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CATHOLICISM New Evangelization

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Today, I’m thrilled to announce the largest giveaway we’ve ever done here—over $500 worth of materials! Thanks to the extreme generosity of Word on Fire, I have FIVE copies of Fr. Robert Barron’s new film and study program, CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization, to giveaway.

FIVE winners will each receive the Study Program Leader’s Kit, which includes:

  1. CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization DVD set – This four-disc set includes the 90-minute documentary film and tons of bonus video.
  2. Study Program Leader’s Guide – Composed by yours truly, under the direction of Fr. Barron and Fr. Steve Grunow, the study program can be presented in six sessions (90 minutes each). Each DVD segment is 15-30 minutes long, leaving around sixty minutes for small group discussion. The Leader’s Study Guide includes answers to the question in the Participant’s Guide.
  3. Participant’s Study Guide – Includes background, notes, discussion questions, and book recommendations for CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization. In addition to the five modules associated with the film, the study program also includes a sixth workshop-style session that guides participants in developing their own new evangelization action plan, either as individuals or as a Catholic group/parish. This section is based on selected clips from the interviews conducted for the series.
  4. 40 Prayer Cards – Containing prayers for the New Evangelization, can be passed out for promotional hand-outs or used during the study program.
  5. Special 15% discount on additional DVD box sets – So when you run your own study program, each member of the group can purchase their own DVD set for their home library or as a gift.


CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization

by Fr. Robert Barron

Word on Fire, DVD, four-discs
Released on September 10, 2013

DVDCATHOLICISM taught us what the Church believes and why. Now CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization shows us how to put our Faith into action in today’s increasingly secular world. The film is now available for pre-order for $59.95, or $99.95 for the Study Leader’s Kit.
You’ll follow Fr. Barron around the world to Australia, England, and around the U.S. to examine the Church’s mission within the challenges of Western secular culture. This 90-minute film first tells us what the “New Evangelization” is, and then takes us on a fascinating tour to witness examples of new ardor, new expressions, and new methods of evangelization in action.
The DVD set also includes four hours of extra features, including two Fr. Barron speeches, as well as full interviews and insights on the New Evangelization with George Weigel, Ross Douthat, Brad Gregory, and Brandon Vogt.


CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization Study Program

by Brandon Vogt

Word on Fire, spiral-bound paperback with tabs
Released on September 10, 2013

Study GuideThe study program includes a Participant’s Study Guide and the Leader’s Guide. Both contain six lessons, questions, book recommendations, and a glossary, while the Leader’s Guide also features a comprehensive answer key and tips on facilitating your group. Here are brief descriptions of each lesson in the study program:

Lesson One: “Introduction”
“What is the New Evangelization?”, “Why is it worthwhile?”, and “How does one do it?” Father Barron explains how the concept of a “new” evangelization began to take shape in the second Vatican Council.

Lesson Two: “New Ardor”
New enthusiasm, new energy and renewal from Holy Spirit constitute “new ardor.” Fr. Barron takes us behind the scenes at World Youth Day and shows us other energetic examples of new ardor. The deepest source of Christian ardor is the reality of the resurrection, which fuels us to actively reach out in love to others with the “Good News.”

Lesson Three: “New Expressions—Part I
Lesson Four: “New Expressions—Part II

It’s not an expression of a different truth, but the same truth proclaimed and lived by Christ, that we have to express in a different cultural setting. Fr. Barron explains why secularism is on the rise: Confusion about who and what God is; Trying to fill human longing for God with the temporal and materials things of this world; and Relativism that purports that there is no objective truth.

Lesson Five: “New Methods”
Fr. Barron calls for “using the means and methods of our time to evangelize.” In today’s culture the Internet and social media plays a huge role. Fr. Barron encourages us all to use these new methods for the Lord. We all can give testimony to Christ by the methods we use to communicate and by how we live each day.

Lesson Six: “Faith in Action”
The New Evangelization Formation Program includes a sixth workshop-style session that guides participants in developing their own new evangelization action plan, either as individuals or as a Catholic group/parish. This section is based on selected clips from the interviews conducted for the series.

Check out these two preview clips below:




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  • Jocelyn Louise Deyalsingh

    oh my Goodness Gracious Me! I am sorry that this is an offer for USA participation only . Its easy to forward postage from my country Trinidad and Tobago , there should be no exceptions in NEW EVANGILIZTION or then , you cannot say , its new . New to me means available to everyone who participates in the give away. IN a very subtle way , its a form of rejection to an interested candidate . If I win something, it should be made know to me that I can surely pay the postage and handling fees as an option or I could decline .

