How to Resist an Aggressive Secularism

In this week’s video commentary, Fr. Robert Barron responds to an anti-religious rant in his local Chicago Sun-Times.

The columnist, Neil Steinberg, suggests people have finally developed the courage to throw off the shackles of religion and join the society of free-thinking moderns. But as Fr. Barron shows, he couldn’t be more wrong:

“Though the Christian tradition essentially created the culture of the West, though it invented the university system, and though it gave rise to Dante’s Divine Comedy, Aquinas’s Summa Theologiae, Chartres Cathedral, the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Bach’s cantatas, and the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins and T.S. Eliot, it is, according to Mr. Steinberg, the intellectual equivalent of knitting an afghan.

Trust me when I tell you that whatever matrix of thought produced that conclusion ain’t identical to ‘sweet reason.'”


Read Fr. Barron’s article on this here.