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Dr. Peter Kreeft said THIS course is better than 99% of all others (!!)

Did you see what Dr. Peter Kreeft said about my new “Read More Books Now” Video Course?? I’m blown away:


And here’s what blogger T.J. Burdick recently tweeted:


There’s still time for YOU to sign up before time runs out!

Just click here to join hundreds of others who are learning how to DOUBLE their reading:

Click here → “Read More Books Now” Video Course

See you on the inside!


PS. Remember that registration closes this Thursday, September 29 at midnight ET. After that the doors close, the bonuses disappear, and you will NOT be able to sign up. So even if you don’t think you’ll be able to watch the videos until some time in the future, you want to sign up NOW before registration closes for good.

  • scottsmith81

    Wow! That is high praise – congrats!


    Glad to know your writing about the offered course. That is very helpful for them who is looking for such kind of education opportunity like me. But, can you let me know some details of this course?.

  • Martin

    Mr. Vogt,

    At one point when you offered the course, it included a book about the course, MP3 of the course, a spreadsheet to track reading , etc. Do all those things still come with the course?


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