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Dr. Peter Kreeft: The Surfing Philosopher


UPDATE: Blackfriars Media pulled their documentary from Vimeo but you can now get it here.

Not many fans of Dr. Peter Kreeft, the prolific writer and Catholic philosopher, know that he’s a huge fan of surfing. Even at 77 years old, he remains drawn to the sea, compelled by its mystery and spiritual lessons.

He has published several books on the topic, including:

He also recently partnered with Blackfriars Media, a Dominican film group, to create a half-hour documentary titled The Sea Within: A Philosophy of Surfing. It’s a beautiful, well-produced reflection on God, surfing, and the ocean. Watch the trailer below:

You can rent the film online for just $1.99. And while you’re at it, check out other films from Blackfriar Media like:

And for more from Dr. Kreeft on this topic, check out his article on “Surfing and Spirituality” and his recent sea-inspired novel, An Ocean Full of Angels.

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