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Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2012 – Vote for your Favorites

Support a Catholic Speaker Month

First of all, thanks to everyone who helped build our Catholic Speaker list. We ended up with over 250 fantastic speakers! It’s great to know there are so many Catholics following in the footsteps of St. Paul, St. Francis Xavier, and Venerable Fulton Sheen by proclaiming the Gospel far and wide. However, since one goal of Catholic Speaker Month is to connect individual bloggers with each speaker, we need to whittle the list down to a much-more-manageable 100.

Hence, the voting. As I explained before, this vote is not meant to gauge a speakerโ€™s relative value. It’s not a popularity contest, nor an exercise in celebrity. It’s simply a way to promote great Catholic speakers and introduce those you may not have heard of.

The field is much larger than expected. Because of that, voters will be allowed to select their 15 favorite speakers. You can only vote once though, so take your time, read through the whole list, and choose your favorites. I’m sure most of the “big names” will easily make the final 100, so if there’s a lesser-known speaker you’d like to feature, don’t use all your votes on the household names. After all, this project is partly meant to raise the platforms of speakers who aren’t yet well known.

After the voting wraps up on Thursday (8/23), here are the next steps:

— Choose your Speaker (Thursday, August 23)

After the voting, I’ll tally the results and list the 100 Catholic speakers with the most votes. The list will go live here at 9:00am ET on Thursday, August 23, and once it does you’ll be able to choose one speaker to blog about. Requests will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis so be sure to check back on Thursday morning.

— Celebrate “Support a Catholic Speaker Month” (September 2012)

After you claim your speaker you’ll then have several days to write about him or her. The style is up to you: you might choose a biographical post, perhaps a collection of video or audio clips, or maybe even a full-blown interview. Since the whole month of September will be marked as Catholic Speaker Month 2012, you don’t have to post right on September 1, though the earlier, the better. When your post does go live, I’ll link to it from the main Catholic Speaker Month page and invite everyone to check it out.
Also, since our goal is to spread the word about these great folks, we need your help. Consider pointing your readers, followers, and fans to this voting page and encouraging them to vote. You might also paste one of the graphics from our Badge Page onto your website, blog, sidebar, social media account, bicycle, unicorn, tractor, or wherever you want. [Badge link code here]

Catholic Speaker Month Badges

Finally, I want to again thank Matt Warner for giving two thumbs up to Catholic Speaker Month. The idea was all his and he deserves the credit. I’ll assume you’re one of the 17,000+ people who follow his blog, Fallible Blogma, but if not come join the rest of us.

Now on with the vote!


Voting has now closed. See the results here!


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  • Mary

    Does anyone know what ever happened to father Coropi…He is one of the reasons that I turned back to my faith…along with the EWTN show “The journey home”

  • Happy41

    Missing one good preacher and I still love him and pray for my brother!

  • Juan

    I recently started listening to John Martignoni so I voted for him. I didn’t know there were so many out there. Can someone recommend a few more good speakers.

  • Juan

    I recently started listening to john martignoni so i voted for him. I didn’t know there where so many out there. Can someone recommend me a few other good speakers.

  • Dgallant48

    Sorry I missed this great opportunity to allow some of my favorite Catholic voices out there to shine using my Vote. We all desperately need encouragement in our efforts to bring THE MESSAGE to this crazy secularist world. Sorry I missed out!

    God Bless Everyone!
    Derrill Gallant

  • Who is your favorite?

    • Tony

      Fulton Sheen
      Dr Timothy Gray
      Fr Parks @ St Timothy’s in Mesa, Az
      Fr John Lankert @ St Simon & Jude in Phoenix, Az
      Bishop Thomas Olmstead of Phoenix
      Fr Mitch Pachwa
      George Weigel
      Steve Bollman
      Br Bob Fishman
      Fr Wade Menezes
      Carl Anderson
      Alan Keyes
      Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
      Mother Angelica
      Laura Ingraham
      to name a few.

  • Tony

    Dr Edward Fesser is missing.

    Richard Rhor gives communion to non-catholics and unbaptized (google: Richard Rhor & Thomas Mass)

  • MarcyC48

    Archbishop Charles Chaput should DEFINITELY be on this list! He is one of the most outspoken truly Catholic voices of America!

  • Clint

    I should have read first, didn’t realize I could choose 15. Only voted for 1 but could have easily picked 15(and I’m not even catholic).

  • Jorge

    So hard to choose 15. I had about 40 and had to slim it down. Also Fr. John Trigilio is missing from the ballot.

  • Alejandro Sanchez

    Wow! Im blown away not only by the quantity but the QUALITY of all of these speakers. Choosing 15 just 15 was more difficult thank thought.

  • Marianne Bacon

    Simcha Fisher must be included!

  • FrMike

    Michael Cumbie is amazing!

  • cazayoux

    So happy Happy HAPPY to see how long the list is!! … and that so many other suggestions are being made. This is great evidence of the new evangelization. God is GOOD!

  • lynn

    sorry to be a bit off topic- but i have to take advantage of being around so many GOOD Catholics… does anyone remember a really powerful internet chain e-mail commercial before the 2008 election that had alan keyes, john mcain, obama all commenting on abortion & then cut to a movie clip w/ Jesus drawing a line in the sand & all the while the number of babies aborted was being tallied & flashed in microseconds on the screen ? if you could tell me if you know who put it out- i’ve been searching for weeks to find. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stephen K Ray and John Martignoni!

