(Audio) My NPR Interview about the Next Pope

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI

In the midst of my blogging break, I wanted to share an interview I did this past weekend on NPR. It aired on the New York edition of “All Things Considered” and featured a back-and-forth with Annie Selak, author of a controversial Washington Post op-ed about the next pope.

In the interview we described what the papacy means to us, how the next pope can be more “relevant,” and what kind of leader we expect the next pope to be. Listen below!

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I promised the NPR staff that I’d link back to their website, where they invite further discussion about the interview. So head over there and share your thoughts on the next pope.

  • Tim

    Brandon- I love hearing you in these interviews- you are wise well beyond your years- you come across as intelligent and thoughtful and not a bit defensive- that is not an easy combination when dealing with these type of quickie interviews with potentially Catholic-hostile media. Keep putting yourself out there- you do the Church proud!

  • Lora

    Wonderful representation of our beloved Holy Catholic Church.

  • Edmund Mitchell

    Great job Brandon. Well executed.

  • thanks, again, Brandon. I appreciated your thoughtful, in-depth answers. Amy Eddings, WNYC Radio.