Brandon Vogt

Fr. Barron comments on The Devil

  • Carol Miller

    Beautiful, thought provoking homily. The devil and evil so well explained. I particularly liked your analogy of psychological wounds having to be healed. If they are not healed, we invite the devil to enter. Thank you, Bishop Barron.


    Makes me want to run to confession right now!

  • Luke Arredondo

    Brandon, have you seen this video:

    Fulton Sheen discussing the same question, but at quite a bit more length!

    • Cool! Thanks for sharing. Barron and Sheen–I can’t handle this much brilliance in one day!

      • Luke Arredondo

        I actually used Sheen’s video when I was teaching high school New Testament. We read and discussed the Gerasene Demoniac from Mark, then watched Sheen’s treatment of it. Even 10th grade boys couldn’t help but be mesmerized by his preaching.

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