  • Michelle

    I appreciate your enlightenment 🙂

  • Cory Hughes

    Just curious, were there any winners for the New Evangeliztaion dvds by FR. Barron?

  • Benoit Meyrieux

    The New Evangelization is what the world needs today: a loving and fiery proclamation of the Good News!

  • Therese

    I’ve heard a lot about this series but haven’t seen it yet! If I win, I will take that as a sign to start a group and make it happen!

  • Theresa

    Somebody in the trailer said, “It’s so hard to find God in the culture” – I want to help change that! And I want to help others help change that.

  • Shawndra

    I absolutely love the Catholicism Series and I cannot wait to view the New Evangelization series and, more importantly, I can’t wait to share it with others.

  • Rita Suva

    I loved the Catholicism Series and have been excited about this new series by Fr. Robert Barron since it was first announced. Can’t wait to see it!

  • Dave O

    Love to hear about the different “styles” and ways people evangelize.

  • Drew

    I would love to view this film because I am committed to the New Evangelization!

  • Michael

    The Lord calls all of us to spread the Gospel and I need help in doing so.

  • Raschelle

    Love, love, love!!!

  • Kevin Fiske

    Interested in the study!

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    As an Electronic Outreach Director for my parish, this is a fairly integral part of my ministry, I’m looking forward to seeing it, but also to sharing it.

  • Rhoda

    Excited to see the follow up to the Catholicism series!

  • Thadeus

    It is an exciting time in the Church! I want to be a part of sharing Jesus Christ with my community.

  • Walter

    I would like to view this film because I have been an evangelizer since the mid 1980’s and have much experience in working in the parish setting. I am excited that this new effort is now underway and would very much like to continue my involvement in this worthwhile endeavor. God Bless your efforts.

  • Vincent

    Looking over the sections, this new work from Word on Fire looks both catechetical and practical, nicely balancing the theoretical and the practical of the New Evangelization, much as in the Catholicism Series orthodoxy and orthopraxis weren’t divorced. I’m looking forward to giving myself and others the opportunity to be formed!

  • Michael

    Will this help me bring my non-Catholic family into the Light with better understanding of the religion and what Christ died for?

  • misterheche

    I can’t wait to see this film, because I am a big admirer of Fr. Barron’s homilies.

  • Josephine Evatt

    I am excited about seeing this series. I have watched Catholicism many times and learn something new every time I see it.

  • Shawn Wenham

    This is great…thank you.

  • Chris

    As a seminarian who was just called to the Transitional Deaconate (literally just found out yesterday), I can find many uses for this series in both parish ministry as well as in my own personal spirituality. Fr. Barron is a great role-model for those of us in seminary, and I can only hope to imitate his example. Personally, I have read so many book and articles as well as heard many talks (and homilies) on the New Evangelization. I continue to hear conflicting answers. I think that this video series can help to provide me with more insight on the subject.

  • Susan Windley-Daoust

    I’d like to give this to my parish. After I watch it. 😉

  • Jason

    This would be so great to get. Fr. Barron is a one of a kind teacher of the faith, and learning about the new evangelization from him would be invaluable.

  • Sharon Gretencord

    Our family would love this and love to share this with our friends. Our kids love listening to Fr. Barron on the way to mass every Sunday!

  • poboi

    AWESOME!!!! I have been looking forward to this!!!!!!!

  • KyPerson

    I loved the first series Father Barron did. Am looking forward to this one.

  • Linda Jones

    I facilitate for our parish scripture study group and this would be a wonderful tool for future sessions.

  • Susan

    I loved his first series Father Barron is amazing! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Jean Heimann

    I would love to view this film to stir up the flames of the Holy Spirit and to ignite the fire of enthusiasm for the New Evangelization in my diocese.

  • Dan F.

    very excited!

  • Christophorus

    “I sense the moment has come to commit all the Church’s energies to a new evangelization…No believer in Christ, no institution of the Church can avoid this supreme duty: To proclaim Christ to all people’s.”-JPII I care to know Christ and share Him as best I can

  • Louis Tully

    Because my parish really needs some New Evangelizing!

