It’s Here! My 10-Part “Read More Books Now” Video Course

"Read More Books Now" Video Course

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my FREE video series on how to read more books. I’m simply overwhelmed by all the buzz and energy. Thousands of people went through the series and many of them are reading more than ever before.

But almost everyone is asking for more tips and strategies.

Well, today I have a BIG announcement:

Introducing, the complete “Read More Books Now” Video Course.

The course builds on the free series but includes so much more: 10 videos and over 100+ minutes of HD content.

Here’s what Dr. Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy and author of over 70 books, said about the course:

Peter Kreeft endorsement

Really high praise!

To get full access to the course, and see what Dr. Kreeft means, just click here:

Here’s the deal though: most of us procrastinate (I know do). When we see a course like this, we think, “Oh, that looks really helpful. I’ll probably buy it one day.” And then we never do. We forget about it and we lose out on all its benefits.

I’m convinced this course will change your life. The more books you read, the more you’ll learn and experience, and the richer your life. We should do everything we can to learn to read more.

That’s why I’m incentivizing you to purchase this course now. I want to make this a no-brainer, so that’s why I’m making a special offer:

If you buy the course NOW (until Thursday, February 26 at 11:59pm EST), I will toss in several FREE bonuses including:

  • eBooks – You get the associated eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats
  • Audiobook – The entire course in MP3 format
  • Reading Tracker Spreadsheet – A custom, elegant spreadsheet to track your most important reading stats
  • Professionally-Designed Bookmarks – Summarize all the key principles from the video course so you can keep them nearby

You’ll also get a super-low introductory price. (And that’s all in addition to the ten core videos.)

But after Thursday, February 26, the price will go up (significantly) and the bonuses will all go away.

So NOW is definitely the time to sign up for the complete video course. Just click here:

Get the complete “Read More Books Now” Video Course:

Again thanks for going through the free video series. I can’t wait to help you even more in the complete, ten-part video course!

"Read More Books Now" Video Course