Help Evangelize Darth Vader

OK, I know what you’re thinking. The Africa eBook Project was a blast, and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches are delicious, but you’re wondering what’s next.

You want to join another movement.
You want to make a difference.
You want to crowd-source the New Evangelization.

Well, I have just the project for you. A group of smart and generous street evangelists is using the 40 Days for Life model to peacefully change hearts and minds across the country.

Originating on the streets of Portland, they set up shop in a busy area of town. There they answer questions about Catholicism, hand out free tracts, and provide rosaries and Miraculous Medals with “positive, low-key, non-confrontational means.” They even have priests hearing confessions on the sidewalk.

Right now they’re raising money to build a new website and stock up on pamphlets, rosaries, medals, and more.

It’s really great work, and the pictures speak for themselves: anytime you see a Dominican monk talking with a bagpipe-playing, unicycle-riding Darth Vader, you know something good is bound to happen. God love the Portlanders.

So check out the St. Paul Street Evangelization Project and toss a couple dollars their way. I just made my donation—join me!

(If you’re interested in doing this type of work on your own, I recommend picking up Frank J. Sheed’s compilation of Catholic Evidence Training Outlines. The outlines cover all you need to know to be a Catholic street evangelist. The paperback is unfortunately out-of-print and tough to find, but EWTN offers the whole thing free online. As a supplement, I’d also recommend Austen Ivereigh’s recent How to Defend the Faith Without Raising Your Voice.)