Fantastic Pro-Life Speech by Archbishop Dolan

In honor of the 4th annual Respect Life Week in New York, Archbishop Timothy Dolan delivered a challenging, prophetic speech to the crowd:

Logic, biology, medicine, common sense, reason, American values, and ethics are dramatically on our side; money, marketing, the media, most political leaders, and the chic molders of today’s style are not.
This is not a church issue; this is a civil rights issue, the premier civil rights issue of our day!

All we are asking is that the equal protection of the law promised by our beloved constitution be applied to the pre-born baby.

All we’re promoting is the noble right to life assured in our nation’s foundational documents, which list the right to life first among those inalienable rights no one has the power to take away.
(W)e gather as no one’s enemy, with no threats, simply believing the truth will set us free, that this great nation will recover its birthright as a guardian, not a taker, of innocent life;
(W)e unite recalling the words of Mother Teresa, at the White House, before a president and guests who blushed at her remark that, “the greatest poverty of all is for a nation to take the life of an innocent unborn baby so we could live as we want.

Take two minutes and read the whole thing.