  • I was surprised to learn how many Catholics can speak.

  • Yves Semen

    What about Yves Semen ? He is french and wrote two famous books : “The sexuality according to John Paul II” and ” The matrimonial spirituality accordin to John Paul II” , translated in spanish, italian and polish… but not yet in english !

    • 123


      This is the best comment I have ever seen. Ever.

  • 41894vw

    Please provide recognition that our vote was processed.

    • If you don’t see the speaker list anymore, your vote was processed.

  • Gr8chefmb

    Wish I had found this earlier….would have liked to nominate Mary Lee Becker. She is hilarious when discussing middle school students and she is big on audience participation. Mary Lee offers great take-home handouts as well as awesome information, tips and inspiration.

  • Gr8chefmb

    Wish I had seen this earlier…would have liked to have added Mary Lee Becker to the list. She is hilarious when talking about middle school students and she is big on audience participation. Mary Lee also offers great handouts to take home as well as a ton of great information, tips and inspiration.

  • lynn

    i voted already & can’t see the list anymore ๐Ÿ™ but is leah darrow on the list ? every teenage girl, in my humble opinion, should hear her speak about beauty, chastity, fashion etc.

  • Guest

    Hi Brandon, would like to have seen Mother Angelica on the list. thanks… God Bless.

  • Dena

    I’d like to nominate Dr. Monica Breaux.

  • Fom4life

    I would also like to nomanate Fr. Robert Reed and Fr. Dan’ O Connell from Boston and of the network.

  • Fom4life

    I’m actually surprized that someone did not mention the former Fr. John Coropi (The Black Sheep Dog) as a speaker. He probably would have made the top ranking if everything had not gone down as it did. Very sad i was just starting to like him when everything brooke. I did often wonder why he charged $ for all his materials and had no free stuff to speak of. I wonder where he is now? I do ask God to bless him wherever he is. I do hope this comment does not start any unkind wars between our brothers and sisters.

  • hehehe…i go for Mr. Steve Ray..hehehe

    • ncv

      Yup! Steve Ray in my list, too.

  • Deye2self

    Christendom College’s President Tim O’Donnell is amazing as well. Sorry to see him not on the list.

  • Susie

    I would have liked to see Mark Mallet on this list. I heard him speak at a Marian Conference in August and he was humble, witty, and very inspirational. I have read his blog but now I am a big fan of him as a speaker and singer/songwriter! He was a breath of fresh air and was clearly led by the Holy Spirit.

  • Ed G

    Next year can you add Deacon Alex Jones of Detroit? He came to my church and blew our socks off. Big time convert. His Church came into the Catholic Church in Detroit. His book, “No Price Too High” is fantastic.

  • Paul H

    Out of curiosity, who is the strange-looking tattooed, scarf-wearing guy in the “I liked it before it was cool” image? (I think I recognized the people in all the other images, including Gene Wilder as Willie Wonka, some actor from “The Office,” and “the world’s most interesting man” from Dos Equis ads.)

    • Paul H

      Never mind. I had done several Google searches before to try to figure it out, but internet searches aren’t ideal for figuring out who a person in a picture is. But I finally managed to find this, which pretty much answered my question:

  • Nykole

    Who can write the blogs for one the top 100? is it open to anyone..?

    • Yes! Anyone can choose a speaker to write about so long as they have a blog or website to publish their post.

  • Phyzak224

    I am very sorry that Dr Bob Schuchts is not on this list.

  • Phyzak224

    Why isn’t Dr Bob Schuchts on this list? THAT was a major oversight!

  • vanna70

    Fr. James Martin, SJ for sure!!!

  • Jacqueline Huesing


  • Fed up Irish Catholic

    Why id John L Allen down as a “Catholic” speaker. All his work is shallow and gossip based, never touching the actual faith

    • Which books or talks are you referring to? His published writings like “Future Church” and his biography of Ratizinger are smart and theologically informed. They certainly do “touch the actual faith.”

      In terms of speaking, his keynote talk on “Evangelical Catholicism” at the recent “Living the Catholic Faith” Conference was highly praised.

      • Maureen

        Immaculee ilibigazi is awesome

      • Fed up Irish Catholic

        His book the Conclave assesses one of the single largest manifestations of guidance by the Holy Spirit and never once recognizes the actions of the Holy Spirit. A major proportion of his works are in the employ of the Owner of CNN the biggest private supported of abortion in the USA. He is a libertine who confuses the teaching of Christ for suggestive material. Declaring him as Catholic is fraudulent.

  • Theresa Fortin

    If you should choose to do a list like this again, I’d like to see Archbishop Frank Caggiano (NY) on the list. He spoke at WYD/Madrid last year and was AMAZING! Also, Fr. Claude Burns (aka Fr. Pontifex) is wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sadly one of my favorites has gone home to the Lord, but I loved Fr.Leo Clifford’s reflections on EWTN… He always caught my attention.
    I also wanted to say I was happy to see Dr.’s Angela and David Franks and Leah Darrow on this list, so thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ann

    Fr. John Riccardo is wonderful, he explains our faith with such passion and makes it so beautifully understandable. He makes me want to get closer to God.

    Theresa Tomeo is great, she is truly a champion for Catholic women (make that all women).

    Al Kresta speaks strongly about our need to protect our religious rights and take action in November with our votes as Catholics.

