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My Favorite Books of 2012

My Favorite 15 Books of 2012 (#15-#11)

NOTE: Check out favorite books #10-#6 and #5-#1. You might also enjoy my favorite books from 2011 and 2010.   “The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy; it lasts when all other pleasures fade.” — Anthony Trollope   Compared to past years, 2012 was a relatively slow reading year for me. After knocking … Continue reading

“The Complete Thinker” – Review

There are few people today who know G.K. Chesterton better than Dale Ahlquist. Besides being president of the American Chesterton Society and responsible for much of the renewed interest in Chesterton, Ahlquist has written many books on the twentieth-century maven including Common Sense 101: Lessons from G.K. Chesterton, G.K. Chesterton: The Apostle of Common Sense, and In Defense of Sanity: … Continue reading

What if G.K. Chesterton edited your writing?

In 1955, in a San Francisco used bookstore, Dr. Alfred Kessler, an avid collector of the works of G.K. Chesterton, uncovered a rare treasure—Chesterton’s personal copy of a privately published edition of Holbrook Jackson’s Platitudes in the Making (1911) with original responses by Chesterton written in green pencil between lines of Jackson’s book. One can easily imagine Chesterton, upon reception … Continue reading

Interview with Marc Barnes – BadCatholic, Buffoonery, Beauty, and Books

  Today I have the supreme pleasure of interviewing Marc Barnes. Known online as the BadCatholic, Marc is one of the best Catholic writers today. He’s incredibly prolific, writing on everything from the lunacy of the HHS mandate, to the bad idea of contraception, to praying badly. Yet his Chestertonian wit and Tolkienian wonder belie his youth: he’s only 18. … Continue reading

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