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[VIDEO] Bishop Barron, George Weigel, and….Jim Gaffigan on the Image of Divine Mercy

Check out this beautiful new film tracing the history of the Image of Divine Mercy. It includes interviews with many Church leaders, such as Bishop Robert Barron, George Weigel, and Cardinal Chistoph Schonborn.

But it also features big-name Catholic entertainers such as Jim Gaffigan and Harry Connick, Jr.

Part documentary, part devotional, and part treasure hunt, the film is now available to be screened at small and large venues internationally.

Learn more at

Parishes, schools, or event organizers can find more info about hosting a screening here.


    With all due respect,we must BEWARE! Why was the so-called
    “Divine Mercy” image condemned by Pope John XXIII on numerous
    doctrinal reasons?

    Not once, but twice under Pope John XXIII, this particular devotion was condemned by the Pope through the Holy Office. The first condemnation was in a plenary meeting held on November 19, 1958. The declaration from the Holy Office issued these three fundamental statements regarding this devotion:

    1. There is no evidence of the supernatural origin of these revelations….
    2. No feast of Divine Mercy should be instituted….
    3. It is forbidden to disseminate the images and writings propagating this devotion under the form received by Sr. Faustina.

    The prohibition against the “Divine Mercy” devotion and its painting, as reported by the Vatican’s official collection of authoritative documents, the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, vol. 51 (1959), p. 271.

    Here’s some additional information on the subject:

    Are we to overlook all these facts simply because Pope John Paul II chose to do so? Do you actually believe a pope can change the facts or re-write history? If so, I would love to have your explanation.

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