[Video] The Secrets of Deep Reading (and How to Stop Forgetting Everything You Read!)

It’s here! Click below to watch Video #3 in my FREE video series on how to double the number of books you read:

Watch Video #3 → The Secrets of Deep Reading

We’ve already covered the “2 Reasons You Don’t Read More Books” (Video #1) and “How to Make More Time for Reading” (Video #2).

Several people commented saying those videos have already helped them read better!

In Video #3 you’ll learn The Secrets of Deep Reading:



People tell me all the time, “One of my big struggles is that I can’t focus when reading. I zone out, lose focus, and by the time the next day rolls around, I can’t even remember what I read!”

Does that sound familiar?

In Video #3 today, you’ll learn how to fix that, including:

  • The dangers of “Zombie Reading” and how to avoid them
  • #1 best way to remember what you read
  • 2 things all good readers change up when reading


PS. Be sure to stick around to the end of the video because you’ll get a sneak peek at an EXCITING new program I’m releasing on Thursday! Wanted you to be the first to know…