(Audio) “The New Evangelist: How to Share Your Faith with Clarity, Calm, and Joy”

Last night I spoke to a nice crowd of young adults in Melbourne, FL for their Theology on Tap meeting. My topic was “The New Evangelist: How to Share Your Faith with Clarity, Calm, and Joy.” Below you’ll find two audio recordings, one of my talk and one of the Q&A session:

“The New Evangelist”

Download the talk here (47 minutes)

Topics Discussed

2:44 – Vatican II and the Lumen Gentium
5:43 – Pope Paul VI and Evangelii Nuntiandi
8:59 – Pope John Paul II and Evangelization
10:10 – Defining the “New Evangelization”
12:34 – Pope Benedict XVI and the New Evangelization
15:50 – How to share your faith with clarity?
16:27 – Re-familiarizing ourselves with the Catechism
17:52 – Clearing up Catholic misconceptions
19:18 – “Doctrinal objections are moral objections in disguise”
23:04 – How to share your faith calmly?
27:00 – The strategy of “positive intention”
31:16 – “The Church never imposes; she only proposes”
33:29 – How to share your faith with joy?
34:32 – Cardinal Timothy Dolan and evangelistic joy
35:35 – How to master “affirmative orthodoxy”
39:54 – The power of smiling
41:30 – What if you don’t feel joyful?
44:24 – Recap and Conclusion

Question and Answer Session

Download the Q&A session here (36 minutes)

Questions Discussed

0:04 – What if you someone misunderstands Church teaching, but you don’t know how to explain it?
2:21 – How do you convince people that entering the Church is worth it?
5:31 – What made you become Catholic?
6:51 – How can we use mobile apps to help us evangelize?
8:28 – How should you evangelize those who reject anything you say?
12:11 – What’s a good way to learn more about apologetics?
15:40 – What do you mean by “apologetics”?
16:45 – How can we evangelize fallen-away Catholics?
20:16 – How can we reach those who have been wounded by other Catholics?
21:43 – What are some ways to jump-start evangelistic conversations?
24:29 – Is the Church progressing with technology?
28:14 – Should we bother evangelizing Protestants who have most of the truth?
32:19 – What role does personal testimony have in evangelization?