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The Vogt Oratory

The small oratory we’ve set up in our home:

(UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the incredible picture of Mary was illustrated by the talented Kim Vandapool. She’s the wife of apologist extraordinaire–and blogging czar–Patrick Vandapool. My photo doesn’t do justice to her compelling art.)

We’re hoping to have a big family though, so we may have to switch out the kneeler for an entire pew–it currently only holds two:

  • Aww 🙂

  • Brandon Vogt

    geeklady: Oh, yes. You can definitely call it an oratory.

    I'm convinced that when Jesus told us to "go into our closets to pray", the actual Aramaic word for "closet" is better translated "obscure corner of your master bedroom in your hectic suburban home".

  • geeklady

    Brandon, thank you!

    We started with our little home altar downstairs in the living room, but moved it upstairs to our master bedroom last Advent because things were just too crowded with the Christmas tree in the room.

    Neither seems to work perfectly, but I much prefer the bedroom arrangement to the living room arrangement. The bedroom is more peaceful somehow, and makes a nice refuge in the middle of the day.

    I just view with a little envy those houses that have dedicated rooms for their oratories, and wasn't sure if I could dignify my little corner with the name. But if you can, then so can I!

  • Brandon Vogt

    geeklady: We set it up in a corner within our master bedroom, though I'm not completely convinced that's the best location.

    On the one hand, we have two kids under two so a more accessible location would mean havoc.

    But on the other hand, I want our family prayers and devotions to be more public and central.

    I think it works in our bedroom with our currenty family structure, but in a few years I can see us moving it out to the family room.

    Hope that helps!

  • geeklady

    If I may ask, where in your house did you set up your oratory? Does it need its own room, or is a devoted corner sufficient?


    Thanks, Brandon.

  • Ruth Ann

    I hope you will be blessed with the large family for which you hope. You could just get another prie-dieu or two rather than a pew.

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