  • Matthew

    To learn new ways to make the faith accessible to non-Catholics and help other Catholics find greater energy and enthusiasm for evangelization.

  • Tim Canny

    Wow, just wow! I have heard a lot about this film and would be very interested to see it finally and to work with my parish to use it with a group.

  • Christina Thompson Dyer

    To share it with my friends, family, RCIA, and the rest of my parish.

  • Julian Barkin

    I would like to view this film because my parish is already showing the “Catholicism” series. It might be a good follow up as the next faith study series in our parish with media, OR perhaps it might be something that can be geared for the Youth in our parish, who possibly through social media are hearing this term, but are asking questions. Regardless I want to pre-screen this material for my parish.

  • Alex Kilates

    What a great giveaway!

  • Tom Leith

    The trailer at least starts in what I think is the right place — catechesis must be apologetical — people need a REASON to believe.

  • Jeremy

    I work in a parish and would like to have these resources available to host study groups to help our parish grow in the mission of evangelization.

  • Aquinas5

    Love Fr. Barron’s Catholicism and Faith Clips videos. I’m sure this is every bit as good. Looking forward to seeing it.

  • mm

    I have not watched this film yet and hope that this film will increase and strengthened my and my family’s faith.

  • mm

    I have not watched this film yet and I think it would help me and my family in learning and strengthening our faith

  • Christina Channell

    Love this giveaway!

  • AlbertoTheClown

    I would like to view this film so I can be better equipped and prepared as I participate in the new evangelization!

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    I agree, Fr. Barron is awesome… I love listening to his homilies every week

  • Joe Giles

    This looks like an awesome evangelization tool!

  • KimS

    Love your blog! Father Barron is so down to earth. I’ve been wanting to have a small faith sharing group at my church with his material. This would be perfect.

  • Christian J Ferreira

    The Church is in desperate need of a new life. We need to bring back the tradition, logic, and beauty of our church that has become lost in our watered-down churches/

  • Nancy

    I am very impressed by Fr. Barron’s previous series on Catholicism. I am very much interested in learning more about the New Evangelization.

  • Angelina

    Jesus is coming soon and I want to be part of the new Evangelism

  • Jen

    Because I feel the Holy Spirit is working through Fr. Robert Barron and Word on Fire to bring people to God and I want to be a part of that mission!

  • michaelsvm

    Because Fr. Barron and Word on fire have helped me resist the idea the faith is superstitious credulity. I would love to share this with my parish.

  • John Sauer

    We have used the Catholicism series in our parish and it is very popular. Our pastoral council will be reviewing this next month and plan to use it.

  • Mike

    I’ve seen parts of “Catholicism” and it’s really good.

  • Jessica

    I converted to the Church this past Spring, my heart led me there, and I can see just from my few months as a Catholic, already, how powerful the New Evangelization is, and can be. What it is trying to reveal to people is exactly what I saw, what led me to the Catholic Church: the light at the center. The beating heart of love that is the most beautiful, and the largest, family on earth. United not by their own blood, but by the blood of someone who loved them first. <3 – Jessica

  • Edward Collazo

    I’m one of the student leaders of the Catholic Student Organization at Creighton University. This would be PERFECT for formation night!

  • Melissa Cecilia

    This may be the best giveaway yet. I hope those who win are the ones who need it – either for themselves or for someone who needs to learn more about their faith. 🙂

  • Cam

    What a great giveaway!

  • Danny

    Because I could learn a lot from Father Barron.

  • Aislinn

    The first Catholicism Set and Book were amazing! I would love to get this and present it to our parish!

  • Making the Faith relevant for my RCIA-Teen students, most of whom don’t actually want to be there, is a challenge that could use as many tools as possible to tackle!

  • Martina

    To expand my horizon, learn more about my fath

  • Dave Reddy

    Besides really liking Fr. Barron’s delivery and perspective, I am simply looking for the Catholic in Catholicism. After 14 years of Catholic education, I find it sad how little I know about my faith – I want better for my kids.

  • Kristen

    I would like to view this film and share it with my family.

  • Nathan

    There are many fallen away Catholics where I work. There are other souls who are Christian, but are living a shallow faith life. The harvest is large, but deeply formed prayerful Catholics are needed. May these tools bring forth a renewal in changed lives!

  • Catholicism moved me deeply. I’m so excited for this new DVD. I’d love to share it with people at our parish. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • Joanna

    I would really love to see this film so I can get to understand my faith better and so I can share what I learned to the people around me.

