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Fulton Sheen’s Secret to Evangelization

Today I’m over at Ignitum Today revealing Venerable Fulton Sheen’s secret to evangelization:   “Who was the greatest Catholic evangelist of the twentieth century? To me it’s no contest: Venerable Fulton J. Sheen. Some might argue for Pope John Paul II, who had a bigger impact on the world. Others might claim Mother Teresa, whose smile and sari were certainly … Continue reading

(Video) Rare Look at Fulton Sheen’s Canonization Documents

A friend once remarked that it’s harder to be declared a saint than to live as one. He was obviously kidding, but there’s some truth in that. The canonization process is notoriously long and arduous. It involves stacks and stacks of paperwork and several years of grueling research. The process usually takes a decade or more, which is why Mother … Continue reading

Fulton Sheen, Fr. Robert Barron, Mark Shea, and the New Evangelization

If you gaze up at the sky today and see someone floating in the clouds, that would be me. I just got back from an unbelievable three-day trip to Chicago and I’m still hovering three miles above Cloud Nine. It all started when I was invited to address the priests of Chicago for their annual Presbyteral Day. They asked me … Continue reading

3 Keys to Sharing Your Faith with Joy

Every day I talk with atheists, Protestants, and other non-Catholics about my faith. Sometimes the discussion is personal, with me sharing how Jesus has changed my life. Other times it centers on moral issues like abortion, homosexuality, or contraception. And still other times I deal with objections to things like the male-only ordination, the Church’s “anti-science” stance, or her bold … Continue reading

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