  • Jeanne Frey

    I would agree with many Mother Angelica is an important speaker . I especially voted for Father Pavone. He is speaking for all of us and is really out there doing the Lords Work. God Bless

  • Dennis M Mohr

    We’re blessed to have so many to choose from! Tough to choose just 15!

  • Rey Flores

    Where is John Morales on this list?

  • Beau

    Is Dr. Helen Avare a misspelling of Dr. Helen Alvarรฉ? If you’re unfamiliar with her, this is 6 minutes well spent.

  • Ruth

    Missed 2 of my favourites – Rosalind Moss (Sr.) & Archbishop Charles Chaput. Good idea to remove the dissenters if you want a list of “Catholic” Speakers…

    • Harvey

      Rosalind Moss is listed under her new religious name, Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God.

  • Frank

    Fr. William Casey is my favorite. He should be Top 10 if not Top 5 Best

  • Cheryl

    I Love Father Anthony Mary, I think he should be Pope!

  • Rebecca

    Rebecca …Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God is just the BEST!!!!

  • Jordan Signor

    dont waste your votes on the obvious scott hahn is the man but everyone knows it so i made sure to vote for those who are lesser known. god its great to be catholic in this day in age

  • Carol Anne

    Oh, forgot to include that Christopher West came to the Philippines too, and gave a wonderful and engaging talk heard by many young people on the Theology of the Body.

  • Carol Anne

    Brandon, Greetings from the Philippines! Out here we do not know too much about many of the speakers you listed, probably due to the distance from the US. So I feel that those we have heard about are truly popular internationally ๐Ÿ™‚ Those who have been to our country and have touched the hearts of thousands are : Jason Evert, Michael Voris, and Steve Ray. Leah Darrow and Chris Stefanick will both be here in two weeks! (Yay!). Other good speakers we have heard through various forms of media are Crystalina Evert, Mother Angelica (through EWTN), Arch. Charles Chaput (such a goood speaker, please include him in your list next time), Scott Hahn, Fr. Frank Pavone, etc. Let us pray that all the speakers on your list, plus all those not included, and many more, will continue to proclaim the Truths of our Faith from the rooftops, and that we ourselves will do so. All the best!

  • Terrific idea. I just voted for my favorite 15. I wish Bishop David L. Ricken, Bishop Donald Hying, Bishop Morlino, Archbishop Chaput, Cardinal Dolan, Cardinal Burke, and Cardinal George were on the list. . .

    • Nykole

      Brandon stated in his original post that any Bishops and the Pope were left off the list.

  • prolifemomri

    Wasn’t til I realized how many i’d like to vote for from this list, and how many more are not on it, that I realized how many wonderful Catholic speakers we enjoy!! Many thanks due! Thank You, God, x a number too high to imagine!!!

  • Dc

    I couldn’t find Christopher Check, he’s awesome.

  • Donna

    Father Frank continues to fight for those who are unable to speak for themselves!
    What a blessing he is for the unborn!

  • Sophia

    Someone seems to have slipped onto your list the names of the crew who appear annually at the justifiably notorious Los Angeles Religious Education Congress: David Haas, Greer Gordon, Megan McKenna, Michael Carotta, Glen Murray, Fr. John Heagle, Fr Michael Crosby, Fr Richard Fragomeni, Fr Richard Rohr, Sr Fran Ferder, to name a few. Your list also includes several prominent figures from egregiously “progressive” Commonweal magazine: E.J. Dionne, Margaret and Peter Steinfels,Fr Thomas Reese, and Garry Wills. True, they all call themselves Catholics, but they represent the variety of toxic heterodoxy that has left so many lay Catholics doctrinally illiterate.
    I doubt that you would intentionally include such speakers on your list. I wouldn’t.

  • Carol

    What about the Actor who plays Chesterton???

  • MIthrandir

    No offense, but no mention of Colin Donovan?

  • ReedeL

    Re: Todd Lemieux “brain dump” totally unnecessary. I don’t know either of you, but I think this voting is a great idea to shine light on Catholic speakers. Everyone wins including Brandon and why not!

    • Michael

      I agree. There may be some truth in Todds commentary, (I really don’t know), but there’s too much negativity for a Christian. My focus was on the list, and if there’s errors, those who read it, will respond accordingly, like they have. Peace.

      • Todd Lemieux

        So you have no objection to Brandon doing the following?

        “6. If Brandon wants to legitimately draw attention to other speakers, host something like this on another website without his book, have a link to all the speakers and call it the Catholic Speakers Directory which objectively lists bios, books, events, and how to contact each speaker. Then let people decide for themselves. Maybe even have comments under each speaker. No voting, just a listing of who is out there doing this thing, trying hard to do Godโ€™s will, and just praying that people get to Heaven and are inspired by a 30-60 minute talk.”

        This isn’t the Register, the Reporter, or Time magazine. It’s a guy who wants more attention on his site. There is nothing objective about this.

        Sorry I don’t meet your standards for being a Christian Michael. I don’t think Jesus would have, either.

        Like I’ve said before… prove me wrong.

        • Michael

          Maybe I’m at fault here, but I went right to the list and picked the speakers I’ve heard personally, or have a CD or DVD of. I didn’t even look at what the host was involved in. I’m 56 years old, made my share of mistakes in life, but I’m trying to live the Gospels the best I can, by the grace of God. Everyday I pray for conversion, and discernment, and go out and do what I can do. I by no means condone enabling someone, or something contrary to the teachings of Jesus and His Church.
          The Catholic Church is under full assault right now, and my focus is on confronting those issues, whether it be my time, or financial support.
          I pray that the Truth of the Church, and your truths, rise to the top. Peace Brother Todd!