  • Kelly Kaczmarczyk

    I’m an extreme atheist to Catholic convert.

  • Christi

    I would love to share this with our Adult Faith Formation at our rural parish. Oh snap, we don’t have Adult Faith Formation at our parish yet.

  • Vicki Thurmond

    We are beginning a New Evangelization program at our parish, St. Joachim in Old Mines, MO next spring and this would be a great accompianment to go along with the other parts of our strategy. Fr. Barron is an awesome presenter and a very dynamic speaker.

  • perpetualmin

    Can’t wait to get this rolling in my parish!!!

  • Fr. Cory Sticha

    I’ve been preaching on the need for the New Evangelization, even in this small community and rural area.

  • jsignal

    I’d love to bring this to my parish.

  • Chip98

    I want to see evangelization as the primary mission for every parish.

  • JoAnn Doyle Schutzius

    I have seen some of this series, and I just loved it. I would love to have the entire set. Fr. Barron is wonderful!

  • Allan Richards

    I want to win because as a former Evangelical, Evangelicals dont have the corner on Evangelization.

  • The Catholic Science Geek

    This is probably one of the most awesoe give aways…free stuff that also happens to be perfect tools for the new evangelization. SWEET!

    • The Catholic Science Geek

      *awesome…so awesome I almost forgot how to properly spell awesome…

  • Timothy Burdick

    Amazing giveaway!

  • mongrelbb

    Love Fr Barron

  • tim

    seems very helpful for my classes

  • Patrick D Gamble

    Because I follow everything Fr. Barron and have been waiting so long for this to come out – I just could’t pre-order it yet! He provides great practical advice on methods for spreading the Good News! Even if I don’t win it, I’ll buy a copy and show it to everyone I know!!

  • James Conklin

    We’d like the help to rock our Adult Faith Formation!

  • Sarah

    I would love to watch this with my awesome YM teens.

  • Alyssa

    I love Fr. Barron’s work!

  • Marika Donders

    Oooh, as director of evangelization I would love to win this one!

  • Catholic Bridge

    Hey Brandon, Canadians need this great stuff as well…. will pay for shipping costs for one package to Canada!

  • Erica mom of 4

    Love the Catholicism series… My family of six were going through RCIA and the programs really helped us in our ‘coming home.’

  • mark

    This new series should be great.

  • John

    The first series had a great impact on me. I learned so much. Also, it’s fitting to learn about the new ev. from one of the men leading it.

  • Renee

    I am a fan of Fr. Barron and Word On Fire. This series would be great to share with family and friends.

  • Julie Gonzalez

    I would want to in this film not only for myself and my family but to share with my confirmation students and program. I help teach a number of amazing youth who were remarkably touched during Youth Day and the Steubenville Conferences and are thirsty for more about Christ. Also, I love Fr. Barron and all his work!

  • Jeff Walczak

    To learn about this “New Evangelization.”

  • Shawn

    I want to win/ use the set to better understand my professed faith.

  • Eric B

    I hope I win! Fr. Barron is the person who kick-started my interest in wanting to learn more and more about the truth of Christianity.

  • Philip Hines

    I want to view this film/win this dvd set to show my nephews & nieces and to let Catholic Discipleship College in New Zealand use it to study and use on outreach! Someone donated us the original Catholicism DVD set and we were stoked!!! We want to use it to change the world!!!

  • Espie Hurtado

    I only hope I can get into this. I love Fr Barron. I am all for evangelization it is so needed.

  • Christian

    I love Fr.Barron and would love the set

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    Thank you for this opportunity. I am committed to the New Evangelisation, and who better to instruct us in it but Fr Barron?!

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    Can’t wait to dive into Fr. Barrons new dvd set.

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    Hope to win. Love fr. Barron.

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    Such a beautiful series, from message to production. =D

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    This is a great giveaway!

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    If this is one tenth as good as WoF’s first Catholicism series, it will be fine indeed.

  • DianeVa

    Everyone taking part in the New Evangelization is awesome! Love Word on Fire! Love your blog Brandon! May God Bless us all and give us strength to witness and bear fruit for God!

  • Um, I’d love to have this.

  • Gentillylace

    I think that this would be wonderful to have in my parish. I am a catechist, so this would help me improve and learn.

  • Mary H.

