Mormons, Catholics, and Online Success

Why are the two fastest growing religious groups–Mormonism and Atheism–also the two with the strongest online presence? What’s their secret?

Find out at The Church and New Media blog where I look specifically at the digital success of the Mormon community (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints):

“ is the most-visited website of any faith group, and LDS conferences often rank at the top of Twitter when they are underway. But perhaps most surprising is how the religion now dominates search terms on Google.

When searching ‘Old Testament’, the LDS website ranks second on the search engine giant – listed under a Wikipedia entry and linking to books in the Bible. The church also ranks third in the search for ‘friend’, below a Wikipedia entry and a explanation of its meaning; ‘church’ ranks fourth on the list after a list of churches in your local community.”

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