John Cameron, OP (great talks on our Blessed Mother), Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, and Fr. Kazimierz Chwalek, MIC (standing ovation at Divine Mercy Conferences).

  • Stettkt

    oh yeah and Fr. Benedict Crole OP

  • TJBurdick

    Marc Barnes? I’d love to see him speak.

    • Phenomenal writer though he is, I’m not sure he’s a Catholic speaker yet.

  • Stettkt

    Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is on there twice, the second time without the title. She is great tho!

    please add…
    Fr. Nathan Cromly CSJ
    Dcn Sabatino Carnazzo
    Dr. John Cuddebeck
    Fr. Paul Scalia

  • Brian L

    Bill Donaghy gives excellent talks on Tolkien, the New Evengelization, TOB and a host of other topics.

  • ForChristAlone

    How about Tony Esolen?

  • ForChristAlone

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why Paul Ryan does not top the list. He’s a faithful Catholic and if there’s anyone who understands Church teaching on social issues, it is Rep. Ryan.

    • Great suggestion, but I’m not sure Paul Ryan fits the spirit of this project, Catholic though he may be. He’s more politician than ‘Catholic speaker’.

      • ForChristAlone

        I think this is a serious omission. He’s an eloquent speaker and if you’re still in doubt about being a ‘Catholic speaker’ reference his interiew with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN where he waxed eloquently on the Church’s position on subsidiarity. When it somes to an understanding of the ecclesial dimensions of the social teaching of the Church, there are few who can speak as he. Who is on the list who can address economic issues from the Church’s perspective? It seems interesting that Cardinal Dolan thought it important enough to have a private meeting with him.

        Another name I would add is Fr. Sirico is his name is not already there.

        • Hank

          Check out if you think Ryan represents Catholic teaching.

          • Joonhehe

            Thanks for the link, Frank!!!!
            Deacon Ed Peitler, having a private meeting with the cardinal doesn’t mean anything. Jesus met with the religious “leaders” and lepers.
            The author of the article, Gerald J. Beyer, is an associate professor of theology at Saint Joseph’s University.

  • Juan

    “Preach the Gospel at all times and if necessary use words”
    Though the authorship of this quote is questioned, the validity of its truth and its consistency with Catholic teaching makes it relevant. This quote does not disregard the need for preaching, but it only stresses its subordinate nature with regards to witness.

    Here is a quote of Blessed Cardinal Newman that expresses the same thing with different words:

    Dear Jesus, help me to spread Your fragrance everywhere I go.
    Flood my soul with Your spirit and life.
    Penetrate and possess my whole being so utterly
    that all my life may only be a radiance of Yours.
    Shine through me and be so in me
    that every soul I come in contact with may feel Your presence in my soul.
    Let them look up and see no longer me but only Jesus!
    Stay with me and then I shall begin to shine as You shine,
    so to shine as to be a light to others;
    the light, O Jesus, will be all from You;
    none of it will be mine:
    it will be You shining on others through me.
    Let me thus praise You in the way You love best:
    by shining on those around me.
    Let me preach You without preaching, not by words, but by my example,
    by the catching force,
    the sympathetic influence of what I do,
    the evident fullness of the love my heart bears to You

    God bless,

  • Marika Donders
  • Let’s get more ladies on this list!
    Sonja Corbitt
    Marge Fenelon
    Dr. Margarett Schlientz

  • Kate s

    Please consider Fr. Paul Check. He is doing some great work with Courage.

    Thank you! This list is such a great reference!

    Kate S.

  • Marika Donders

    Dr. Angela (and Dr. David) Franks (
    Msgr. James Moroney ( )

  • Marty Barrack

    Suggest Russ Ford, topflight Catholic prison evangelist, [email protected]. Also, Rosalind Moss is now Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, Tulsa Diocese, [email protected]. God bless these wonderful speakers.

  • Raymond Ives

    Please add Joe Paprocki. Brother of Bishop Paprocki and author of numerous books, Joe speaks to catechists about the importance of their role in preserving and spreading our Catholic faith.

  • John Clem

    I would also add Fr. Robert Spitzer of the Magis Institute.

  • Bob Lefnesky (Righteous B), Matt Smith and Father Michael Schmitz 🙂 Just saw all of them at Stuebenville San Diego last month!

  • 🙂

  • Oh! And Jeannie Hannemann, Founder of Elizabeth Ministry Intl.

  • You’re missing Jason Jones & Gina Loehr.

  • John Clem

    I would also add Dr. Bill Donohue from The Catholic League.

  • John Clem

    Wow, what a list, but would add Fr. Jay Finelli from the iPadre Podcast.

  • Faj Ashua

    Dr. Denis McNamara, from the Liturgical Institute

  • Marcus Otte

    Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner, Dr. Mark Miravalle, Msgr. Arthur Calkins

  • Kevinmclarke

    Dr. Mark Miravalle definitely should be on that list!

  • Cory Heimann

    Great list
    I don’t know if you ever heard of him, but I’ve heard good things about Brandon Vogt.

    Jackie Francois
    Sean Forest
    Bob Rice

    • Cory, I hope you know there is no payment coming your way for that suggestion….. 😉

      • Cory Heimann

        I didn’t expect anything. But… checks can be made out to Cory Heimann (with 2 Ns)

  • Bonnie Engstrom

    Kate Wicker did a WONDERFUL job as a keynote speaker at the 2012 Behold Conference! I strongly encourage you to add her to the list!

    • Amanda N

      Haha Bonnie, I was just about to email you this link to take a look at for Behold – guess you’ve already seen it! 🙂

  • Camille Ng

    Mary Healy. She used to live in the DC area, so I have to pleasure to know her. Mike Aquilina told me once that she is one of his favorite speakers too.

  • pillaroftheloud

    I’m sure it’s just an oversight, but Fr. Corapi isn’t in good standing.

  • Marcy

    John Michael Talbot

  • CatholicDrinkie

    Great list to start, Brandon! A few folks that I love who are missing: Mary Bielski, Ennie Hickman, Paul George, Tammy Evevard.

    I’ll keep thinking of others!

  • Richard Grebenc

    I always enjoy Regis Flaherty ( and Raymond de Souza ( I’ve heard both speak a number of times and they really do a great job of conveying truth in a way that really connects with the audience.

  • Gregg the Obscure

    Pls add Sherry Weddell

    • Doh! Can’t believe I missed her, especially with her great new book.

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