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“Bishop, when can we expect you on Twitter?”

That’s what I asked the affable Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs this week on his radio show. Listen to his response below:

Download the short clip here (1 minute)

During the hour-long interview we also chatted about the New Evangelization, spreading the faith online, the dangers of the digital continent, and much more. Listen to the whole episode below or download it at the Colorado Catholic Herald website:

Download the entire interview here (60 minutes)

  • Cory Heimann

    Great interview! I’ve been hoping for Bishops (and even the B16) would have scheduled live chats (ustream or youtube) where you could ask questions live.

  • Great interview Brandon. I learned alot and continue to be inspired by your social media evangelistic endeavors. Keep it up brother!

  • Matthew

    One hesitation I have regarding a deep immersion in the social media world is that it would be a hindrance to prayer and recollection. All of the spiritual masters council against filling the mind with curiosities and distractions because they will agitate the mind. How would spending hours a day online be different? I would genuinely be interested if someone has a good answer to this concern.

  • Diane Korzeniewski

    If only bishops knew just how little time it takes to make a few tweets. I think they should be given a demonstration at the next USCCB meeting …. By Cardinal Dolan!

  • I literally did a happy dance while listening to this interview. You are so well-spoken, Brandon! Congrats on communicating clearly, confidently, effectively, and joyfully. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing.

    • lol Thanks Angela! I’ll have to add “Lord of the Dance” to my business card now.

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