Free Books and Software from Logos Verbum

I’m a huge fan of the Logos Catholic Bible software, now known as Verbum. I’ve written several posts about it:

Recently, the good folks at Verbum let me know that throughout the Christmas season, they’re giving away several resources FREE, with no strings attached. It’s a great opportunity to explore their powerful software without spending a penny. So check out their announcement below and enjoy the free gifts!

PS. If you also use the coupon code BRANDON you’ll save 15% off any of the Verbum base packages (but not the individual resources.) I don’t get any sort of commission or reward if you use the code, it’s just something nice Logos created for my readers.

Our Christmas gift to you—and all your friends!

We’re wishing you, your friends, and your family all the best this Christmas. That’s why we’re giving away the Documents of Vatican II and Pope Benedict’s exhortation Verbum Domini until December 31—and asking that you forward this to all your friends!

It’s a free chance to try the software while reading the documents of Vatican II—a wonderful opportunity during this Year of Faith designated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that very council.

If you’re new, you must be logged in to see the discounted price, but if you use coupon code MerryChristmas2012, you will not be charged.

Please share this email with your friends, download separate copies for your kids, and help Grandma set up her own account. We hope you’ll be inspired to pass this forward.

Merry Christmas. May God bless you and your loved ones this season and throughout the new year!

What’s the catch?

To be totally honest, we just want more people to hear about Verbum. It’s as simple as that. Thanks to the gracious folks at the Vatican, we have received permission to give away these two stellar resources for a limited time, and we need your help spreading the word.

Please tweet this, share it on Facebook, send it in an email. Don’t let your friends miss out.

Important notes:

You’ll need to use coupon code MerryChristmas2012 at checkout, and if you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one to receive the discount. Don’t be discouraged if it looks like the coupon isn’t working before you log in—if you use code MerryChristmas2012, you will not be charged! We are dedicated to ensuring your happiness. If anything goes wrong, please call us and let us make you happy (800-875-6467.)


What exactly do I get, and how do I use it?

Verbum Domini is an apostolic exhortation that discusses the Catholic approach to, and understanding of, Sacred Scripture. It frequently references the Documents of Vatican II, which allows you to see how the software connects resources, displays citations on hover, and opens the full text with just a few clicks.

If some of your citations don’t display or open, it’s because you don’t own that resource, but there are plenty of citations that do work—even with only two resources!


Try the search tool. You can find what the Documents of Vatican II have to say about the Eucharist, or every time Verbum Domini mentions “Word of God.”


Or you can check out the Cited By tool and work backward. Does Verbum Domini discuss this specific passage of Vatican II?

Cited by

Create notes or a Vatican II reading plan under the documents menu.

Notes and Reading Plan

And try out highlighting and personal books.

Highlighting and Personal Books

This is a wonderful opportunity to let your friends try Verbum completely free, and to understand how much more you could do with more resources.

Plus, download the free iOS Verbum app to get a selection of additional free mobile-only resources.

Don’t miss out. Follow the links below for your preferred checkout path: