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Blogging Break


I’m taking a break from blogging during Lent, so I’ll see you after Easter! In the mean time, if you’re looking for good articles, visit Each day you’ll find the best news and posts from around the Catholic blogosphere.

Also, keep Pope Benedict XVI and his coming successor in your prayers. May God bless us with another great pope!

  • David L Alexander

    To answer the question which apparently has been erased, sir, (whether by accident or design) by accusing me of judging you, it is you who have just judged me.

    You have chosen to be a public spokesman for the Faith, and have invested much hard work to do so. You publicly said you would take a break from one form of social media, implying a declaration to do penance. You did it in public. You made it everybody’s business. You then increase your presence in other forms of social media. You have given up something, only to replace it with something similar. I did not make a judgment, my good man, I asked a question. “What, exactly, have you given up?”

    For all I know, you may have a perfectly good answer, for which I must stand corrected. Answer it, don’t answer it. It still begs the question.

    And before you get on a major cable news channel and talk about the life and work of Lord Baden-Powell and the scouting movement in general, talk to someone who is actually in Scouting, and who has read the works of Lord Baden-Powell, and has studied the history of Boy Scouting, both in the USA and in the world. I am an Eagle Scout, a member of the Order of the Arrow, and have been a local Scout Commissioner for over eight years. I would be more than happy to offer you a gesture of good will, and clear up any misunderstandings (of which I heard at least two).

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