(Video) Interview with Giovanni – The 9-Year-Old Blogging Saint


A few weeks I gave a talk in Washington D.C., and afterward a young boy walked up and introduced himself. His name was Giovanni, and he explained that he was nine-years-old and that, like me, he was a blogger. I was intrigued someone that young could set-up and run a blog, so I asked him to tell me about it.

And when he did he blew me away. Giovanni said that he makes hand-crafted wallets, usually out of duct-tape and supplies around the house, and usually with a pro-life message splashed across the front and back. He began selling the wallets to family and friends and people really loved them. So his mother helped set up a blog through Blogger (it’s at iamgodshands.blogspot.com). And now, he sells the wallets to people all over the country. Anyone can stop by and for just a couple bucks request a custom designed wallet—your choice of message, colors, and logo. Giovanni then whips it up and ships it out within a few days.

The most impressive part is that Giovanni donates 100% of the money he receives to different charities. You’ll learn in our interview how much he’s collected so far (it’s pretty remarkable.)

So watch our interview, get to know this young saint-in-the-making, and order your own customized wallet by posting a comment on Giovanni’s blog, or by e-mailing him at [email protected].
UPDATE: In the comment box, Kate just posted this: “Oh my goodness… I just placed an order via e-mail for 4 wallets and an air plane and within like 10 minutes I got a phone call from Giovanni confirming my order and wanting to know which colors I wanted… This is just too precious! What a sweet sweet blessing!


Watch or download our interview below:



Watch the video here (3 minutes)


Download the interview here (3 minutes)

Be sure to check out Giovanni’s blog at iamgodshands.blogspot.com, and if you’re interested in buying one of his wallets, just email him at [email protected].

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