[Video] William Lane Craig Speaks on Philosophy and Evangelization at Catholic Seminary


Back in April, William Lane Craig delivered the prominent 2016 Meyer Lecture at Mundelein Seminary. Craig is arguably the leading Christian apologist in the world. Focusing especially on atheism, science, and the Resurrection, he regularly debates philosophers and scientists on questions surrounding God. He’s so polished, clear, and brilliant that in a debate with skeptic Sam Harris, Harris described him as “the one Christian apologist who seems to have put the fear of God into many [atheists].”

If you aren’t familiar with Craig’s books—especially Reasonable Faith or On Guard—or his ministry and website, ReasonableFaith.org, they’re worth checking out. You’ll find clear, helpful answers responds to the most pressing challenges posed by skeptics today.

Though a Protestant, Craig was invited to the lecture series at Mundelein Seminary, the largest Catholic seminary in America. Around 200 young men study there in preparation for the priesthood. Craig was asked to help them better understand how philosophy fits into the mission of evangelization.

Watch and enjoy his two lectures below!

LECTURE #1 – “What Philosophy Offers the New Evangelization”

LECTURE #2 – “Methods for Sharing the Gospel on College Campuses”