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G.K. Chesterton Book Giveaway!

“Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.” – St. Augustine

Since I’ve built up a large collection of extra books and resources, every week I give some away absolutely free, no strings attached.

Each giveaway lasts seven days with a new one beginning every Friday. You can enter any time during the week. Check out my past giveaways here.


Thanks to the generosity of the American Chesterton Society, I’m giving away FOUR of their excellent books. One is by Chesterton himself, two analyze Chesterton’s thoughts, and the final is an exciting new book written in the Chestertonian spirit. One winner will receive all four titles, including:

The Catholic Church and Conversion

by G.K. Chesterton

Ignatius Press, 141 pages, paperback
Released on October 30, 2006

Catholic Church and ConversionG. K. Chesterton has been described by both his admirers and even his opponents as the “apostle of common sense” and “one of the happiest, kindest, most brilliant and witty” defenders of Christianity that ever lived. From his youthful days as a free-thinking Victorian to his entry into the Catholic Church, G. K. Chesterton always seemed to be a man who loved truth, beauty and goodness, and who had a vast appreciation and gratitude for the gift of life itself, with all of its many joys as well as sorrows. Indeed, for Chesterton, the joys far outweighed the sorrows.

In this book, Chesterton’s brilliance as a writer and thinker again shines through as he explains his understanding of Catholicism and the Catholic Church, and how her appeal to reason and truth eventually won him over. For Chesterton, a man misses the point of it all unless he acts on two essentials at the heart of conversion. He describes these in his own words: “One is that he believes it to be solid objective truth, which is true whether he likes it or not; and the other is that he seeks liberation from his sins.” These two reasons are why Chesterton became a Catholic, and are what he describes in his unique and colorful way in this book.


The Complete Thinker: The Marvelous Mind of G.K. Chesterton

Edited by Dale Ahlquist

Ignatius Press, 264 pages, paperback
Released on October 17, 2012

The Complete ThinkerWhat does it mean to be a “complete thinker”? It means being able to take on a wide variety of ideas and disciplines and put them all together in a way that they work together. It means thinking like G.K. Chesterton.

The English author G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936) was one of the most prolific and well-known writers of his time, and one of the most widely quoted in our own. For newspapers and magazines, he wrote social commentary, literary criticism, and poetry with poignancy and wit. Creator of the beloved detective Father Brown, Chesterton also wrote novels and short stories.

“Thinking”, wrote Chesterton, “means connecting things.” His ideas are not only connected to each other, they are also connected to us, showing that the thought of Chesterton is timeless. In a world of increasing specialization, Chesterton connects us to the big picture by helping us see how the many and varied elements within our experience fit together. He sheds light on almost every subject and opens doors from one thing to another with dazzling clarity.

Drawing on literally hundreds of references from Chesterton’s vast writings, Dale Ahlquist conducts a symphony, with Chesterton playing all the instruments in perfect harmony.

Chesterton’s thoughts on almost everything—from east to west, from old to new, from politics to economics, from Shakespeare to Dickens–are woven together to create an illuminating whole.


The Hound of Distributism

Edited by Richard Aleman

American Chesterton Society Books, 128 pages, paperback
Released on August 16, 2012

The Hound of DistributismIn a world obsessed with growth and globalization, Distributism is a political economy championing the sustainability of decentralized, local economies with the aim of ensuring the widest ownership of the means of production. The solution to our present socio-economic malaise is an economy as if people and God mattered.

The Hound of Distributism is a collection of essays written by leading distributist authors from around the world. Given our present social and economic crisis, this timely and rich volume challenges the sterility of our present by recovering the value of the socio-economic theory of Distributism.


The Catechism of Hockey

by Alyssa Bormes

American Chesterton Society Books, 187 pages, paperback
Released on October 5, 2013

The Catechism of HockeyWhy does hockey have so many rules? Do we still need to have penalty boxes? Can’t we get rid of offside? And why is practice so important? What’s the big deal with the Commissioner? And coaches? And referees? Why can’t they just let us play?

Anyone involved in hockey—players, parents, fans—would never take any of these questions seriously. Without the rules, there would be no hockey. And without the drills there would be no thrills.

And yet Catholics ask similar questions about the Church all the time. Why does the Church have so many rules? Why do we have to go to confession? Why do we need priests? And what’s the big deal with the Pope? Why does the faith have to be so difficult? Can’t we just play?

If you have ever needed help explaining the faith to your children, your friends and family, or even your foes, this is your new playbook. The Catechism of Hockey is one of the most unlikely, but effective Catholic resources for the New Evangelization.




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  • Nancy Whalen

    Love, love, love Chesterton. Have read St Francis and Aquinas biographies and working on Orthodoxy. I am also working on Merton’s No Man In An Island. I start reading each Chapter thinking, “Yeah, easy for you…you were a monk.” Then about half way through the chapter I am blown away. It’s like a flood coming at me. Then the next chapter comes and it starts all over again.

  • New Catholic

    The Complete Thinker for me. Would really love to get to know G. K. Chesterton.

  • Ben

    I really want to read The Catholic Church and Conversion.