          • Todd Lemieux

            I have no problem with the list… I think that’s been mistaken. I have a problem with the idea that people have a problem promoting themselves when they are in the business of promoting themselves. I also don’t think this is simply about “bringing attention to Catholic speakers.” It’s about driving traffic to a website.

            I simply made the suggestion about how to bring attention to Catholic Speakers that doesn’t pit one against the other for the most followers, and doesn’t disguise one speaker trying to ride the coattails of others.

            At least let’s be honest about it.

            Good on you, Michael! God’s peace!

          • Todd, this is now the third time you’ve accused me of ignoble motives, which is baseless at best and slander at worst.

            There’s of course no ground to your claim and frankly, I don’t appreciate them. I would have hoped that as a Christian brother, you would have assumed positive intentions instead of leveling charges without any insight into my motives.

            I’ve done everything I could do positively draw attention *away* from myself and onto the speakers, while also shaping this into a promotion of great Catholic speaking–not a contest or competition (which is why I removed the Results and will list the top 100 speakers unranked.)

            In regards to your claims, since I already had a website it made obvious sense to host it here. I don’t have the time or money to create a whole new website just for this project. It was easy and cheap enough to add a plugin to this site in order to host the voting. Sure, it’s brought in some extra traffic and that’s nice, but it was never my primary goal.

            Also per your request, the final list *will* contain links (and geographical information) for each of the top 100 speakers along with the blog posts highlighting each one. However it was simply unfeasible to include all that information for all 250+ we had on the original list, thus the vote.

            If you have the time to link to the websites of each of the 250+ speakers, I’d gladly include the links and give you credit.

            I’m sorry the Contest or the idea of promoting Catholic speakers upsets you, but nobody’s forcing you to participate. If you disagree, just move on.

            Your false accusations have no place in this comment box. If they continue, they’ll be deleted.

          • Todd Lemieux

            1. I actually think your motives are quite good. I think that I have made that clear. I think you are scared to express your motives for fear of being called “selfish” or something like that, which is wrong. I’ve assumed the best about your motives which is hardly baseless OR slander.

            2. So traffic is a secondary goal. That is OKAY. In fact it is OKAY to host this to drive traffic to your site. Just be aware that you are creating a competitive environment among a group of people that generally don’t consider this a competitive space.

            3. You ARE promoting yourself when 1/3 of the page are ads for you. This is a fact, either intended or not. And it is OKAY.

            4. I’m really glad that you are going to supply links to the list. The speakers directory was kind of an organic outlier of my post, but I think it is the best solution, since more than enough people have expressed the desire to learn about other speakers they don’t know about. I actually have no interest in it, much less the time. It appears you have an interest in promoting other speakers, and I’m trying to encourage you to do so in a way that appears to fit what you claim to desire to do.

            4. Since you wrote a book on social media and the internet, you knew exactly what the effect of this poll would be. If you didn’t know that it would drive traffic so that people would see your ads and purchase your book and read your reviews and subscribe to your site and read your Twitter feed and like you on Facebook… then you shouldn’t have written the book and you are not an expert in social media. But again… there is nothing wrong with that. My issue is NOT your intention. My issue is the action of pretending “It’s not about me” when it plainly is.

            5. The idea that you would delete my comments is the worst type of intellectual bullying and you know it. It further points to the fact that my arrow has struck closer to the emotional truth than you would have anyone believe. Call me. Email me. Prove that anything I am claiming is completely false. I have no problem being wrong.

          • Filiusdextris

            This reply reads progressively ruder and more judgmental with each paragraph and certainly deserves deletion since it is an eyesore, not because it is bullying.

  • Todd Lemieux
    • Thanks for the personal attack, Todd. Appreciate it.

      • Todd Lemieux

        It is incredibly easy to prove me wrong.

        • Todd Lemieux

          IN FACT, the idea that you would read what I wrote and only think it is a personal attack on you, proves that I’m probably right.

          • James

            Hi Todd,
            With all due respect and in the spirit of Our Lord, please do not slander.

            good job Brandon, I really enjoy this conetst and your blog!

          • Todd Lemieux

            Hi James,
            With all due respect and in the spirit of Our Lord, please tell me how I slandered anyone. In fact, I complimented Brandon.

            I find it curious that someone would simply respond to what I wrote with “I take that personally” and “that’s slander” with no evidence or direct refutation thereof. This isn’t Jr. High, nor is it a reality show. Prove me wrong if you think I’m wrong. Don’t just throw terms out that you don’t understand.

          • Filiusdextris

            You make some good points, but you are unfair. As just one example, you judge his social media expertise dismissively based on certain numbers instead of giving minimal Christian deference. This implies an inflated ego and/or stupidity.

  • Dennis

    Mark Houck is a great guy. The King’s Men Into the Wild weekends have been very productive, and are filling up. I’ve been to two of them myself.

    Go to for more information.

  • Ghym_1

    I would have lover to see Greg Popcak up there. He is quite excellent. But I understand.

