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What are the chances that life on earth “just happened”?

The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston’s new VCAT project is one of the coolest I’ve seen. The film series walks viewers through the Catechism, one YouTube video at a time, and is designed to stir the heart while speaking to the mind. I think it’s the perfect example of the “new expressions” called for by the New Evangelization. Bishop Michael Bransfield and the creative teams at Likable Art and Outside da Box deserve big kudos.

Their latest video entry, which was just posted today, examines the claim that life on earth just randomly sprung into existence. It concludes with a short but powerful response:

“The world is not an accident; you are not an accident.”

If you missed the previous two videos, you can find them below. Throughout this Year of Faith, more will be released, one video per month, and can be found on the VCAT website.


Also, here’s Bishop Bransfield commenting on the “Pursuit” video above: “If we can reach the knowledge that God is really hounding us, that we’re not just looking for God, we will know what it’s like to be a true Christian.”


  • the ruhm

    Really nice videos.

  • TeaPot562

    Correct my last – “Bod’s creation” s/b “God’s creation.

  • Morrison562

    What are the odds that the Adagio for strings by Samuel Barber “just happened”, as opposed to being intentionally composed by a very thoughtul intelligent person?
    There is tremendous beauty in various created objects. We are created with eyes to appreciate visible beauty of Bod’s creation, and other senses to enjoy other forms of beauty such as the Adagio above, or Beethoven’s Ninth.
    Praise God for His creations.

    • ArmedLiberal

      What are the odds that that music “just happened”? Very, very low, I’d say. But I see your argument leaning more towards evolution than creationism. While there is plenty of beauty in created art, that art doesn’t necessarily spring from nothing. Samuel Barber probably practiced hours on end refining the notes for Adagio for Strings, in a situation that, even if it wasn’t perfectly conducive to his creation, wasn’t inimical to it.
      Proper environment, time for a subject to develop, sounds like evolution to me.

  • helen

    Good ideas–but it’s cheapened by the rapper title “outside da box”. Can we please stop minimizing the language and glorifying ignorance?

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