Saints John Paul II and John XXIII Book Giveaway!

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Thanks to Image Books, today I’m giving away TEN books celebrating this weekend’s double canonization. Five winners will receive a copy of George Weigel’s latest book on John Paul II, The End and the Beginning: Pope John Paul II–The Victory of Freedom, the Last Years, the Legacy and another five winners will each receive Pope John XXIII’s stirring Journal of a Soul: The Autobiography of Pope John XXIII.

The End and the Beginning: Pope John Paul II–The Victory of Freedom, the Last Years, the Legacy

by George Weigel

Image Books, 608 pages, paperback
Released on November 1, 2011

End and Beginning“As March gave way to April in the spring of 2005 and the world kept vigil outside the apostolic palace in Rome, the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, then drawing to a poignant end, was already being described as one of the most consequential in two millennia of Christian history.”

With these words, world-renowned author and NBC Vatican analyst George Weigel begins his long-awaited sequel to the international bestseller Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II. More than ten years in the making, The End and the Beginning: Pope John Paul II—The Victory of Freedom, the Last Years, the Legacy tells the dramatic story of the Pope’s battle with communism in light of new and recently disclosed information and brings to a close Weigel’s landmark portrait of a man who not only left an indelible mark on the Catholic Church, but also changed the course of world history.

When he was elected pope in the fall of 1978, few people had ever heard of the charismatic Karol Wojty³a. But in a very short time he would ignite a revolution of conscience in his native Poland that would ultimately lead to the collapse of European communism and death of the Soviet Union. What even fewer people knew was that the KGB, the Polish Secret Police, and the East German Stasi had been waging a dangerous, decades-long war against Wojty³a and the Vatican itself. Weigel, with unprecedented access to many Soviet-era documents, chronicles John Paul’s struggle against the dark forces of communism.

Moreover, Weigel recounts the tumultuous last years of John Paul’s life as he dealt with a crippling illness as well as the “new world disorder” and revelations about corruption within the Catholic Church. Weigel’s thought-provoking biography of John Paul II concludes with a probing and passionate assessment of a man who lived his life as a witness to hope in service to the Christian ideals he embraced.


Journal of a Soul: The Autobiography of Pope John XXIII

by Pope John XIII

Image Books, 544 pages, paperback
Released on November 9, 1999

Journal of a SoulNo other pope of the twentieth century aroused so much interest and universal affection throughout the world as has Pope John XXIII. Journal of a Soul is an inspiring reading experience that records this pope’s thoughts and traces his spiritual development from adolescence to the seminary to a career as a priest, a European papal diplomat, Patriarch of Venice, and finally Pope John XXIII.

This Image Books edition features a biographical portrait of Pope John by his personal secretary, Monsignor Loris Capovilla. It also includes several of his most moving prayers, sixty brief thoughts and aphorisms, his “Rules for the Ascetic Life,” many of his letters, even his last will and testament. Christians everywhere will welcome the reissue of “one of the most original, interesting, and inspiring revelations of intimate personal experiences ever written,” which “ranks well with the classic spiritual autobiographies” (Critic).

Journal of a Soul, the first ever such work from a Roman pontiff, opens new windows onto the soul of the man himself.



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  • chris

    I would love to the the JPII book!

  • James-Brenna LeBert

    I would love to read them both ( they are both on my Amazon Wish List). However, if I had to choose one, I would have to choose “Journal of a Soul” by Saint John XXIII since I don’t know much about him.

  • CJ

    I’m a huge JPII fan–would love to learn more!

  • Andrea

    JP2 book

  • Charlie

    Two pillars our faith that are tied the start and the conculsion of the Second Vatican Council.
    A great blog Brandon… thank you.

  • Gus Kroll

    As someone who’s always been interested in Liberation Theology I’d be interested to read the one on John XXIII and what lead him to kick off the Second Vatican Council

  • Julian

    Hey Yooooo. Sign me up!

  • Shannon Denner

    Learning more about either of these servants of God would be a blessing.

  • Thadeus

    I would really like to read “Journal of a Soul,” because I think I could learn a lot about spiritual life from it.

  • Andy

    I know almost nothing about Pope John XXIII, and would love to learn more about him!

  • Marco Paredes

    Would love to read both but especially about John XXIII as I do not know much about this new saint. Thanks!

  • The book about Pope John XXIII because I don’t know much about him.

  • cyndy

    I think I would like to read The Journal of a Soul, I really like reading about how the Saints thought and were when they were young and what experiences led them to what they did in their lives…………thank you

  • J.E.

    I am particularly interested in John XXIII. I don’t know a lot about him but would like to learn more!

  • Timothy Tubbs

    My first reaction would be to read the one about JP2 but I have already read a lot about this great man. I know little of JX111 so this book would be a better read in the sense I could get a good feel of who he was.

  • Roberta B.

    Great men of God! I would love to read either of these books.

  • Laura M Heyer

    I’ve heard several fascinating interviews during the past couple of years, featuring George Weigel and his insights into the character of these two great Popes and Holy Men of God. His books are some key ones I would like to read. It would be wonderful to win one!

  • Robert Martin

    I would read either one with a heavy lean to jp2 because I became Catholic in 1989 and he was pope.