  • Leticia Valencia

    Did you really miss adding the name of Dr. Helen Alvare who heads the Women Speak for themseelves? She’s a great inspiration to women who are shy about airung their opinions. Thanks and God Bless your great work in line with Pope Benedict’s “New Evangelization” of Catholics who have become tepid in their faith practices. From; Leticia

  • Greg Willits

    Brandon – Wise move in hiding the live results. I promoted this, but was very uncomfortable in doing so as it felt like I was asking people to validate me, versus trying to actually highlight people doing good work.

    May I make another suggestion? If the purpose is to “introduce those you may not have heard of,” then perhaps the final posted results should not be the top 100, but the bottom 100. I imagine most of the top 100 will be people most have already heard of before. But the bottom 100 may have messages equally as great, but they are just not as established. So maybe by asking people to vote for their favorites, that could reveal others who are less known but doing good work and help them to get the same audience as those who are already have a substantial audience. Just an idea. Take the final results and flip them upside down.

  • Cats5170

    Leah Darrow-
    Your Aunt Jan is pulling for you. I call her my Big Sister. I do what she suggests.
    Therefore I’m pulling for you also, kid. Good Luck!
    Linda Jenkin Costanzo

  • michael

    In response to Rev. Gatti,… Is Fr. Altier still speaking?

    • Rev. Joseph Mary Gatti

      I wish that I knew, Hansen.

  • hansen

    yikes. I missed Michael Voris. I would have had him on my list.

  • Msgr. Richard Soseman

    It is a GREAT sign that people are asking about “next year.” A great project to raise awareness of those who can speak well about the Faith!

    Msgr. Richard Soseman

  • Zaiens

    How about (Fr) John Corapi ?

  • Rev. Joseph Mary Gatti

    JMJ Dear Brandon, May I also recommend: Fr. Robert Altier; Fr. Thomas Nelson, O. Praem.; Leonardo Defilippis. And, regrettably, to remove: E. J. Dionne; Fr. Michael H. Crosby, O.F.M. Cap. Thank you sincerely, Brandon.

  • Rev. Joseph Mary Gatti

    JMJ Thank you, Brandon. I would add: Msgr. Robert J. Sarno; Leon Suprenant, J.D.; Nathan J. Knutson; Sr. Esther Mary Nickel, R.S.M. In charity, I would suggest that Sr. Fran Ferder and David Haas be deleted.

  • I had the hardest time picking only 15! I had to leave some of my favorites off the list. What a phenomenal conference to hear these speakers. I’m in.

  • Is Bob Lefnesky meant to be Bob Lesnefsky of Dirty Vagabond Ministries (

  • Shynsassi

    Sr. Ann Shields is missing too.

  • Colleen

    I think the list is great! I tried to vote for not so well know speakers, but certain folks who have had a huge impact on my faith formation I HAD TO VOTE FOR. Do you know Jeremy Riveria? I saw him at FOCUS and he was fantastic!!!

  • Allen

    Fr. Ripperger FSSP at IS AMAZING!!! Clear teaching, just amazing.

    • In Spiration

      Yeah, he should’ve been on this list, along with Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea, and all the guys on (who, as requested by the site, are to remain anonymous… meaning they couldn’t really be on this list individually, but whatever I already typed it).

  • Up and coming speakers would include Greg & Julie Alexander of the Alexander House Ministry helping with marriages.

  • Heather Renshaw

    Two of my favorites aren’t listed: Sr. Ann Shields, SGL and Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT. Blessings!

  • Qualis_rex

    What about Laura Ingraham?

    And I agree about Voris; he has set up his own heirarchy where he thinks he alone is above the church. He should take a lesson from St Catherine of Siena (or any Saint who shows humility in approaching authority…REAL authority).

  • I passed through the list quickly and recognized a few names. I have never listened to any of these people live. Perhaps if each name linked to something about them, their bio, and or their credits you would accomplish the intent of sharing the wealth. As it stands now this is a bunch of meaningless names to just about everyone I know. Promote to who? The converted? Perhaps you need another page for the rest of the world that promotes them as speakers. Drop the catholic tag. Most of my US friends could care less about someone ‘tagged’ as catholic but may pay attention to a poll of the best 100 speakers and a link to them speaking. There is an opportunity as well as serious work involved. Funny how they tie together.

  • Andy

    Bob Lesnefsky name is spelled wrong

  • MelissaMiceli10

    Maybe some of the well-known heretics and Church dissidents should be dropped from the list so that people out there will not be encouraged to research the teachings of these people who are undermining the Church. Fr. Richard Rohr, Sr. Ferder and Fr. Heagle might deserve to be on a top 100 list, but not this one. Maybe if someone starts up a month devoted to the top well-known “Catholics” who deserve to be excommunicated?

  • Jerry

    I realize with issues with the recent past. But, for sound, convicted TRULY Catholic teaching, Fr. Corapi should be on this list.

    • Roman Catholic Neophyte

      Please, does anyone know where/how Fr. Corapi is now? I have only voted for 9 as Fr. Corapi is my 10th choice. PLEASE, where is Fr. Corapi?

      • ElizD

        I think we would all like to know where Fr Corapi is. I hope and pray he is okay.

      • Lisa

        Heard from EWTN that sadly, Fr. Corapi left the priesthood. ๐Ÿ™

        • Joyceishea

          oh no!! That just makes me so very sad!! I thought he would come back and be faithful to his order! I hate satan!

