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(Video) My FoxNews interview about the Boy Scouts controversy

Boy Scouts

Here’s the video from my interview today on FoxNews about the recent Boy Scout controversy. The interview was a little awkward since the host apparently thought I would support the BoyScouts adjusting their policy to welcome homosexual leaders, but I basically agreed with my fellow panelist, Dr. Robert Jeffress.

(If you don’t see the video, click here to watch.)

What do you think the BoyScouts should do?


  • Maggie Sullivan

    Gay men alone in tents in the woods with boys….what could possibly go wrong.

  • bjeff

    Allowing an openly gay boy to become a Boy Scout is like allowing an openly acknowledged arsonist to become a Forest Ranger. Wake up! It is not even an accident but a desire waiting to happen!

  • Bob

    This is disgusting!

    Boy scouts are at impressionable ages and might not yet have opinions. These leaders are blurring and further distoring the image of love.

    For reasons and situations like these, it is important for children to attend Catechism and parents to enforce Catholic values.

    We should live our lives like Christ… not like the liberal world.

    Those with same gender attraction should not be afraid to seek help, as it is a disorder of the soul.

    • There is a difference between being gay and advocating a homosexual lifestyle to youth.

      Sadly, the failure of so many to understand there’s a difference is why the discussion often turns out so knee-jerk.

  • Richard Ferris

    Great job Brandon! You we clear and direct! Great job! I liked the lower right corner of the screen (and show) said “Spirited Debate” – yet there was no debate here! 🙂 Both sides agreeing! Good job!

  • JamesStone

    this is a typical example of Fox News who always say they are “fair and balanced!” Please tell me what is fair and balanced about this news clip?

    • Well in their defense, I believe they are *trying* to have to two opposing views, but their assumptions were a bit off.

      • Pedro Erik

        Yeah, it seems to me that they thougt that Brandon was the other postion.

        Excellent words, Bradon, congratulations.

  • Ian Rutherford

    Here is what I proposed a few times over on the BSA FB page. Those who keep giving sob stories about how this policy change is “for the children” all reject what I proposed because it excludes active homosexuals. Make no mistake, there is an agenda here and it isn’t letting the poor, sexually confused, chaste boys into Scouting.

    “Sexual activity has no place in Scouting. Chaste homosexuals, just like their heterosexual counterparts are welcome to join Scouting. Sexual activity outside of a marriage between one man and one woman violates the requirement that a Scout be morally straight so Scouts and Scouters who engage in such activity will be asked to leave Scouting.

    The BSA does not believe that homosexual behavior is moral at any time and therefore active homosexuals and those who advocate for homosexual marriage or the changing of BSA core principles are not welcome as Scouting leaders or board members.”

    • Michael Blissenbach

      Ian, I love the proposed language and would be happy to try and lobby the BSA to amend their policy to include this language.

  • Mary Johnson

    I do not see the Boy Scouts – or Girl Scouts, for that matter, as being a reasonable environment in which to explore, display, or focus on anyone’s sexual orientation. Boy Scouts’ existence is targeted at teaching young boys and teen boys how to be decent men, to understand who they are in the world, and to take their male role (protection, provider, and so on) seriously as they mature. NONE of this is dependent upon an individuals’ sense of attraction to anybody. How this whole dilemma became appropriate for the Boy Scouts, is beyond me.

    It is not fair to single out a man as a prospective pedophile only because he happens to have same-sex attraction. However, and that said, in my opinion, ANY man who makes an issue of his sexual orientation in THE BOY SCOUTS, is courting trouble. This is not the purpose of the Boy Scouts. The organization is for male adults to help BOYS; and not to focus on the sexuality of BOYS or of the MEN who are promising to help them. The focus must be on BOYS, not on anyone’s sexuality or expression therof; and if it not on this, then it is, in my mind, wrong. Every organization that one attends or becomes a member of, does not have to approve of “ME” in their charter. This used to be obvious, but sadly, it is not so these days.

