My EWTN Appearances – Now on YouTube!

If you missed my conversion story on EWTN’s The Journey Home, where I discussed how I was drawn to Catholicism, you can now watch it on YouTube:

I was also on EWTN’s Deep In Scripture radio show this week. How do we gaze on new media through a Biblical lens? Watch or listen below:

(Despite what the YouTube thumbnail suggests, I did not fall asleep in the middle of the show.)

  • Great testimony Brandon! May many come to full union with the Church as a result of God’s grace working in your life!

  • almostnotcatholic

    How did you get your DIS on youtube? Mine’s only on ustream. You so fell asleep on the show. Grodi has that rock-the-baby-to-sleep voice. You gotta cut him off and talk or else you’ll be down for the count.

    • I just came across it on YouTube. I think you can still embed the Ustream video though. And yes, his voice is pleasantly soothing.