  • Margaret Seymour

    Glad to see you share some of my heroes, below. C.S. Lewis, my lifelong hero, helped convert me to Catholicism through his books (though not himself) and I have always loved Tolkien. Your two central figures must be everyone’s heroes! As for the voting,we were “spoiled for choice”.So many great speakers! I would have voted for Marcus Grodi and Michael Voris if I had noticed their names in time.( Failing sight.)

  • Anticatholic

    Former (Future?) Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    • Caroliz

      Sorry buddy, but that lady is not Catholic, she is from your league, so she would be on your list.

    • In Spiration

      You stole my joke.

    • bbmak

      You’re a coward.

  • Michael_Thoma

    Next time, I’d like to see:

    Fr. Maximos of HRM
    Very Rev. Archimandrite Robert (Taft)
    Bishop Mar Bawai Soro
    Dr. Alexander Roman
    Dr. Anthony Dragani

  • Mawtfpo

    You have a Dr. Donald Calloway, in addition to Fr. Donald Calloway. Are these two separate persons? I’ve only heard of Father Calloway.

    • No, I think that was an error. I removed “Dr. Calloway” and attributed his votes to Fr. Calloway. Thanks for the catch!

  • My goal is to make this list next year. Too bad there isn’t a write-in feature…

  • Lmlm1969

    Archbishops Chaput & Archbishop Cordileone are missing .

  • Gojarib

    I did see Fr.John Hollowell on this list…. oh he’s only on Youtube

  • Molly

    I know you said you couldn’t include everyone…but just so people hear about….. Al Kresta….. and I also liked Kristine Franklin who did “Household of Faith” way back with Rosalind Moss. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was difficult to only choose 15. Thanks for this list. Just for giggles, do you have a bigger list somewhere that simply lists as many Catholic speakers as you can know about?

  • Jeff

    Daughters of St. Paul!!!
    Sr. Helena Burns
    Sr, Marie-Paul Curley
    Sr. Anne Flanagan
    Sr. Kathryn James Hermes

  • janet

    Lino Rulli all the way!

    • He may just win by a nose.

      • Fr. Darryl

        LOL! He is a great speaker. We had Lino out to speak to the priests of my diocese back in March. Insightful, funny, and thought-provoking.

  • Quaerens

    How blessed is our Church! Wow!

    I’m glad that this list represents speakers for different audiences, but I think it might have been broken down by age. Some of these only speak to teens or adults, and wouldn’t be particularly good at the other (not their calling). I found myself torn between speakers I loved as a teen and speakers I love now as an adult.

  • Blanche

    It’s difficult to choose just 15, but it’s a great idea you have here. I’ll be interested to see how this idea develops.

  • Ll Parker

    I don’t believe Fr, Richard Rohr should be on this list—–

  • Ypoulaki

    Sad that robert sungenis isn’t listed, he’s not just a favorite, he truly is the best out there. I have a feeling that is going to change.

  • I can’t believe this list left off Pope Benedict XVI. He’s by far the greatest Catholic speaker right now and he’s the pope for crying out loud. I’ve never heard of this “Brandon Voyt” guy before but he needs to add Benedict AND credit him immediately with 1,000 votes. Sheesh.

    • ๐Ÿ™‚

      From the original post *ahem*:

      “Unfortunately, we canโ€™t highlight every Catholic speaker around, though I wish we could. Our goal is to whittle the final list down to 100 which means there are some limits. You wonโ€™t be allowed to nominate the following people:

      Pope Benedict XVI โ€“ Heโ€™s brilliant. Heโ€™s clear. And heโ€™s the mouthpiece of Christ. Therefore, heโ€™s out. Sorry, Papa.”

      • Wha? This thing’s like that whole: “what’s your favorite book EXCEPT for the Bible?” or, who’s the one person you would want to be with on a desert island EXCEPT you can’t say ‘Jesus’.”

        • You got it. In the same vein, I tried telling people “vote for whoever you want EXCEPT Devin Rose” because it just wouldn’t be fair to all the other speakers. However the public outcry erupted–apparently you have more fans than the Pope–and I relented.

      • Fr. Darryl

        I think it’s like hockey fantasy pools in the 1980s/1990s: people were often not allowed to choose Wayne Gretzky. Too obvious of a choice. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Quaerens

      Good idea, but I think this is to help promote speakers. Benedict doesn’t need promoting. He’s the pope for crying out loud! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Aggiemama95

    Abby Johnson and Dr. Christine Mugridge

  • Lucygoozie

    Father Barron! <3 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Inigo Montoya

    Next time around I’d consider adding Ralph Martin and Fr. John Riccardo. I heard Ralph Martin for the first time at the Defending the Faith conference last month (and I’m reading one of his books). He’s excellent. Fr. John Riccardo is out of Michigan. He has some great podcasts and I’ve heard that he’s been to a couple of different men’s groups meetings.


    • Both men are on the list….

      (Ralph Martin recently earned his doctorate so he’s listed as Dr. Ralph Martin.)

      • Inigo Montoya

        Oh yay! I didn’t pick up on that earlier…

  • Veritas

    Bill Donohue???

  • Michael

    There are truly so many great Catholic speakers, I could have picked 30, and just scratched the surface. I have at least 60 Cd’s from Lighthouse Catholic Media, and DVD’s from St. Josephs that I hand out, and listen to constantly! Sometimes I have to stop, and get on task to what I’m called to do! I STRONGLY suggest that you join the CD of the Month Club at Lighthouse, and go listen to any of these speakers, if they come to your area. They will help you in what Jesus, and the Catholic Church calls us to do. Worship God, take care of the poor, and those in need, and to evangelize!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jellysquare

      Lighthouse Catholic Media is the best!!

