Martin Luther King, Jr. – Hero and Prophet

Martin Luther King

Today I’m posting on Martin Luther King, Jr. over at Ignitum Today:

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr., a personal hero after whom I named my son, and perhaps the twentieth century’s greatest prophet. Like Jesus, King consistently chose non-violence in the face of hatred and brutal persecution. In harmony with Catholic social teaching, he celebrated the dignity of all people—friends and enemies alike. And like prophets past, he harnessed rhetoric and solidarity to sway a nation.

The explosive message of this modern-day Isaiah still matters today. If you’ve never studied King’s words—and by that I mean more than just sound bites—take a few minutes today and taste his passion and power.

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In the post, I include two must-watch videos for today. One is King’s iconic “I Have a Dream Speech” and the other is commentary from Fr. Robert Barron on why King still matters today:



What’s your favorite Martin Luther King quote or speech?