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"Because when the hero is here, all is well."

Last year Jen Fulwiler asked a groups of bloggers to reflect on the “Our Father” prayer one phrase at a time (I had “Art” and “As It Is”). Sarah Reinhard is doing something similar at, but with the “Hail Mary” prayer instead. Today is my turn with the word “LORD”. “My third grade basketball team had just one superstar, and his … Continue reading

Does the Church know how to reach the modern world?

That’s the title of a piece I wrote for Catholic Exchange, which was adapted from The Church and New Media book: “Marshall McLuhan, a 1960s media prophet, was one of the first to predict how digital technology shapes culture. Decades before the Internet became mainstream, McLuhan warned of the unintended effects brought by each new communication tool. His still-famous phrase “the … Continue reading

Baptize Your Child’s Imagination

My latest at “One day while waiting at a train station, a young atheist wandered over to a bookrack. He browsed the selections, picked up a small fairy tale on a whim, then sat down and began reading. He was immediately hit with odd sensations. It felt like a waterfall had engulfed him. Suddenly his mind was washed with … Continue reading and The Assumption

If you haven’t heard about it already, you’re going to want to check out a fantastic new website called The site is both produced and aimed at young adults and it features many of the Church’s best young writers. It’s in its infancy and is still developing, but be sure to bookmark it or subscribe to the RSS feed … Continue reading

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