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[Video] How the World’s Best Readers Find More Time to Read


I hope you’re enjoying the FREE video series on how to double the number of books you read!

In Video #1, which I posted a couple days ago, I revealed the two biggest challenges people face when reading:

“I don’t have enough time to read”


“I just can’t focus when I read.”

Today, in Video #2, I’ll help you conquer that first challenge (“I don’t have enough time to read”).

You’ll discover several powerful ways to squeeze more books into your life….

….even if you’re the busiest person on earth!

Click here to watch the video:


If you’re like me, your life is really, really busy. With work and family, meetings and practices and all sorts of responsibilities, it’s just hard to find time to read.

But in this video you’ll get 2 simple strategies that the world’s best readers use every day to squeeze books into their busy schedule.

Just click here to watch and learn:

Watch Video #2 → How to Make More Time for Reading

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Also, be on the lookout for Video #3, which I’ll post in a few days.


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