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“The Church and New Media” Book Giveaway

“Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.” – St. Augustine

Since I’ve built up a large collection of extra books and resources, each week I give some away, absolutely free, no strings attached.

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The Church and New Media

Today I’m giving away a SIGNED copy of a book I’m somewhat familiar with:

The Church and New Media: Blogging Converts, Online Activists, and Bishops Who Tweet

by Brandon Vogt

Our Sunday Visitor, 208 pages, paperback
Released on July 29, 2011

We’re in the middle of the biggest communication shift since the advent of the printing press. Facebook has over a billion users. People watch four billion YouTube videos every day. And last year alone, Americans sent 1.8 trillion text messages.

What does this all mean for the Church? How can Christians harness these new tools to reach out, teach, build community, and change the world?

The Church and New Media brings together innovators, experts, and visionaries on the relationship between faith and technology, packaging their wisdom into the definitive book on new media and the Church.

It shows not only how the Church can exist in the digital age, but how she can effectively proclaim within it. Here are just some of the many positive reviews:

“My expectation is that this book will give the Church courage and wisdom to embrace New Media as one of the premier gifts of God to evangelists of our day.”
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York

“This book demonstrates how New Media is already impacting the Church and outlines many practical steps for dioceses, parishes, and individual Catholics to embrace it more broadly….Everyone involved in Communications and Evangelization ministries for the Church should read it.”
Cardinal Seán O’Malley, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Boston

“This book helps us understand both the potential and the challenges of blogging, tweeting and all the multiple forms of the new communications. I am pleased to recommend this very useful guide for individuals, parishes and diocesan workers who seek to use the new media to proclaim the Gospel and pass on the faith.”
Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington

The book features chapters by:

Cardinal Seán O’Malley
Introduction / The Digital Continent
Brandon Vogt

Part One / Put Out Into the Deep: New Media & Evangelization

Chapter One / The Virtual Areopagus: Digital Dialogue with the Unchurched
Fr. Robert Barron
Chapter Two / Into the Light: Sharing the Spiritual Journey
Jennifer Fulwiler
Chapter Three / Speaking Their Language: Connecting with Young Adults
Marcel LeJeune

Part Two / That the World May Know: New Media & Formation

Chapter Four / Modern Epistles: Blogging the Faith
Mark Shea
Chapter Five / New Wineskins: Fresh Presentations of Ancient Tradition
Taylor Marshall
Chapter Six / Digital Discourse: The New Apologetics
Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Part Three / Fostering the Flock: New Media & Community

Chapter Seven / Innovative Shepherding: New Media in the Diocese
Scot Landry
Chapter Eight / High-Tech Community: New Media in the Parish
Matthew Warner
Chapter Nine / That They May Be One: Cultivating Online Community
Lisa Hendey

Part Four / To the Ends of the Earth: New Media & Mission

Chapter Ten / Changing the World: New Media Activism
Thomas Peters
Chapter Eleven / Moving Mountains: Building a Digital Movement
Shawn Carney (40 Days for Life)

Conclusion / To Infinity and Beyond: The Future of the Church and New Media
Brandon Vogt
Cardinal Timothy Dolan

Appendix / New Media How-To

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The Church and New Media

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  • Patrick D Gamble

    We should use new media because “media” transforms our “culture” whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. Media has also isolated us from relationship with each other….along with our busy schedules. Like St. Paul said, “Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel!” New media is a necessity if you want to have a voice or any effect on culture.

  • Paulina

    We should use new media to spread the good news and address any misconceptions about our faith!

  • We’re using New Media because it’s meeting people where they are, the first step of evangelization!

  • Tony Vasinda

    Love it brother! Keep up the great work. We need to get you on one of our online events so you can get more YM’s engaged.

  • lesleyrosal

    Catholics should use new media for to make Christ’s love known since it’s where most of the people are at now 🙂

  • Jennie

    I love your blog and would love to read your book!

  • Diane Roe

    It is so easy and can reach thousands of people instantly! Think of the years St Paul travelled proclaiming the Good News, without a car, phone, etc..we have no excuse not to simply FB, tweet, text message…God has provided an easy way for us to proclaim the TRUTH so we must. “Woe to me if I don’t proclaim the Gospel”

  • I am not entering the giveaway as I have a copy and it wouldn’t be fair to others but I just wanted to say that I am a fan. I used and quoted this book for my Senior Thesis last year on the Catholic Church and the New Media. Good luck to everyone; it’s a great book!

  • Tyler

    Because Jesus through the Church is calling us to do so.

  • Kathy Jean Conti

    YAY, Brandon, it went through!!! : )
    Truly hope all’s well, and you’re Eating Well and Getting Your Rest whenever you can cause you’re a Very Hard Worker. And, thank you so very much for your lovely video above, Brandon. You’re so very Smart and so very Creative too.
    Why should Catholics use New Media? I believe our Holy Spirit would really love to join us all on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Amen. : )
    Kathy Jean

  • Kathy Jean Conti

    Hi Brandon…This is just a test for me to see if my message will go through…Everytime I write a message to you it disappears. 🙁

  • Mario Pineda, Jr

    I agree with Jason below. This book really is the way to tap into the teen demographic in the Church.

  • Jim

    Catholics should use all means possible to reach out, as St. Paul says: “I became all things to all men…”

  • Gus Kroll

    Catholics (Christians as a whole) should use media because this is the way that ideas are shared in our culture. But at the same time I think it has to be rooted in the real because no one really lives in the net, people need real relationships. If we only use social media as our means of communication we risk issolating ourselves and others further

  • Jason

    This is definitely useful for reaching the teens who are so immersed in the media

  • Sr M Ancilla

    Media can be used in a positive way — Catholics can use it to communicate with the “audience” that can be reached via the new media — the new media can be an instrument in teaching the faith, responding to the call to holiness, in the New Evangelization.

  • Because we need to reach people where they are 🙂


    to Evangelize in new ways in fire!

  • Stuart

    New Media has helped shrink the world and made it possible to reach a larger audience that was once only reachable by global travelling missionaries!

  • Why should Catholics use new media? This is one instance where the answer is: because everyone else is doing it!

  • Michael Blissenbach

    Catholics should use new media because we need to be willing to meet people where they’re at and lead people to the Truth. Young people our age crave the Truth, and they spend a huge portion of their time each day on social media. We need to be willing to be there too on social media to help lead them to the Truth. Social media also a way for us to connect with and support our brothers and sister Catholics all across the world and foster a sense of “Communio” among the Catholic community. It’s tough to be Catholic, and we need to be there to support each other, if not physically, then via social media, though social media should never be a substitute for in-person friendships.

  • Jason

    Catholics should use new media because the Church is for everyone, and this is the way to reach people where they are!

  • Michael Blissenbach

    Way cool. Is it signed by all the authors, Brandon?

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