  • Travesty that Eduardo Verastegui doesn’t have more votes. Come on people, incredibly handsome Hollywood actors don’t just convert every day!

  • Melanie

    FYI – John Cuddeback’s name is misspelled.

  • Ymin

    So I voted based on the best speaker as in who I’d like to either bring in to my parish, or who I’d like to go listen too. That’s very different compared to who I want to read. Some of the best authors are not the best speakers. Another discrepancy in the voting results is that the best speaker is dependent on the audience. Kyle Heimann is for a totally different crowd than Fr. Rohr. I like the idea of the survey, but it’s important to point out those variables.

    • You did exactly what you were supposed to! Thanks!

      Maybe we should do a Support a Catholic Author month in the future? The only problem is I’m sure we’d gather over 1,000 entries.

      • deye2self

        Like Brian Gail’s “Fatherless” – A MUST READ for all Catholics. It’s a total page-turner!!!!!!

  • Betty

    Matthew Arnold is my favorite, but alas, not on the list.

  • Lauren

    Next year can you add Heather King?

    • I love Heather! She’s one of my must-read writers, from her two spiritual autobiographies, to her Therese book, to her blog. I didn’t she did speaking–have you heard her?

  • Delaney Prince

    Mark Hart:)

  • Delaney Prince

    Jason and Crystalina!

  • Briana Nelson

    Jason evert!

  • Elizabeth

    I realize you had a nomination process (per your comment above) so I’m not going to whine about my favorite not being on here:) but of course I didn’t see anything about it until it was voting time and people started posting! Just wanted to get this name out there regardless: Vinny Flynn, Best-selling author of the book 7 Secrets of the Eucharist and the guy who has been singing the Chaplet of Divine Mercy on EWTN for years! He does big conferences but he prefers I guess now to do smaller retreats and parish missions. Really inspiring speaker!

  • Eddie Russel FMI a Catholic Charismatic Evangelist is another great speaker.

  • Becca

    Chris Godfrey is a great one also.

  • Hmmm.. I couldn’t count Fr. Richard Rohr as a Catholic speaker, the last I checked, he is involved with New Age stuff. There are some great speakers here though. Hard to choose!

    • Dennis

      I’m disappointed that Fr. Richard Rohr is listed here. He is “strange”. I would never attend an event to have him speak, particularly to a men’s group. I would much rather invite some more authentic and younger priests who are true to the magesterium, like Fr. Wade Menezes, Fr. Don Calloway, or Fr. Joseph Classen. Fr. Joseph Classen is an avid outdoorsman too.

      I do like Fr. Larry Richards too…our parish did a Be A Man study.

      • krakatoa

        Fr Rohr is still a Franciscan priest in good standing, and a brilliant man. I didn’t vote for him because he supported the LCWR nuns, and I consider the nuns disloyal and not even truly Catholic anymore. I get his newsletter and some things worry me. I check the catechism and find he’s still within it, but in a broad interpretation of it.

  • Ethan

    Obviously everyone’s favorite is MOTHER ANGELICA! Why is she not on the list?

    • I’m sure we’d all agree that we love Mother, but she’s not able to travel and speak anymore, right?

      • Carl

        As much as I love Fr. Benedict Groeschel and have many of his books, he doesn’t speak very well these days either. I thought this poll was about people who we would like to hear speaking as of now.

  • Marcie Frazee

    Hey! No Judy McDonald? What’s up with that?

  • Pccosgroveiii

    Great survey! Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  • Maggie

    You misspelled “Stefanick.”

  • Mike

    Just thought I’d let you know that Matt Fradd’s last name is spelled wrong (two d’s). I voted for him anyway, but I thought I’d point it out! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for the catch! I fixed it.


  • Mccatholic84

    Voris! Voris! VORIS!

    • Bill
      (as it’s obvious with Michael’s ranking that many have not had the benefit of being exposed to him) Your faith in Christ and the Church will be strengthened…guaranteed!!!

      • Emily

        Michael Voris is controversial to say the least. He has not been supported by his bishop and he is not very respectful to Church Authority. He does not belong on this list.

        • Delq22

          I agree Emily, people like Mike Voris who are not afraid to tell the hard truth are controversial.

          • Emilio Yulo

            Michael Voris maybe controversial but he’s not afraid to speak the truth, he calls a spade a spade and he’s not wishy-washy. We need more people like him. Some “bishops” don’t like him for he reveals their weakness.

          • Emily

            Michael Voris is a half-truth telling, Vatican II Hating, Bishop slandering, vortex spinning, authority unto himself.

            Now did the uncharitable way I phrased my “truths” make them rethink your view on anything. This is what makes Michael Voris dangerous. There is a charitable, Catholic/Christian way to have disagreements. What he does brings about nothing but division. I would recommend anyone else on this list because they speak the same truths as Mr. Voris but in a more effective way.

          • Delq22

            Emily with the jargon you are using to slander Voris it sounds like you can use a dose of your own medicine.

          • Delq22

            By the way, Christ Himself brough “division” to.

          • Megan

            Voris says what needs to be said!

          • Emily

            Not among his apostles. And if we are talking about correcting bishops that should come from the Pope (Christ) not the people. Christ had very little patience for grumbling.

