Brandon Vogt

"The Noticer" – Andy Andrews – Review

I received a copy of “The Noticer” (Thomas Nelson, softcover, 176 pages, $17.99), a book written by author Andy Andrews, from its publisher to review. Taking a note from other inspirational, spiritual books of fiction like “The Shack” and “The Five People You Meet In Heaven”, Andrews has composed a touching story of common wisdom. The main character, a wandering vagabond named ‘Jones’, journeys through a small-town community, interacting with random people who are living through some of the worst experiences of their lives. By offering a different point of view, and “a little perspective”, Jones presents a unique outlook for each of their struggles. It becomes quickly clear that these nuggets of wisdom are applicable to the lives of every reader in some form or another. Some of the stories do border on cheesy, but others made me put the book down and contemplate them. An example of Jones in action is his dealing with a couple on the brink of a messy divorce. In the midst of their tattered marriage they encounter Jones, and through a long conversation have their eyes opened to the source of their struggles. Jones leads them to the conclusion that they aren’t speaking the right ‘love languages’ to each other, as another popular book with that title describes them. This revelation seems to immediately turn the tides, and their reconciliation begins without more ado. By counseling others through corporate greed, suicidal thoughts, teenage dating, or depression, Jones shows that oftentimes having a different perspective can completely change your attitude or situation.

Overall, “The Noticer” was a very quick, easy read, one that provided some simple inspiration. While it doesn’t offer anything too deep or revolutionary, it does what it promises, namely to introduce the fact that a little perspective—Jones’ nickname for optimism— can change the path of one’s life. For a fresh breath of truth, pick it up for a weekend read.

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