    Because I loved the Catholicism series.

  • Fidel Garcia

    I want to be part of Fr. Barron Evangelization ministry. God willing, the Lord will use me as vehicle of evangelization. God Bless.

  • Cindy Niekamp Muhlenkamp

    This would be awesome to use with my group of women from my parish who meet weekly during the winter!

  • Because I’m a fan of Fr. Barron’s work and I think this has great potential with adult faith formation programs!

  • Jason

    I would love to view this as a way to help spread the faith and would be great to use in a high school setting along with the Catholicism Series!

  • Melinda

    Big fan of fr. Barron!

  • Doug Ulaszek

    We’re studying this in my young adult group this fall – I can’t wait!

  • M

    These films are excellent for adult catechesis. They present the Church and Her history in a way that’s stimulating but doesn’t dilute its intellectual integrity.

    10/10, would catechize again

  • Brian Mood

    i love Fr Barron! this would help me further my faith

  • Chelsea

    Everyone I know, and everyone they know is raving about this series!!

  • Nancy Janzen

    I would love to get this so I could share it with my parish. I am sure the older members of the youth group would be excited.

  • Debbie

    We would love to use this video in our small group! We want to share the Good News!

  • melissaP

    I am looking forward to learning the tools I need to evangelize.

  • Tiffany Robinson

    Fr. Barron was hugely instrumental in my husband’s and my decision to enter the Catholic Church a year and a half ago. (Well, we decided 2 1/2 years ago, came in Easter 2012.) And really, how could anyone beat that? ; )

  • MissT

    Gotta have it – thanks !

  • Greg Cook

    Fr. Barron’s “Catholicism” helped bring me into the Church–I am thrilled about his new project.

  • Pedro Montanez Jr.

    I’d like to win this giveaway because I am a fan of Fr. Barron’s work, I enjoyed the original Catholicism series and I would enjoy the continuation of the project.

  • Jonathan Kenzig

    Father Barron’s work is amazing and could really help our KofC council!

  • Rangel

    I would really like to use this at our parish!

  • MaggieMelchior

    The first Catholicism series was excellent; I am looking forward to going deeper and putting things into practice with deeper knowledge of the theology of the New Evangelization.

  • Elisabeth

    I was able to loan my parish my copy of “Catholicism” and it was well attended. I’d like to bring them “The New Evangelization” too!

  • Jo

    Saw his Catholicism series and wanted to have a chance to see the New Evangelization series now. So praying to win a copy. Thank you!

  • Luis Salazar

    1. What I would like to see in this film is not only how to evangelize the
    secular world but also how to evangelize people in the church.

    2. I would love to like to “Like” Brandon and Fr. Robert in facebook but i don’t have a facebook account.

    3. I am already fallowing @wordonfire and @BrandonVogt1 on tweeter.
    4. i Already tweeted about this give away.
    Finally i thank you so much for the opportunity of winning this DVD, i am part of a youth ministry and i can see the need of new ways to evangelize the secular world. I am sure this New Evangelization program is gonna help us not only to evangelize better but also to grow in our faith.

  • Donna

    This is an awesome give away! I tend to be a “quiet” catholic. I would love to learn how to put my faith in action.


    great source, I have the Catholicism DVD and I am sure this new set it is going to be excellent too

  • Colleen

    Because I want to continue my own faith formation and be part of bringing the New Evangelization to our parish community! Thanks!

  • Mario Pineda, Jr

    Love to pass this gift on to my brother in law who is on the fence about converting to the Catholicism.

  • Liz Clayton

    Because I found Fr. Barron’s Catholicism Series very edifying and produced wonderful discussion. I am very interested in what he has to say on this topic.

  • Jean Pergande

    I have seen this several times and it is so rich that I would like to share it with my church and bible study class. I’m sure there are those who haven’t seen it yet.

  • Great giveaway, Brandon! Thanks to you and the WOF team for such a great opportunity!

  • Luis Salazar

    What I would like to see in this film is not only how to evangelize the secular world but also how to evangelize people in the church.

  • Derek McDonald

    Our parish would greatly benefit from this study program. Thanks for the great opportunity!

  • AMoniqueOcampo

    I would love to see the film as someone with a degree in Communications. It would help combine what I learned in college with my Catholic faith.

