The Most Beautiful Catholic Website in the World

Word on Fire

Many of you know I work for Fr. Robert Barron at Word on Fire Catholic Ministries. And for the last several months, we’ve been working on a new version of our website,

This past Tuesday we unveiled it to the world:

Word on Fire

I’m naturally biased, since I work for Word on Fire, but I truly think it’s the most beautiful Catholic website in the world.

It’s loaded with custom features. For example, the homepage displays a full-screen video background with clips from the CATHOLICISM series, which randomly rotate on each visit.

We also dramatically improved the site’s navigation.

“I’m particularly excited about the tagging,” Fr. Barron explained when we launched the site. “On the old website, it was hard to find what you needed. So we spent hundreds of hours reviewing all my past content, carefully tagging each resource. Now, you can look up a favorite topic, a verse in the Bible, a paragraph in the Catechism, or a week in the liturgical calendar and find all the content I’ve ever produced on it. This is a real game-changer for the Church. There’s nothing like it in the Catholic online world.”

The new site is also mobile responsive. This is really important to us since roughly 50% of visitors access the site on a phone or tablet. On the old site, mobile users had a really hard time. They had to pinch and zoom and scroll, just to read the text. But the new site dynamically resizes based on your device. That means it looks great on any computer, phone, or tablet.

So check out the new and improved, and let me know what you think!