(Video) Creative, Must-Watch Video on Contraception and NFP

With the HHS mandate still under review, contraception remains a hot topic. Across the country from Facebook walls, to news media, to water-cooler chats, people are wondering how anyone could reject artificial contraception. Isn’t that absurd? Or at least irresponsible? How could someone think contraception is a bad idea for women, marriages, and society?

In recent months we’ve seen an explosion of great answers to those questions, including:

In addition to these great projects, last week I had the honor of judging the Goodness Reigns NFP Film Contest. It featured fourteen different video entries, each explaining Natural Family Planning in fresh, creative ways.

However, one stuck out as the clear winner. It was produced by Leah Chen, the video-blogger known as SheIsCatholic. If you follow Ignitum Today, you already know Leah through her excellent interview there. I’m ashamed to admit I hadn’t followed her before the interview but I quickly subscribed to her delightful YouTube channel.

Leah’s video for the NFP contest was funny without being cheesy, sharp without bore. It’s the kind of video you could show to a group of high-schoolers without losing their attention.

It was so good, the judge’s picked Leah’s video as the winner, and when Goodness Reigns opened the voting to the public the masses agreed–her video won the People’s Choice award, too.

Take a few minutes and check it out below, and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel.


What do think of Leah’s video?