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What Catholics Should Know About Atheists

Atheist Dogma

Yesterday, I was a guest on The Good Catholic Life, a daily radio program produced by the Archdiocese of Boston. Along with hosts Scot Landry and Fr. Chip Hines, we had deep and probing discussion about my new website

Listen below and learn what Catholics should know about atheists:


Download the interview here (56 minutes)

Topics Discussed:

5:45 – How does the new media encourage a “Courtyard of the Gentiles”?
7:29 – Why have you focused on dialoguing with atheists?
9:57 – What’s the endgame of Strange Notions?
11:55 – What’s the history of how you came up with
15:45 – Why is new media a good forum for this sort of dialogue?
19:52 – How did you assemble this great content and collection of contributors?
24:06 – What are some of the most popular articles on the site?
27:22 – Was it difficult to gather all the contributors?
32:34 – What advice would you give Catholics who want to dialogue with atheist friends?
36:40 – How did you make sure this site promoted civil, respectful dialogue?
41:20 – How did you draw so much traffic to the website?
44:31 – Why have so many atheists been commenting on the site?
46:37 – Would Strange Notions be useful in a catechetical way?
47:59 – Are the Church’s catechetical failures partly to blame for the rise in atheism?
49:38 – Do you engage former-Catholics differently than other types of atheists?
53:20 – How can people help promote Strange Notions?

What do you think Catholics should know about atheists?


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