    • ArmedLiberal

      Mary, you seem to be under several delusions here.
      1. If you know of a single place in the world where sexuality is NEVER discussed, I’d like to know about it. Having been in the Boy Scouts to Eagle Rank and beyond (Eagle Palms), boys talk about sex. They talk about their successes and failures with the opposite sex, and there will, now and again, be a boy sitting silent at the edge of the group. Policies such as this ban mean that they can’t let anyone know what they’re thinking, or else…
      2. “However, and that said, in my opinion, ANY man who makes an issue of his sexual orientation in THE BOY SCOUTS, is courting trouble.” See above. If a scoutmaster’s wife accompanies him to a scout banquet, how is he not making an issue of his sexual orientation while a gay scout leader and his or her SO is?
      3. “The organization is for male adults to help BOYS” You fail to understand that for decades, there have been females leading Boy Scout troops.
      4. Likewise, the leader doesn’t have to make an issue of it AT ALL to be removed, just like DADT. Say there’s a lesbian Scoutmaster leading a troop. None of the kids know or care that she’s a lesbian. It’s never come up, never been an issue with any of the parents, until she makes a decision one of them doesn’t like. Maybe she didn’t fudge some kid’s merit badge requirements. So the parent decides the best way to get revenge is to out the leader to the Council. How is THAT fair?

  • The video is great. Clearly NOT the interview she was expecting to have with you!

    I don’t have a problem with the Boy Scouts sticking with their current policy. Couple reasons:

    1. A few years back, I was working in a law office and we had a client with AIDS who was treated HORRIBLY by the Salvation Army. We wrote a letter to the SA, and they came back with an insulting letter saying, “We are a religion! We can treat people with AIDS badly if we want to!”

    And basically, they can. Which is fine, I guess, so long as the public realizes that when they are dealing with the SA or the BSA, they are dealing with a private religious organization that does not conduct itself by contemporary secular standards. That will be a plus to many, many people! But it will give others pause.

    2. Nobody I knew had their identity figured out enough to be out of the closet in high school. The idea of “gay scouts” is sort of weird to me.

    Gay scout leaders? While I believe there is a BIG difference between a) identifying as gay, b) actively engaging in gay sexuality or the “lifestyle,” and c) pedophilia (which is really what so much of the fear here is about), I don’t know if a private organization centered around an upstanding moral code is really the forum for differentiating those three things in our culture.

  • Tim S.

    Brandon- you did extremely well in this interview- unfortunately the interviewer seemed very unprepared- I would take this tape and farm it out to other networks as well- I just sent a comment to ABC World News with a complaint about the lack of balanced reporting on this issue in their broadcast last night or two nights ago- where they played one quick snippet of Gov. Perry disagreeing with the Boy Scout changes and then a much longer piece with a crying boy and his two moms who had a lengthy interview previously on the network and had the chance to react again to the delay. It is one thing for the network reporters to make an editorial piece it is quite another if they are claiming to be straight reporting.

  • Michael Blissenbach

    Yeah, I’m an Eagle Scout and former camp counselor at a boy scout camp, and I’ll try and use the limited clout I have to try and get the BSA to amend their policy along those lines. I’ll be sending a letter aiming to do just that to the BSA national office within the month.

  • Michael Blissenbach

    I think the Boy Scouts should allow same-sex attracted boys and leaders into the organization, but not practicing homosexual boys or leaders. I also think cohabitating leaders and boys and leaders who are having heterosexual sexually active relationships outside of marriage should not be allowed into the boy scouts.

    • I tend to agree. They should adopt the careful, nuanced language of the Catholic Church which distinguishes between same-sex *attraction* and same-sex *behavior.*

      • Helene

        That’s already the policy. It’s only active, practicing homosexuals that are prohibited. And, practically speaking, how would any organization enforce a ban on “attraction?”

        • Any LGBT individual who has been part of an organization with a variation on a “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy can tell you how an organization would enforce such a ban.

          Witch hunts. Plain and simple.

          It sounds incredible, but there are still areas of American life where people speculate as to whether John is gay or Jill is a lesbian (“And why HASN’T she ever had a boyfriend?”).

          “Keep it to yourself” can be nearly impossible in the face of a witch hunt. The easiest policy in any organization that WANTS to prevent witch hunts is to essentially say:

          1. We can’t keep out homosexuals, but homosexual conduct is not acceptable; and
          2. (in the case of Boy Scouts) If there’s a discussion where the kids are aware of a leader’s homosexuality, then something has already gone very, very wrong.

          One can be a perfectly good Christian and gay. The only reasons I tend to say “Let’s not fight the Boy Scout fight” are

          1. In any argument involving kids, LGBT folks are fighting even worse stereotypes than normal, so these fights should not be priority; and
          2. The irrational fear by some that EVERYTHING that a gay person does is somehow about him or her being gay means that America might not be mature enough for the conversation yet.

          • Maggie Sullivan

            Sodomy is a demonic perversion…we should be protecting our children not feeding them to the wolves.

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