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(Audio) “The New Evangelist: How to Share Your Faith with Clarity, Calm, and Joy”

Last night I spoke to a nice crowd of young adults in Melbourne, FL for their Theology on Tap meeting. My topic was “The New Evangelist: How to Share Your Faith with Clarity, Calm, and Joy.” Below you’ll find two audio recordings, one of my talk and one of the Q&A session:

“The New Evangelist”

Download the talk here (47 minutes)

Topics Discussed

2:44 – Vatican II and the Lumen Gentium
5:43 – Pope Paul VI and Evangelii Nuntiandi
8:59 – Pope John Paul II and Evangelization
10:10 – Defining the “New Evangelization”
12:34 – Pope Benedict XVI and the New Evangelization
15:50 – How to share your faith with clarity?
16:27 – Re-familiarizing ourselves with the Catechism
17:52 – Clearing up Catholic misconceptions
19:18 – “Doctrinal objections are moral objections in disguise”
23:04 – How to share your faith calmly?
27:00 – The strategy of “positive intention”
31:16 – “The Church never imposes; she only proposes”
33:29 – How to share your faith with joy?
34:32 – Cardinal Timothy Dolan and evangelistic joy
35:35 – How to master “affirmative orthodoxy”
39:54 – The power of smiling
41:30 – What if you don’t feel joyful?
44:24 – Recap and Conclusion

Question and Answer Session

Download the Q&A session here (36 minutes)

Questions Discussed

0:04 – What if you someone misunderstands Church teaching, but you don’t know how to explain it?
2:21 – How do you convince people that entering the Church is worth it?
5:31 – What made you become Catholic?
6:51 – How can we use mobile apps to help us evangelize?
8:28 – How should you evangelize those who reject anything you say?
12:11 – What’s a good way to learn more about apologetics?
15:40 – What do you mean by “apologetics”?
16:45 – How can we evangelize fallen-away Catholics?
20:16 – How can we reach those who have been wounded by other Catholics?
21:43 – What are some ways to jump-start evangelistic conversations?
24:29 – Is the Church progressing with technology?
28:14 – Should we bother evangelizing Protestants who have most of the truth?
32:19 – What role does personal testimony have in evangelization?

  • John

    This talk is timely (considering the Year of Faith) and excellent on the background of the new evangelization and the qualities of sharing our faith with clarity, calmness, and joy. Each baptized person has a missionary vocation. This talk helps equip us to fulfill our role. Great job! John

  • Great talk Brandon, especially the parts about affirmative orthodoxy and the power of joy in evangelization. Thanks for sharing.

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