  • Deb Erickson

    I am really interested in this film and the whole series and guides because I have just been asked to become the Adult Ed Leader for our Church. I am hoping to follow some of Matthew Kelly’s teachings about the Dynamic Catholic: prayer, study, generosity and evangelization. I would like to see our group grow and reach out to others, not only to welcome them to our class, but also to reach out in word and deed in public.

  • thetrog

    Well, we have 8 kids, and I’m thinking I need to take another tack in making more disciples.

  • Secilia

    Because I love learning more about our faith; you should never stop learning!

  • cubbieblue

    This is excellent. I am studying theology and catechetics and would love to learn from this DVD and even use it as a resource

  • Kathleen

    To better evangelize in an area where Catholics are the minority.

  • aslide

    I want to see this because I love Fr. Barron and the Catholicism series is high quality with great content.

  • Barb

    I would like to help our parishioners learn about the depth, the richness of our faith. Thank you for this giveaway.

  • Timothy Black

    Wow. My guess is this will be the most entered contest. Very generous of you and WoF

  • A.J Neyra

    Thanks for the giveaway! I want to be able to sharing this with members of my Youth Group. Praise God!

  • Terry

    I have heard this is an awesome program and I want to continue my education in Catholicism. The new evangelization is what is going to change the world and bring everyone to Jesus!

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    This is awesome!

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    Fr. Barron is a wonderful teacher.

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    To help with the work I do parish evangelization efforts…. 🙂

  • Curtis J. Keddy

    Because the harvest is plentiful!

  • Stephanie Barth

    I loved Fr. Barron’s “Catholicism” series. I’ve watched some parts three times! I’d love to have this. I teach religion at our local Catholic high school and would love to be able to share this with our students.

  • catholicmominmn

    My mother attended this last year at our parish and I was unable to go due to childcare issues. I would love to receive this and be able to enjoy the series. I heard is was so informative and inspiring! God bless you for giving these away.

  • Paulina

    I would like to view this film to gain a better understanding of the new evangelization!

  • Chris O’Hara

    I’ve been meaning to buy this! Although, nobody who wins this contest the church benefits

  • Julia

    That’s awesome! The first DVDs really helped in forming my faith, and I think this set would help me reach my goal of becoming a catechist.

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    I want to win to continue to learn and spread the new evangelization 🙂

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    I love watching and learning from Fr. Barron’s videos. Miss seeing them on EWTN.

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    I would love to learn more about our faith and I love learning from Father Barron’s talks.

  • Arlane Raschdorf King

    I have been passionate about sharing my faith since my 7th grade Confirmation-38 yrs ago! I live to share the “Truth” and this would enrich my life as well as those I would share it with.

  • Claudia

    I have heard great things about the series. I would like to watch them some time.

  • Matthew Compton

    I’d love to win this so that we can use it our parish!

  • Shirley DiCesare Brown

    I would love to win this set share with others and use for group study in our church. Thank you so much for this offer!

  • Ruth Tozer

    I want to see this film so I can learn about the New Evangelisation from an excellent teacher!

  • Patrick C

    I’d love to lead another course at our parish using the new Fr. Barron materials!

  • Sarah

    I would like to lead a small group study based on this series. This is such an amazing opportunity for all Catholics. Fr. Barron is brilliant and accessible

  • Kathy

    I LOVE Fr. Barron and love using his videos to help people grow deeper in their faith. He is such a gift to the Church!

  • Jim

    To improve my ability to be a part of the New Evangelization and to share it with my parish.

  • Mary Katherine

    Fr. Barron’s manner of expressing the faith is both articulate and beautiful, and I would love to include it in my classes on evangelization in the Church.

  • Beth

    I would like to view the movie because Fr. Barron has such a gift for sharing our Faith and I always learn something from his talks.

  • Valerie Re

    I love Fr. Barron! He is so easy to understand and really puts Gods Words into a perspective we can easily apply to our everyday lives. I’d really like to share this new series with my church study group and family!

  • Anne K

    To add to our Adult faith formation program at my parish….

  • Elyse

    I loved Fr. Barron’s Catholicism DVDs and as someone who is a convert and is going to school to become an educator of the faith for youth, young adults, and newly married couples this would be extraordinarily helpful for my own formation in order to better help them.

  • Dan

    I would like to view this film because it honestly gives me chills! The entire New Evangelization moment is sweeping across our nations and bringing truth to the world, the one Truth, which is the Gospel of Christ.

