The Hobbit: In One Picture

Below is the entire story of The Hobbit in just one picture. You start in the lower right, following the path, and end in the upper right at the Lonely Mountain.

Click below to enlarge or download this as desktop wallpaper on the creator’s DeviantArt website, madbatter.

(HT: 101 Books)

  • ThomasSanjurjo

    Superb. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jacob

    Nice! I was going to say the image is incomplete since the dragon is still alive, but then I looked closer and saw that Bard had shot his black arrow from the lake town, which is lodged into the chest of the dragon. The final battle is missing, but hey, it’s a pretty amazing image just as it is!

  • Joshua Gonnerman

    Really cool!

  • Amazing !!!