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(Video) New “Catholics Come Home” TV Commercial features Coach Lou Holtz

Catholics Come Home

Tom Peterson and the folks at Catholics Come Home are known for their Evangomercials—high-quality, evangelistic television commercials designed to draw inactive Catholics home to the Catholic Church.

Their newest commercial, which was just announced today, is specifically designed for college football bowl week. It features legendary football coach Lou Holtz delivering a pep-talk encouraging people to chase the ultimate goal: heaven. It will air several times on national TV, ending with the BCS championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame. The commercial is expected to reach 70 million households.

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  • Wetaction

    What a load of shit, don’t shove this bs down my throat. I’m sick an tired I these already

  • sg

    If people who criticize the Catholic Church (which by the way was founded by Jesus Christ ) were sincere they would admit that they never were genuine about practicing their faith (or lack thereof) in the first place or simply could not live up to its way of life or became victims of disgruntled, misguided protestant ministers who spread untruths about the Catholic faith. For all of you who ignorantly criticize the Catholic Church please understand that there are millions of Catholics who feel very attached to their faith and are in love with it. Furthermore, for those of you who care to join hands with the secular media and dwell on clergy abuse of children please open your eyes and acknowledge that protestant clergy have also participated in these horrific acts. Funny though, I see no criticism of Hollywood and or the television networks and their ongoing disgusting work products and how it continues to negatively impact our society….including the clergy of all faiths. For those of you have take issue with Coach Holtz’s great message, I suggest you continue watching other commercials that inspire you such as the sexually explicit and violent junk that pollutes the airways.

  • Mr. PotatoHead

    I am the target for that ad (football fan, male ex-Catholic), and the ad is not the least bit appealing. College football is corrupt but I choose to watch it occassionally, for entertainment value, not to be evangelized with tacky football analogies by Lou Holtz.

    This ad will only appeal to Notre Dame fans that like their football with a side dose of the Holy Ghost. In other words, this ad preaches to the choir, if anything.

    To make a lame football analogy – the ad is a fake punt that was sniffed out by the defense and stuffed.

  • Truly_Southern

    Brandon, I agree. What’s her specific beef? Is she a tee’d-off Catholic, a Protestant, or what? As one who retired in advertising, I can tell you the backdrop and theme of athletics is because that’s his life. I didn’t see it was pointed toward males. I love football, and I love Lou Holtz. He’s a good man. I’ve read every word ppl have written about his character. I’ve heard him speak. To show you how humble he is, a reporter asked him if he ever thought he’d win the Nat’l Championship when he was at Notre Dame. He shrugged and said, he didn’t know, but he thought “God always does take care of stupid people.” LOL.

    “Sin is gonna’ happen” had nothing to do with pedophilia in this ad. He’s also talking about loving your neighbor, so, um, I’m guessing that would include EileenMarie, too.
    I’d throw in stupid, as well, since she didn’t seem to know how to make her point.

    God forgive her, as she knows not what she’s saying. Literally.

  • EileenMarie123

    Ugh! I can imagine the jokes now! They did a great job at tying the old scandals of the catholic church, in with the wake of the football coaching scandals of last year… by focusing the commercial towards males… and young boys… and talking about how sin is “gonna happen” – Great work at reminding the world of the “best teachings” the Catholic Church has to offer…

    • Eileen, after reading and re-reading your comment, I remain confused as to your specific point of objection. Maybe you can clarify?

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