How the Most Powerful Catholic Technology Just Got Better


NOTE: Despite my enthusiasm, I don’t work for Logos nor do I receive anything for promoting them outside of testing software. I’m just a huge fan of their products.
I’ve written several times before about how the Logos Verbum software is the most powerful Catholic technology in Church history. I use it almost every day for research, writing, and speaking, and it’s how I study the Bible each morning. I know of no better way to read Scripture in the heart of the Church. With Verbum, the Bible comes alive by interlinking with Church documents, writings from the saints, and insights from the greatest theologians.

But now the great software has gotten even better. Yesterday Logos announced their brand new Verbum Plus edition which introduces more libraries and features. Here’s a short video explaining the new changes:


(If you can’t see the video above, click here.)

The three more exciting improvements are the lectionary sidebar, the saints database, and—the one I’m most thrilled about—the Catholic Topical Index. Here’s a little more info:

Improved Lectionary Sidebar

Verbum Plus allows you to study the daily readings straight from the Roman Missal and immediately dive into commentaries and associated resources. Imagine preparing for Mass by reading the Biblical passages on your phone, tablet, or computer and then jumping to Thomas Aquinas’ commentary on that day’s Gospel or St. Augustine’s reflections on the Psalm. With Verbum, you can do that instantly.

Saints Database

Verbum Plus now includes a database of over 500 Catholic saints. Over half the entries feature high-resolution images and lengthy biographies. Thanks to its integration with the improved lectionary, you can now navigate the saints and their feast days right from your homepage. Learn about today’s saint with ease!

Catholic Topical Index

I’m most excited about this feature. A team of Catholic scholars has poured through all the resources in Verbum and tagged them with over 500 topical references. This means you can now search or browse for a topic (e.g., baptism, faith, holiness, absolution) and receive a neatly organized list of all eccelsial references to that subject. You can see what the Church fathers or the Catechism have to say about the topic, where it’s discussed in conciliar documents and papal encyclicals, and even what the saints thought about it. The larger your library, the more results you get. This feature alone is worth the price of the software. As a writer, teacher, and evangelist, the new Catholic Topical Index allows me to do in seconds what would otherwise takes weeks of scouring through different books.
Now, I’ll admit that the Verbum Plus software may seem pricey at first glance. But three things may help:

First, in the spirit of Black Friday, Logos is offering a special introductory deal on a brand-new Verbum Plus library. Only during this weekend (11/29-12/1), use the coupon code VERBUMBLACKFRIDAY to take 15% off a brand new Verbum Plus library or 15% off any upgrade to a Verbum Plus library!

Second, Logos offers monthly payment plans. You can purchase the Verbum Plus Basic library for just $28 per month, over a year. That’s the same as buying a couple paper books each month, which many of us do, but with Logos you get so much more value. In fact, if you bought print versions of all the books in the Basic library, you’d spend $3,000.

Third, it might help to change your perspective. If you see the Verbum Plus software as an investment in your faith and education, something akin to a graduate theology course, it suddenly becomes a huge bargain. Most graduate theology classes cost between $1,000-$2,000—and that’s just for one course! Yet I think the incredible resources in the Verbum Plus software offer far more and longer lasting benefits than a single course (plus if you do end up taking graduate courses, the software will prove invaluable.)
Here are a couple frequently asked questions regarding the new Verbum Plus:

New version? Does this mean my current version of Verbum is obsolete?

Not in the least. The new Verbum libraries are additions to the resources you already own. The Verbum Plus libraries contain new features and books, which means that by upgrading to a Verbum Plus library, you only get more resources and features.

What if I’m just now buying a Verbum Plus library? Do I miss out on the old features?

Nope. All the features of the old versions are included in the Verbum Plus libraries. All the books you buy in Verbum are yours to keep forever. The only difference in the new version is additional functionality and books. Check out the video below to learn more about what’s new in the Verbum Plus libraries:


(If you can’t see the video above, click here.)
So head over to Logos and check out their exciting new Verbum Plus libraries (and don’t forget the coupon code VERBUMBLACKFRIDAY!). Then join me and many others in using the most powerful Catholic technology in the world.