  • Acanthaster1315

    This is great! What a good idea 🙂 I would hopefully use it to help educate the adults of our parish…maybe even use it for some of the older High School students. They just want to be Saints! It’s wonderful!

  • Zachary Banker

    I live in China, and I’d love to see what impact this series would have here.

  • Marcia Ann Radaker Collins

    I sure would like to win one of these. Thank you.

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  • Aerickus

    I’d seriously like to go over the basics of my faith again.

  • Kevin Kiefer

    Why do I want to win this giveaway? Because I am a Catholic high school principal who wants to have the New Evangelization as part of the formation of my students, parents, and faculty members. We need kerygma prior to catechesis for so many!

  • Kellee Leamy

    I would like to learn more about evangelization and share with my parish community

  • Abby Withers

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  • thegenesischild

    In our baptism, we are all named priest, prophet, and king. Fr. Barron’s New Evangelization is an excellent tool to help us all live out our baptismal duties!

  • Jerry

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  • Jimmy

    I would like to give this to my church so it could be seen by as much people as possible.

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  • Kristy Herbeck

    I would love to win this as a teaching tool for both my family and my parish. My husband and I also have a Vocations night with our children where we watch Fishers of Men and the new Light of Love from Imagine Sisters, and this would be a wonderful edition to our collection! Pray for vocations!

  • Jake

    Because Father Barron is great and his insights are amazing.

  • Rebecca Vrla

    Because I want to constantly learn more about my faith and I believe this movie will help my husband and I in raising our son in our faith.

  • Thomas Wilhelm

    We just finished Catholicism as a group study at my church. As one of the “young ones” it’s fallen to me to be the sole outlet for all things…newfangled. Trying to bring some of the new evanglism to a very old-school parish.

  • Deanna Bartalini

    What an awesome give-a-way!

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    I would like to win because I want to further my exploration with God and Jesus Christ and the catholic church I always grew up a bad kid and I was dealing with some issues and made alot of mistakes it took me awhile but I’m glad I finally found God because all this time I thought he abandoned me and to make up for it I want to live by his ways and learn more about my faith

  • AndrewT

    I’ve only seen bits and pieces of this, but know that it would be great for our family and for my youth ministry and the rest of the parish.

  • Vince Contreras

    It would be awesome to win one of these as next month I’m facilitating a presentation of Fr. Barron’s “Catholicism” at our parish. This would be a fantastic follow-up, don’t you think? 🙂

  • JAZA4

    Our cluster parishes’ faith formation programs just merged, more people, good staff but small budget! This would be a great series to show the parents as they wait for their children while they are in faith formation classes.

  • Petra Thomas

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    Thank you for being able to raffle these off! If I am chosen, I’ll donate it to my parish! Thank you! -Susan Martin, Cleveland, TX

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  • Katie Hayes

    I am always trying to learn news ways to spread the Gospel! I go to the University of Kansas, which is a very liberal state school. I have been questioned many times about my faith and have found it hard to evangalize sometimes. I think this DVD could really help me grow in my faith along with helping others.

  • Mark

    New envangelization looks awesome!

  • Mandy P

    The more I hear from Fr. Barron, the more I am so thankful for him! He has given me so much insight to my faith.

  • This would be great to have because the Catholism series was such a great success at out parish. This would be great to bring this to Father and start a new series here. This would also be great to use at our King’s Men meetings.

  • mommy4life

    I’d love to view this video and nourish the growth of my Catholic faith 🙂

  • Manny

    Hope I get one! Took this as an Adult Faith Formation class and I learned so much. Thanks Father Barron

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    As my KofC Council’s DGK, am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge of the Church and have teaching tools for my children.

  • Chelle

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  • Ashley

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  • Megan

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  • Suzanne

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  • Lana Marie Ampueda

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  • Ginger

    I am a new convert and LOVED Father Barron’s first project, Catholicism! I’m
    very excited about getting my hands on this one!!!

  • Lana Marie Ampueda

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  • Amy

    I would like to share it with the students at Catholic Campus Ministry at Bloomsburg University!

  • Taylor Brown

    We watched Father Robert Barron’s last series with our RCIA class. It was spectacular. Hoping to have a reunion and watch this second series at the cathedral!

  • Jon Gustafson

    I want to view this film because I am a religious education teacher and our students seem to keep drifting further away. This resource would a a phenomenal help in regaining their interest.

