(Video) Interview with Matt Fradd – On Pornography, Masculinity, and Atheism

Today I have the great pleasure of interviewing Matt Fradd. Matt was born in Australia—hence the wicked accent which makes him sound 36% more intelligent—but now lives and works in San Diego, California for the well-known apostolate, Catholic Answers.

Matt FraddAs a Catholic apologist, Matt helps people discover the beauty and truth of Catholicism. His strongest passion is to help atheists come to faith. He’s written many blog posts about atheism and has a forthcoming booklet on the topic.

Matt also travels the country speaking about pornography, masculinity, and chastity. One of his most popular talks is called “The Man Talk” which helps men live authentically masculine lives. Another talk, “Taking Down Goliath,” helps men escape pornography addiction. To that end, Matt also launched a website called The Porn Effect in order to undermine the pornography culture.

In our interview today, Matt and I discuss many of these favorite topics including authentic manhood, how men can become free from pornography, and how Catholics should respond to the most popular atheist arguments.

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Topics Discussed:

1:12Why is pornography so dangerous?
3:54How can men overcome pornography addiction?
5:33 – 1. Admit you have a problem.
5:54 – 2. Prayer and fasting.
7:05 – 3. Accountability.
8:13 – 4. Be open to counseling.
10:04 – 5. Forgive ourselves.
12:39 – How does secular masculinity differ from Catholic masculinity?
16:28 – What’s the most common argument for atheism?
19:45 – How do you respond to the problem of evil?
22:20 – What is Pascal’s Wager and why is it so powerful?


Q: Why is pornography so dangerous to individuals and society?

Well, I like to start off by saying to people that the problem with pornography is not that it shows too much, but that it shows too little of the human person, that it reduces a human to the lowest common denominator. It teaches a man or a woman to think that a woman is but a collection of body parts for my amusement rather than a person to be loved.


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What do you think about Pascal’s Wager?