Interviews about "The Church and New Media"

With about two weeks until the release of The Church and New Media, I’ve been doing a number of interviews.

Yesterday morning I was interviewed on Relevant Radio’s “Morning Air” show. I talked for 25 minutes with host Sean Harriott about the book, institutional social media, angry Internet dialogue, online relativism and more. If you missed it, you can listen below or download the mp3 file here.

This morning I talked for about ten minutes with host Brian Patrick on the “Son Rise Morning Show”. The interview was broadcast live in Cincinnati on 740 AM and will be rebroadcast later throughout the country on EWTN Radio. I’ll post a link to the audio once it’s available.

Finally, I did a lengthy text interview over at the Catholic Tech Talk blog. We talked about the reasons behind the book, how I made the video trailer, and a whole lot more. Check it out!