  • Cathy Mies

    To use with our Deaf Community so that they can help more Deaf to know about our Catholic Faith. Light their fire!!!

  • Lindsay Adornato

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  • Matthew B

    Fr. Barron has inspired so many families in our parish to continue to learn more and more about the Catholic faith. We love his series and try to incorporate it into every teaching ministry we have. The Evangelization series would be a great addition to our community.

  • Catholic Jarhead

    I have recently returned to our Faith because my 16 year old daughter wanted to join the Church. She led me back and we attended her RCIA classes together. It’s been a wonderful journey together. I would love to share this series with her and others.

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    To share with my parish!

  • Primus

    I thought it will be good.. 🙂

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    To promote it in our diocese!

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    First, I love Fr. Barron and all the work he does. He is truely a blessing to us and I pray for his continued success at reaching out to the peoples of the church and the world.

    Second, I loved the Catholocism series and would love to get my hands on the New Evangelization series as well. I plan on acutally hosting an event at my local parish to help spread this wonderful media.

  • Bill Brandon

    I have Fr. Barron’s first video set, Catholicism and bought the leader’s guide and other materials to donate to my parish. I really would like to contribute this set to the parish for use in evangelization training. Thanks!

  • Paweł Krasowski

    I’m from place where New Evangelization is necessary. Its power is awesome. I want to learn about it as much as possible.

  • B McClanahan

    This would be awesome! I’d love to do it with our small church community!!!

  • Katie Schuerger

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  • John Guise

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  • Janille Sekelsky

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  • Peter Pottorff

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  • adele

    Always struggled with my faith, but the New Evangelization and Fr. Barron make me excited about it. I want to know more and use the books in the new Catholic young adult group I’ve been helping with.

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    I would like to win because I’ve been desiring to start a new study group in my parish

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    Brandon this is great. I heard Fr. Barron on the sonrise morning show raving about the study guide you did. Keep up the good work.

  • Kevin Stetter

    i’d like to view this film because the Church’s very identity is that of evangelization!

  • Nancy Hood

    I am so excited to enter to win this series. Presently teaching Catholicism at our parish and actively participating in Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry Weddell and the Called and Gifted program at CTK in Springfield, Illinois. I sincerely hope to win to share another process in this Year of Faith and Evangelization!!

  • Frank Attanucci

    If the movie about the new evangelization approaches the quality of the video series Catholicism, it should be stupendous. Besides, as a member of our parish’s adult education ministry (Continuing Conversion), any ideas for sharing our Catholic faith in a way that speaks of God’s love for us and our need for Him would be appreciated.

  • Christie Arnold

    I would love these resources to start a discipleship group at my parish! I just entered the Church from evangelical Protestantism and am passionate about sharing Christ and His Church. It would be wonderful and such a help to have these materials for the group!

  • Corey Swope

    This would be a great tool to use to evangelize! Fr. Barron always puts together great material.

  • Sr. Theresa Noble

    I would like to win this because if I do, a whole convent of evangelizing nuns gets to watch it!

  • Cory Hughes

    Because I was catechized poorly in my diocese years ago and Fr. Barron and Word on Fire have done more to increase my faith and knowledge regarding the spiritual life than any other resource.

  • Elaine

    I want to win this because I love all things Catholic and you can never learn too much about the new evangelization. Thanks!

  • mrskellyscl

    I’m the director of social media/digital evangelization for our parish and throughout the past year we’ve been speaking with our parish groups about The New Evangelization and how every’s a part of it – to the point where last night at the Liturgy Committee meeting one of the members commented that she thought we should go ahead with an idea because it’s part of The New Evangelization. This would add so much to our parish adult education program.

  • Jerrod Ketchersid

    I came into the church two years ago as a product of the New Evangelization! As the quote above says, I’ve been given the necessary faith…it’s time to spread the Word! I’m in the process of trying to convince our parish priest to let me use my time and talents to help the church on a local level. This would be so helpful. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • BitnoNet

    Love fr. Barron!

  • Christopher ‘Bear’ Beran

    I want to see this film because I am deeply passionate about the New Evangelization and evangelization in general. I want to make great disciples of Jesus Christ and I know Fr. Barron’s will be a great asset to my continuing education and formation.

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  • This giveaway rocks. I have wanted to have a parish or large group study of Fr. Barron’s New Evangelization ever since I discovered it was coming out!

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