Cool New Projects from Logos

I posted before on “7 Ways the Logos Catholic Software Will Revolutionize Your Faith”, and I wanted to give an update on a few cool new projects they’re working on.

I don’t get anything from promoting these products. I’m just a huge fan who thinks they can really help people:

Logos March Madness
In conjunction with the NCAA tournament, Logos staged their own bracket featuring 64 different theologians and writers. In each round voters chose their favorites, and Logos celebrated the winners with hugely discounted offers.

The grand champ was Anglican bishop N.T. Wright, whose works Logos is selling for an incredible 75% off (that includes his monumental Christian Origins series.) Most of the other winners are Protestants, including a heavy contingent of Calvinists, but you can also save 35% on Aquinas and 30% on Chesterton,

Thomas Aquinas Translations
Logos has launched a major Aquinas translation project which involves first-ever English translations of a number of works. The first three are:

Catholic Practicum video series
If you’re new to Logos and are intimidated by all the controls, you’ll like this new DVD tutorial series designed specifically for Catholics. According to the site description:

Catholic Practicum is a comprehensive, computer-based video course designed for quick and effective instruction in the functions of Logos 4 and in techniques for their use. Whether you are new to Logos or an experienced user, Practicum provides you with important insights and tips concerning how to use Logos within a Catholic Scripture study methodology. You’ll see Logos experts in action, so you learn not only what Logos’ tools can do, but also how to use them. By the end of the series you will be using Logos like a pro!”

The series won’t be released for another six weeks or so, but you can pre-order it now at a steep discount. I plan to post a review upon its completion.

And remember, the base Logos software is still free, which means you can get several Bibles, texts, and reference works right out of the box. So download Logos now and take your Scripture study to a whole new level.