  • Karen

    I would like to read “The Catholic Church and Conversion”

  • TruthMatters

    At this exact moment, “The Hound of Distributism” looks most interesting to me.

  • Joseph Henzler

    I haven’t read any of Dale Alquist’s boks yet. I really need to. I really enjoy his shows and appearances on EWTN.

  • Ruth Anne

    The Catechism of Hockey looks most interesting!

  • Dominic Cooray

    ‘The House of Distributism’ sounds really interesting! I’e been interested in Distributism as an alternative to today’s selfish captialism.

  • Matthew Glaser

    The Catechism of Hockey sounds really interesting. I’d have to give it to my dad for a read as he’s grown up playing hockey all his life and been a fan the whole time but has fallen away from the faith a little bit. Get em back to thinking again

  • Bill

    Love G.K. Just love him..

  • Stephen

    I wouldn’t mind reading the Hound of distributism or the catechism of hockey

  • Teresa

    The Complete Thinker looks interesting to me!

  • kelly

    the complete thinker

  • Kevin Noles

    Great books to add to a growing collection of read and retained books.

  • Kae

    So excited about the giveaway…and am especially looking forward to the Hounds of of my friends got me interested in it last year.

  • Christina Thompson Dyer

    The Catholic Church and Conversion

  • Ed

    The The Complete Thinker or The Catholic Church and Conversion I would love to read. Reading Orthodoxy now

  • Teresa

    Everyone of these books would provide an expansion of our minds in ways that only G.K. can do, but I am most drawn to Catholic Conversion as it would be a refresher course for a practicing Catholic of 50+ years, not lazy mind you… just a little too comfortable 😉

  • Donna

    All of these would make great reading during Advent.

  • Andrea

    My friends keep telling how much I should read G.K. Chesterton, not only because of my faith, but because of my college major. Great way to combine catholicism and great literature.

  • David Brunk

    I already own a copy of “The Catholic Church and Conversion” and love it. The Hound of Distributism is probably the first one I’d dive into.

  • PeonyMoss

    Complete Thinker 🙂

  • Josiah

    “The Catholic Church and Conversion” looks most interesting.

  • Jesi

    Definitely ‘The Complete Thinker, although the book on the Catholic Church and conversion definitely has me intrigued!

  • Belle

    I’d love the first book. I’m praying for my husband’s conversion and he is so close.

  • James

    All look great!!

  • Ann

    I’ve been wanting to read “The Catholic Church and Conversion” for a while. Hoping to win it and add to my collection!

  • Gr8chefmb

    All of them look interesting as I have not had the pleasure of reading anything by Mr. Chesterton. However, as a hockey fan, the “Catechism of Hockey” piques my interest because anytime comparisons can be drawn for religion and secular topics, that is a god thing and it helps me.

  • kap65

    I have been seeking some good books to add to my library, and Chesterton would be great! Tired of the fluff I have been reading; time to dig deeper

  • dezidaisy

    The Hockey book. I love hockey. Please check out my blog when you get the time. Thank you.

  • disqus_TykP8Vwzf9

    The Catholic Church and Conversion

  • Gentillylace

    “The Hound of Distributism” seems to be very intriguing to me.

  • Kevin Mastel

    I would love any of these books by Chesterton

  • Jean Heimann

    I would love to read “The Catholic Church and Conversion”, which looks the most interesting to me.

  • Patrick

    Loved Orthodoxy, and would love to read more Chesterton. And I’ve been a hockey fan all my life, so I like #4!!

  • Luke

    As someone becoming Catholic myself right now, “The Catholic Church and Conversion looks the most interesting. However, the other 3 look just as interesting and worthwhile to read.

  • Michael

    I have never read a Chesterton book before. Would love to add to my library

  • Tomb

    OK Chesterton !

  • The Catholic Church and Conversion looks most interesting

  • Matthew

    I am a sports fanatic, so “The Catechism of Hockey” looks like a fun read, but I would have to say “The Catholic Church and Conversion” looks most interesting to me since several friends have been strongly encouraging me to read Chesterton lately.

  • djorourke

    Gotta be the hockey book.

  • carol

    Id have to say The Catholic Church and Conversion or The Complete Thinker.

  • annette

    The Complete Chesteron!

  • Becky

    “Catechism of Hockey” looks interesting!

  • A_Distributist

    Well, I just bought The Complete Thinker, and I contributed to The Hound of Distributism, so if I win one of those, you can pass it along to someone else.

  • noel culbertson

    I have read all four of these, and would love to pass them onto our parish library!

  • Reuben S.

    I’m most interested by “The Hound of Distributism”–despite having read dozens of Chesterton’s books, I still know very little about Distributism. And I’ve come recently to understand, more and more, the need for a new way of doing economics.

    I’m also intrigued by “The Catechism of Hockey.” I have a good non-Catholic friend who’s a big fan of hockey–perhaps it might be a good conversation piece.

  • Solbog

    The Complete Thinker looks interesting. It’d be nice to have a Chesterton “handbook”.

  • Beka

    I have yet to read any of the books listed above. I am most interested to read “The Catholic Church and Conversion.”

  • F Barber Jr

    Lets hear it for Saint Chesterton!!!

