Brandon Vogt

Rediscovering the Human in a Digital Culture

From Catholic News Service comes this exceptional video featuring the Vatican’s top communications official, Archbishop Claudio Celli. He discusses a great paradox of the digital age, namely that more connection often leads to more solitude.

In June, I got to hang out with Archbishop Celli and we did an interview together. In it we discussed several things including the role of silence in communication, the Vatican’s new media work, and a special eBook project they’ve designed for the Year of Faith. Check it out below!
(There’s some background noise which makes the video a little difficult to hear, but I’ve transcribed the whole interview here.)

(HT: Deacon Greg Kandra)

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  • When working with priests and pastoral leadership I’ll often describe the opportunity of new media/digital tools in this way: Within the Church especially, the value of digital communications can be measured by the extent of their physical results. If real and physical good is not born of digital experiences, then we can say we’re probably not engaging reality.

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