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I’ve written several times here about how much I love the Logos Verbum software. I called it “the most powerful Bible resource ever available” and shared seven ways it can revolutionize your faith. I also introduced the Logos Catechism app when it debuted last June.

Today, I’ve invited Logos Catholic marketing guru Aric Nesheim to discuss their new Catechism of the Catholic Church collection. Enjoy!

(Quick note: Despite my enthusiasm, I don’t work for Logos nor do I receive anything for promoting them outside of test software. I’m just a huge fan of their products.)


(If you don’t see the video above, click here. It offers a quick look at the Catechism in Verbum. This nine-volume collection is a fantastic tool for students, teachers, priests, and laymen alike.)
The first time I realized what Verbum—the Catholic version of Logos Bible Software—was really capable of, I was studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC).

In a tradition as enormous as Catholicism, it’s sometimes easy to take for granted the sheer amount of theological knowledge and depth available for us. Other times, though, we may just feel overwhelmed with the amount of Church writings that exist. Where do we begin? How do we know which writings are most beneficial? The Catechism of the Catholic Church was designed to address precisely those difficulties. When we read through the Catechism, we see clearly both the rich beauty and the timeless truths put forth by the Magisterium.

If you’ve never picked up the CCC (you should), it’s basically an authoritative document that organizes the teachings of the Church into a structure that’s easy to understand. It cites both Scripture and various Church documents, so you can find where each doctrinal statement is rooted in Scripture or tradition.

As comprehensive as the CCC is, it can often be difficult to track down these footnotes and annotations within the text. For example, if you wanted to see a footnote to Gadium et Spes in context, you’d need a copy of the Vatican II documents on hand—plus, you would need to know how to find that specific reference. The same goes for the thousands of Scripture and Church-document references. What’s more, the Catechism constantly references itself, meaning there can be a lot of flipping back and forth.

Here’s where Verbum’s version of the Catechism steps in. Verbum isn’t just an ereader—it takes your texts and documents and turns them into a dynamic library. That means that every time you see a footnote or a reference to a Bible verse, you can simply hover over and see that document or verse in context. You can also click on the citation and open up the original document instantly. All these references are linked to each other, and Verbum even offers a lectionary so you can see every time a certain Scripture verse is referenced in the liturgical calendar.

You can see Verbum’s Catechism collection in action over at the Verbum Blog.

Here’s the cool part: Right now, Verbum’s Catechism collection is 15% off for the month of June, which means you can get this nine-volume collection for less than $50. The titles alone are well worth the price, to say nothing of Verbum’s incredible functionality. Be sure and check out some of the bigger libraries containing the Catechism as well; with more books and resources, Verbum becomes more and more powerful.

Follow threads throughout the Tradition, seeing how each citation and Scripture verse links to others. With Verbum, the Catechism transforms into a living document that allows you to understand not just what the Church teaches, but why. Learn more at

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