  • Catholic Papa

    I’d love the opportunity to read the John XXIII autobiography…

  • Karen

    journal of a Soul would be interesting.

  • Leslie

    I would love to read both books. I feel like there is so much more I could learn about both of them.

  • Molly Klebba

    I think I would enjoy reading about Pope John XXIII because I don’t know as much about him.

  • Matthew

    “Journal of a Soul: The Autobiography of Pope John XXIII” looks more interesting to me simply because I know less about him than JPII and would love to learn more.

  • Debbie Warila

    I would love to know more about Pope John XXIII. This looks like a good book! Thanks for running these contests, Brandon.

  • Connie Naylor

    I would like to read Pope John Paul II’s book.

  • Guest

    I am so excited about these two Popes becoming Saints and look forward to reading their books.

  • Gentillylace

    While I would happily read either book, I am particularly interested in reading “Journal of a Soul”.

  • Elizabeth Fiore

    I would love to win either one.

  • Charlene A.

    Wow…Id love to read both of them. But if I had to choose Id love the one about Pope John Paul II. Thanks for this amazing offer.

  • Madeline

    Books on two awesome Popes! How can you go wrong?

  • Martina

    Pope Johannes XXIII, In Germany as I grew up I heard a lot about him, but as kids can sometimes be, never really did listen, now this book could help me revisit what I missed as a child

  • Patrick D Gamble

    I’d like to read “Journal of a Soul: The Autobiography of Pope John XXIII”!!

  • Maria

    I would love to read either one.

  • How can I choose, BOTH!!

  • Sarah O

    Both look great, but I’d have to pick the one on John XXIII – the more I learn about him, the more I know I’d love him.

  • Natalie

    I would absolutely love to read “Journal of a Soul”!

  • Mary Ann

    I would love to learn more about Pope John XXIII and have always loved reading about Pope JP II!

  • Angelo J. Sandoval

    These would be great additions to my library.

  • Laurette Beckers Joppie

    I would most want to read about Pope John Paull II, because he was Pope during my lifetime, and for many years I “dismissed” him being a non-practising Catholic. As my faith journey deepens, I feel I have done him a great disservice, and also denied myself learning from this outstanding human being. It is time to correct that! After that, yes, I would like to learn more about Pope John XXIII.

  • MichelleP12

    I know more about Pope John Paul II. so…maybe it’s a good idea to learn about Pope John XXIII. 🙂

  • Christian

    I’d love the JXXIII book especially!

  • Jason

    Either one, but JPII is fascinating because of the way he incorporated his whole life into his ministry!

  • T Krempski

    I would love to read about John XXIII. I heard Al Kresta speaking about this book on his radio show yesterday and what an effect it had on him.

  • Greg Cook

    This Sunday will be a great witness to the faithful and the world.

  • Emilianne Hackett

    I would love the book about Pope John Paul, because he was ‘my Pope’ in that I was born while he was Pope. But, I would be very happy with either one.

  • Barbara Tovar Stonecipher

    I would love both of them! I was gonna order the JIM one and I don’t have much on John XXIII although I do use him as an example of how you can be Holy and fun to my Confirmation classes.

  • Ian

    I have been wanting to read Pope John XXIII’s autobiography for some time now.

  • Mary Machost Aube

    I would truly love to win either book. I don’t really know anything about Pope John XIII so I could hopefully learn a lot from that book.

  • Rickey Akiliane Sewell Jr.

    I would love to read “Journal of a Soul!”

  • TJPW

    I’d love to read more about John 23!

  • Jim

    This is certainly a good giveaway to win….Good luck everyone.

  • Stephanie K.

    This is such a great giveaway!

  • Cam

    I would love to learn more about Saint Pope John XXIII

  • Shawndra

    I would love to read both. I am most interested in reading the book about Pope John XXII because I don’t know as much about his life.

  • Dana Shade

    The JPII book catches my eye first however I don’t know much about John XXIII so I’m interested in that one too!!

  • kelly

    jp2 book

  • deepthi

    I would love to win these books…

  • ketialie

    I would love to read Journal of a Soul on Pope John XXIII to learn about him

  • Kevin Cary

    The End and the Beginning… been on my Amazon wish list for a while now.

  • Elaine

    The book on John the 23rd, because while I know a lot about JPII and his life, I admittedly do not know much about John the 23rd.

  • Albert Rob

    I’d love to read Pope John XIII’s Journal of a Soul 🙂

  • Cindy Niekamp Muhlenkamp

    I’d love to learn more about Saint Pope John XXIII

  • Stephanie Mann

    Since I have never read Blessed John XXIII’s book, I would most like to win it!

  • Steven R.

    I would love to read “the end and the beginning”. Pope St. John Paul the Great had a deep impact on me even when I was still protestant. I covet his prayers and thank God for his canonization.

  • Nancy Hood

    I would love to read the book on Pope John XIII, as I know little about him…My husband, Tom, loves him!!

  • Thereasa Gwinn

    I would read either one. He fascinates me and is the first pope I remember (I was 4 when he was selected.) I’d love anything and everything about him but to read his actual words in his autobiography would make me really happy!

    • Thereasa Gwinn

      I just realized and re-read the description of the 2nd book. I’d love that one because I honestly don’t know anything about Pope John XXIII. I skimmed to fast over and thought it was JPII. 0_o 😉