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Jennifer Fulwiler’s “Minor Revisions” Episode 1 – Now on YouTube!

Last night, so many people tuned in to watch Jen Fulwiler‘s highly-anticipated reality show, “Minor Revisions,” the television servers crashed. The show was lagging and buffering the whole time and many people couldn’t even watch.

Thankfully, the producers responded by uploading the entire first episode to YouTube. So if you missed it, or had a hard time watching, you can enjoy the entire debut episode below:

(While watching, you may want to browse the epic #MinorRevisions Twitter commentary…)

(HT: Aggie Catholics)

  • Gerry

    Great show! Looking forward to more episodes.

  • Markm

    Thank you for opening up your home and heart to us. God Bless this project and your continued quest to share truth.

  • Todkarol

    Loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it, LOVED IT!!!!

  • Richard

    Thanks Brandon for the update on the Minor Revisions show.

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