Rob Bell on Resurrection

Here is the Rob Bell video on Resurrection I mentioned below. He doesn’t cover all the traditional facets about what the Resurrection means (including the conquer of death and our freedom from Hell), but what he does offer he offers with artistic beauty. Rob once said that “the Church has nothing to say to the world unless it throws better parties”, insisting that if the Church claims to have the most joyous news ever offered to the world (the reality of the Resurrection), She should express it with captivating joy, beauty, and excitement.

I think he does that with this video. More than anyone I know, Rob captures the “artform” of communicating the message of God. Jesus used performance art, props, storytelling, and rich imagery to convey His message. He used language colored with imagination and creativity–particularly in His parables–yet few preachers share this talent today. I think Rob does, though.

May that we each share in this joy, in this brilliance of Our Lord’s Resurrection:

(You can view the full text of the video here, and you can also view a PDF guide for the video here, which has some good book recommendations dealing more with Resurrection and the Jewish understanding of it.)