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The “Humanum” Videos: Extraordinary Short Films on Marriage and the Family


The Vatican is just wrapped up an international and interreligious colloquium on men, women, and marriage called “Humanum”. Over 350 participants, including representatives from 14 religious traditions and 23 countries, united to uphold the value of marriage. (I recently interviewed Dr. Helen Alvaré about the gathering.)

As part of the conference, organizers released six extraordinary videos on marriage and the family. Filmed around the world and containing interviews with people like Fr. Robert Barron, Dr. Peter Kreeft, and N.T. Wright, the short films display timeless truths in extraordinary ways. What Fr. Barron’s CATHOLICISM series did for the Church’s beauty, this series does for marriage and the family.

The videos, which are freely available on YouTube, would serve as tremendous resources for catechists and teachers. If you serve in marriage preparation, youth and young ministry, or any ministry concerning the family, relationships, or parenting, you should definitely consider using them.

Watch the series trailer and all six videos below:

“Humanum” Trailer


The Destiny of Humanity: On the Meaning of Marriage (Part 1 of 6)


The Cradle of Life and Love: A Mother & Father for the World’s Children (Part 2 of 6)


Understanding Man and Woman (Part 3 of 6)


A Hidden Sweetness: The Power of Marriage Amid Hardship (Part 4 of 6)


Challenge and Hope for a New Generation (Part 5 of 6)


Marriage, Culture, and Civil Society (Part 6 of 6)

Visit the “Humanum” YouTube channel, by clicking the image below, and find several videos from the conference, including talks by Pope Francis, Rick Warren, N.T. Wright, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, and many more:


  • Timothy Burdick

    To correct Dr. Kreeft, in Spanish the word water is masculine and the word rock is feminine.

  • jenny

    “In Britain today more than a million children will grow up with no contact whatsoever with their fathers….”

    Is it time for women-priests? So far, in 2,000 years, the men-priests were not able to make men into stable fathers…mostly impregnators.

  • Richardson McPhillips

    You should definitely close comments at Youtube. There’s no discussion going on, just filth.

  • Houstonmon

    Why no subtitles?! I’ve never wanted to speak Spanish and French so badly in all my life!

    • Jeremy Hochstein

      Just click the “CC” button in the lower right-hand corner of the video.

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