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Book Giveaway (5 copies): “Not Just Good, but Beautiful”


“Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.” – St. Augustine

Since I’ve built up a large collection of extra books and resources, every week I give some away absolutely free, no strings attached. Each giveaway lasts seven days with a new one beginning every Friday. You can enter any time during the week. Check out my past giveaways here.

Thanks to Plough Publishing, today I’m giving away FIVE copies of a new book which includes talks on marriage by Pope Francis, Rick Warren, N.T. Wright, and teachers and leaders from several different major religions. It’s titled Not Just Good, but Beautiful: The Complementary Relationship between Man and Woman and it’s based on the extraordinary Humanum conference.

Also, here’s some great news! Thanks to the generosity of the publisher, even if you don’t win the giveaway, everyone who enters here will receive a 50% discount on the book after the drawing—it’s a no-brainer to enter. Learn more and enter below!


Not Just Good, but Beautiful: The Complementary Relationship between Man and Woman

by Pope Francis and Others
Plough Publishing House, 164 pages, paperback

NotJustGood-3DIn an unprecedented interreligious conference in November 2014, Pope Francis and four hundred religious leaders and scholars from around the world met in Rome to explore what their diverse faiths teach about marriage and “the complementarity of man and woman.”

This book contains the most representative presentations at that closely followed event, Humanum: An International Interreligious Colloquium, which included Catholic, Evangelical, Anglican, Pentecostal, Eastern Orthodox, Anabaptist, Mormon, Jewish, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist, and Hindu delegates. Contributors bring the wisdom of their various faiths and cultures to bear on this timely issue, examining, celebrating, and illustrating the natural union of man and woman in marriage as a universal cornerstone of healthy families, communities and societies.

With broad global representation, Not Just Good, but Beautiful uses fresh language and images to highlight the beauty and benefits of marriage. Contributors do not represent political parties, but speak from their religious, intellectual, and cultural knowledge and experiences.

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  • Mike Schmidt

    I am a newlywed and love discovering the complementarity of men & women.

  • Shannon Denner

    Hope I win!


    great resource for this times that matrimony is attached everywhere

  • Jean Heimann

    It looks like it would be a wonderful addition to my personal library!

  • So relevant! Would love to read this.

  • Kathleen Carver

    Looks interesting. When my husband and I got married I was A/G and he was Catholic. Three years ago I got confirmed into the Catholic faith. Maybe put a lot into perspective on different issues of marriage.

  • Bethie McCarthy

    Would love to read this book!

  • Robin Corzilius

    looks like a good read

  • Kevin Noles

    Very interesting.

  • Gentillylace

    I think that I would enjoy reading about how different religions view marriage.

  • Connie Naylor

    Can’t wait to read this book.

  • Elizabeth Fiore

    Would love to win

  • Tiff

    Awesome! Can’t wait to read it! =)

  • Dolores Pinzon-Caldwell

    Can’t wait!

  • Nick

    I love the books you recommend!

  • Roberta B.

    Can’t wait to read this book and share with Bible study buddies!

  • elisekristen

    I am intrigued by your recommendation. I am always open to finding new books on marriage to read and prayerfully apply.

  • LizEst

    Looks like this might be a great addition to the course I’m taking at the Avila Institute on the Evangelical Counsels and the Beatitudes. (One of our texts is JPII’s Theology of the Body) Thanks for the opportunity, Brandon! God bless you.

  • James-Brenna LeBert

    Looks like a good read.

  • Looks like a great book AND a great giveaway! The True, the Good, and the Beautiful call to us. Let us be open… and be moved beyond ourselves.

  • Francis

    Would be nice to read about marriage from different angles.

  • Corey Swope

    Look forward to each of those included.

  • Mike

    Looking forward to seeing oerspectives other than the Catholic.

  • Anne K

    Looks like a great book!

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