          • Joseph J. P.Pippet

            JMJ Jesus had little patience with grumblers, Great Love for Truth speakers like Voriss. Popes don’t always get the Truth told to them by other Bishops, Priests, etc.

          • Mainman12

            The Pope is and the bishops who need to listen are deaf. And these are being replaced with more orthodox bishops. We need Michael’s voice and he IS supported by good bishops.

          • Annette Petrone

            Too? or to…who?

          • Emily

            I was trying to prove a point.

          • Mainman12

            You failed. Michael Voris tells the straight truth.

  • Lizd2go

    What about Mother Angelica, Fr. Fessio and Alex Jones?

  • Donna

    Oh my, how is it that Sister Rosalind Moss and Sister Anne Shields are not on the list? They would have been my one-two picks.

    • rockanne

      I believe “Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God” IS Rosalind Moss. He probably should have put that in parentheses.

      • Mainman12

        Too bad Rosalind Moss name wasn’t put in parenthesis as so many of us know her better by that name.

    • Imroc

      Wow! I haven’t heard Rosalind Moss in years & I’m most excited that she became a sister!!! When did this happen?

  • Gina Nakagawa

    When did Bill Moyers convert to the Catholic Faith? That is good news if it happened, but I really don’t think it did.

  • Hawks4ever

    Doug Brummel didn’t make the list?

  • To everyone asking, “Where’s [insert name]?”, I’m sorry but we had to cut off the nomination process at some point. We invited anybody to nominate speakers over the past three days in the comment box here, which yielded over 100 nominations:

    • rockanne

      first time i’m hearing about this….no matter, i never vote in these things

  • Carl

    Can’t believe you left Sr. Ann Shields, S.G.L off the list!

  • tj.nelson

    Where is Sr. Joan Chittister?

    • Scandal! This list is rigged!!

    • Paul

      The survey is for “catholic” speakers, not dissenters!

      • Don

        I agree. Richard Rohr and Joan Chittister have been on the dissenters list for years.

    • Lin

      Sr. Joan is on the Catholics for Obama web site! Catholic speakers need to be Catholic!

      • Donna

        I agree,,, why are you putting Catholics for Obama supporter?? He ( Obama) is not a Catholic OR does not have 1 Catholic view

        • vanna70

          Why not? This is a democracy, not a theocracy. I am Catholic and I support Obama. Obama’s policies are more in line with Jesus’ teachings than Romney’s.

          • JVD-Phoenix

            So, killing young babies, supporting marriage other than by a man and woman, trampling on religious liberties and outright lying is in line with Jesus’ teachings??

          • Romney’s not perfect, but to say that Obama’s policies are more Christian is utterly ridiculous. Obama enthusiastically supports the murder of innocent children. I really don’t think Jesus supported that.

          • Pevee29

            Catholics cannot vote for democrat candidates at any level of government. Haven’t you learned anything by going to church. Read for some reasons. You must be sleeping in the pew.

          • fullnessntruth

            That type of thinking is why another 4 years of that guy will absolutely riun this great country.

          • Tony

            Romans 1:18-32

            “Catholic” Obama supporters, read it and weep.

      • vanna70

        I am a Catholic and I support Obama. And there are others.

        • Stobes

          You clearly don’t know your Catholic faith if you support the most pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage, pro-contraceptive, anti-Catholic (HHS Mandate), etc… politician ever. Should I continue? If you vote for Obama, I hope you seriously consider going to Confession for you are cooperating in his policies and sins.

        • Rhoadhouse6

          Are you a true Catholic? Nancy Pelosi claims to be but her actions speak otherwise. I don’t know how any Catholic can support Obama.

        • Why do you think babies are punishments, and should be killed if born alive after abortion? How do you reconcile those beliefs with your Catholic faith?

        • Jerry de Mello

          If you are truly Catholic you would know better then to support Obama. If tour parents had Obama’s mindset when they got married, then you may have been aborted…think about this.

        • baguazhang77

          You are not Catholic. You cannot be Catholic and support any candidate who supports abortion or the notion of homosexual “marriage”. We are all free to agree or disagree on his or any other candidate’s other views, but not those. If you knowingly vote for a pro abortion Catholic, you are in grave sin and spiritually excommunicated from the Church.

          Case and point, I was formally a big time Ron Paul supporter, and still very much advocate his economic and foreign policy views. But, I had to very disappointingly abandon my support of him once I found out he supported the “morning after pill” (a form of abortion).

          Now I am voting for Romney even though he takes many positions I do not like. But I cannot directly or indirectly support abortion or so-called homosexual “marriage” under any circumstances…period!!

          Principles must always come before politics, and upholding God’s law as taught by the Church must always comes before secular concerns.

    • TorontoND

      Can’t believe that you haven’t included Sister Ann Shields and Deacon Alex Jones in the top 250. They’re both marvelous speakers, full of the Holy Spirit.

  • rudminda

    Where’s Fr. George Rutler?

    • Neg

      our lady of the savior in manhatten new york

    • Beau537

      I love Fr. Rutler. A class act, his very voice makes you value your own dignity. I would have voted for him.

  • Maria

    Those badges are great for pinning also. Found a nice article to link with the St. Francis one:

    • Maria

      Oh, and there are so many great speakers, it was hard to choose just 15! Would have liked to see the Popcaks on there.

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