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“Walking with Mary” Book Giveaway!

“Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.” – St. Augustine

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Walking with Mary

Thanks to Image Books, today I’m giving away TEN copies of Dr. Edward Sri’s new book Walking with Mary: A Biblical Journey from Nazareth to the Cross. Dr. Sri is a rising star in the world of Catholic biblical scholarship, and this book shows why. It’s clear, rich, and contains deep insights into the Mother of Jesus.

Walking with Mary: A Biblical Journey from Nazareth to the Cross

by Edward Sri

Image, 176 pages, hardcover
Released on September 10, 2013

Walking with MaryMary appears only a few times in the Bible, but those few passages come at crucial moments. Catholics believe that Mary is the ever-virgin Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven and Earth. But she also was a human being–a woman who made a journey of faith through various trials and uncertainties and endured her share of suffering. Even with her unique graces and vocation, Mary remains a woman we can relate to and from whom we have much to learn.

In Walking with Mary, Edward Sri looks at the crucial passages in the Bible concerning Mary and offers insight about the Blessed Mother’s faith and devotion that we can apply in our daily lives. We follow her step-by-step through the New Testament account of her life, reflecting on what the Scriptures tell us about how she responded to the dramatic events unfolding around her.

“This book is the fruit of my personal journey of studying Mary through the Scriptures, from her initial calling in Nazareth to her painful experience at the cross,” writes Edward Sri “It is intended to be a highly readable, accessible work that draws on wisdom from the Catholic tradition, recent popes, and biblical scholars of a variety of perspectives and traditions. With the riches of these insights, we will ponder what her journey of faith may have been like in order to draw out spiritual lessons for our own walk with God.” He add, “It is my hope, therefore, that whether you are of a Catholic, Protestant, or other faith background, this book may help you to know, understand, and love Mary more, and that it may inspire you to walk in her footsteps as a faithful disciple of the Lord in your own pilgrimage of faith.”




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Walking with Mary

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  • James-Brenna LeBert

    When Jesus on the cross gave her to us as our Mother.

  • kelly


  • Veronica

    The Nativity is my favorite episode…first and foremost, she gave birth to our Savior. As someone who cannot have children, though, I appreciate all women who give birth…it is one of the most important things that a woman can do.

  • Valerie Re

    I love Dr Edward Sri!! He explains things so easily for the lay person to understand.

  • Janet

    Mary pondering all things in her heart, and at the wedding, telling them to do whatever Jesus tells them.

  • Laurie

    The visitation — humility in the service of her neighbor

  • Martina

    Finding Jesus in the temple when he was 12

  • Patrick D Gamble

    The Visitation!

  • Theresa

    Her role at Jesus’s first miracle, at the wedding feast at Cana.

  • Sonya_Morris

    The wedding feast at Cana. Thank you!
    Sonya Morris

  • DistrictofCalamity

    Edward Sri is a dynamic speaker who conveys the faith with enthusiasm. I had the privilege of seeing him speak a couple of times at the National Catholic Bible Conference in Doylestown, PA.

  • all_surrender

    I love reading about my Blessed Mother Mary. She is the best example of holy surrender to God’s Will, next to her Son.

  • Lisa Raftery

    When my 5 children were little, I lived with much fear, that I may “lose” one of them while I was out shopping. Matter of fact, I did a couple of times! Thankfully, it was only for a few panicked minutes, and ended happily. Yet, I can’t imagine how Mary felt when they lost Jesus….not for minutes, but days!! Mary for me is a loving Mom, who like Jesus, experienced things we experience. She is a great resource for us, a great comfort to me. In the last 2 yrs. I have come to pray the rosary daily. Mary is my source of “Mom” encouragement everyday. She went through it all, right there with Jesus!

  • Gentillylace

    My favorite episode in the life of Mary is the Visitation, when she met with her cousin Elizabeth and sang the Magnificat.

  • Jennifer Caiazzo

    Mary’s Yes! Trust in God~

  • Danny

    The Annunciation

  • Charlene

    Mary’s YES to God!!

  • Charlene

    Sounds like an awesome book!! Would love to learn more about Our Mother Mary.

  • Greg Cook

    Starting to pray the rosary every day was one of the best decisions I have ever made–I want to learn more about Mary!

  • Jason

    What a great way to grow closer to Christ than to follow Mary

  • Jerry

    Annunciation! Her surrender to the Will of God

  • Cam

    Losing/Finding Jesus in the temple

  • Pilar

    Her visit with Elizabeth.

  • JoAnn Turner

    Edward Sri’s book on the rosary is incredible. I would love to have this one also!!!! God bless.

  • colette ivers

    “When one acknowledges the importance of the Blessed Mother in Her
    Immaculate Conception, it is the first step on the path of salvation.”Padre Pio

  • Elyse

    I love her initiative at the Wedding at Cana, it reminds me that I should encourage everyone to do what they can to bring about the works of Christ on this earth through their actions.

  • F Barber Jr

    One more chance to get it!

  • Teresa Grodi

    I want it!! 😉

  • Tracy

    Annunciation for sure…

  • Rhoda

    Visiting her cousin Elizabeth and the Magnificat!

  • aslide

    Probably the wedding feast at Cana.

  • Ryan Vano

    The Annunciation…hands down. Dr. Sri spoke at our church last year about his book “A Biblical Walk Through the Mass” and he was excellent!

  • Nancy Hood

    I agree with Christi!! I love the Blessed Mother!

  • Beth

    I often meditate upon Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding at Cana, when Mary said, “Do whatever he tells you.”

  • JoeWetterling

    My favorite recorded episode is the nativity, where she doesn’t speak so much as show Christ to the world. And she continues to show Him to the world, doesn’t she!

  • JoeWetterling

    I had the pleasure of listening to a talk from Dr. Sri a few years ago. He’s engaging, knowledgeable, and clearly passionate about our faith. Really looking forward to reading this!

  • Christi

    “She pondered all these things in her heart.”

  • Corey Swope

    Dr. Sri is very engaging speaker and author. This sounds like a great book!

  • Tracy Crowe

    Very interested in a study of Mary.

  • Bernie Schum


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