  • Elaine

    The Catholic Church and Conversion

  • Jerrod Ketchersid

    Who is G.K. Chesterton? JUST KIDDING! I haven’t explored his works yet, but have seen some of his quotes. Would love to delve deeper!

  • Josh

    I think that “The Catholic Church and Conversion” Looks the best!

  • Kelly

    Oh, what the world needs now is more G.K. Chesterton!

  • Jean Pergande

    I would love any of these books but the one that is particularly interesting would be “The Complete Thinker”. I am reading his book on St. Francis of Assisi now and love it.

  • Andrew Packer

    I am very interested in reading The Complete Thinker!

  • ME

    I love Chesterton and Dale Ahlquist is awesome. I interviewed him for an article I wrote for the last issue of Regina magazine. He was so nice to work with for that! 🙂

  • Jason

    They all look great, but the Catholic Church and Conversion is Chesterton himself, so that is definitely the most interesting.

  • Glenn Davis

    After al these years, I still have not immersed myself in Chesterton, but would like to begin. Winning this giveaway would be a good start on this journey to know Chesterton.

  • Thomas Boynton Tucker

    The Complete Thinker looks most excellent.

  • C Chan

    I’m interested in The Catechism of Hockey.

  • Timothy Canny

    The Complete Thinker looks most interesting but all of these would keep me well stocked for reading in the new year! Here’s hoping!

  • bbrown

    As an ice hockey player and huge Chesterton fan, it’s “The Catechism of Hockey” for me. I have a lot of GKC related books, but never heard of this one.

  • LH

    The Complete Thinker looks the most interesting. Thank you!

  • TJPW

    I love GKC! And I’ve never read any of these books, so they all look interesting!

  • Greg Cook

    Chesterton is a thinker I have had trouble wrapping my brain around, though i greatly enjoyed his books on Ss. Francis and Thomas Aquinas.

  • EricBoutin

    The Hockey book!! Never thought of it that way! I look forward to reading it!!

  • John R

    A chance to read more Chesterton is always a good opportunity!

  • Jenna

    Thr Catechism of Hockey sounds great, and it just so happens that The Complete Thinker is on my lit wish list!

  • Chelsea

    The Hounds of Distributism immediately caught my attention!

  • Thadeus

    “The Complete Thinker” is one that has been on my wishlist since it was published! Dale Alquist is great to listen to on EWTN and Discerning Hearts.

  • “The Complete Thinker” looks fascinating! I have “The Apostle of Common Sense” and love it.

  • Leno A. Ceballos

    Would love to read a book by Chesterton. The apostle of common sense.

  • Jon Michals

    I love Chesterton, yet the hockey catechism looks like the most interesting because it looks to be the most unusual and unexpected item on the list.

  • billy

    they all look very interesting, maybe the hound of distributism most?

  • Thinkling

    Always wanted to read Alquist’s book.

  • Kathleen

    LOVE reading GKC! I have not yet read ” The Catholic Church and Conversion” or “The Hound of Distributism”.

  • mfenwicksmith

    They all appear interesting.

  • Quincy’s Mom

    These look great!!

  • Mike Kapperman

    Looks Good

  • Bob Feldhake

    They all look interesting, but Hound of Distributism and the Catechism of Hockey pique my interest the most.

  • Teri

    The Hound of Distributism…especially for today!

  • dancingcrane

    I have many of GKC’s books, including ‘The Catholic Church and Conversion’; I don’t have any of the others, and they all look marvelously interesting. I think GKC is absolutely essential reading for a Catholic or for anyone, frankly. His works are a part of the reason I came into the Church.

  • Renee

    Ooh!! I would love some new Chesterton to read! I have been wanting to read The Complete Thinker…they all look great. Thank you for this opportunity, as it is the only way I would be able to get them.

  • Nate Tartick

    Haven’t really read any Chesterton, but I have definately seen a lot of his quotes. Shoudl be interesting reads/.

  • Ben

    The Catechism of Hockey sounds the most interesting!

  • Stephanie Mann

    The Catholic Church and Conversion looks most interesting to me because of the quotation: “One is that he believes it to be solid objective truth, which is true whether he likes it or not; and the other is that he seeks liberation from his sins.” The former so often seems the emphasis of so many conversion stories–Chesterton, as usual, looks at conversion in a different way.

  • Erin R.

    “The Catholic Church & Conversion” would be the first one I’d dig into . . .

  • Barbara

    I find the Hounds of Distributism intriguing, but The Catholic Church and Conversion is also a draw.

  • Jim

    GK Chesterton is such a great example of how to embrace the faith and engage the culture!

  • Mark Howard

    Love this man, ” The Catholic Church and Conversion” seems most intriguing to me.

  • Mike Maturen

    The book that caught my attention was the Hound of Distributism.

  • Fred Jorgensen

    My favorite Chesterton quote: “Too much capitalism does not mean too many capitalists, but too few capitalists.”

  • Erin Bull Gauntner

    I am really interested in the Hounds of Distributism, esp. considering the current economic and political climate.

  • Christi

    I have not read “The Catholic Church and Conversion” yet. That and “The Catechism of Hockey” look most interesting to me.

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