E-Readers: Teaching Us to Read Again

Some people have pronounced that “reading is dead.” After all kids are more likely to carry an iPod than a book, and newspapers are shutting down left and right. Deep reading has become lost in a world of text messages, tweets, and shallow combox exchanges and is quickly becoming extinct.

Yet I disagree with those people. I think today, people are reading more than ever. They might not be reading print books and heavy paper tomes, but they are definitely reading blogs, emails, online news, eBooks, and more.

The infographic below reveals some fascinating stats on how e-readers are playing a big role in this shift. I’m not completely convinced that eBooks are the reason for higher rates of reading–correlation doesn’t equal causation. But with its portability and cheap cost, e-reading has made it incredibly easy to read more often and in more places.

What do you think? Do you read more or less in the digital age?

(As an aside, how can 20% of Americans not read one book all year? Crazy!)

Teaching to Read Again
Created by: www.OnlineTeachingDegree.com

(HT: Book Patrol)